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Minecraft Community Managers

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Yesterday I appointed @Elijahand @Natha to take lead on the Minecraft project. Below is a message from them in regards to their new position and their future plans.



Myself and Elijah are very excited to take on the role of Minecraft Community Manager on top of roles as Admin, and Ambassador. A little About us, our Asylum adventure started now nearing 4 years ago but we have been friends in real life for now going on almost 10 years. Joining the asylum community was a new experience for us and and we loved it. Our one and only gang we have been in has been Drunk Squad for 2 and a half years I'd say. Our passion for this community then lead us to taking these current roles and now our new role.  While our background in the Minecraft community isn't at an expert level, Myself and Elijah have a long history of working with some of the biggest, and well known eSport/Gaming organizations (they will not be named) in the world. Most of what we did was business development, brand marketing, and partnership/talent acquisitions. Our goal with this Minecraft project is to make it something the players absolutely love. Population, regular map/content updates, and community giveaways. Our initial soft launch was a success , and we appreciate everyone who played , donated , and reported bugs within the server.  Now,  it's time to take it to a whole new level. In the near future we will be announcing our first partnership, and soon we will be looking to fill a couple of staff positions.  If you feel like you have talents or experience that could help us in the MC world or the Asylum brand , we encourage you to reach out to us via Discord or via PM. 

Some may include :

* Cinematography
* Video Editing 
* Graphic Design 

Thank you all have a great rest of your day/night. 


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