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  1. my post my rules you old fart
  2. Hello All, We are willing to unban old perm bans for Minor offences VDM/RDM/CL/Exploits. However we are not willing to unban scripters/cheaters or anything of the sort whatsoever. Submit your ban appeals in the traditional way and for the banning admin Select "Blake" and i will get to you as fast as i can.
  3. Blake.


    Or much of a future for you on the server
  4. Blake.


    Ban Appeal Still Denied.
  5. i can attach this thread to your gang recruitment if the whole gangs gonna show up @plague
  6. You have made a total of 46 post on asylum majority of them have single digit reply's, your biggest traction was 51 replys.
  7. Envy Fried on the forums and in game... it doesn't end.
  8. if you're looking for someone to Venmo you for unban @tom is your guy.
  9. What Rules do you think this guy broke.
  10. Yo @Crunchy you still down for the Soccer game on Tuesday?
  11. The Devs work for free BTW. if you want to make some content im sure they would love it.
  12. in this case the asylum staff team would need to collect personal information of all players so we can get in contact with them before they are banned.
  13. Hello Sir, Admin Blake here to clarify your confusion. If you die and have gang mates within initiation range/get hospital/get res'd its not revenge killing and is allowed. however if you were to be alone in a town and die respawn and kill someone this would be against the rules. your ban was probably lifted because the admin saw your side about your friends being in the area. Thank you for reaching out!
  14. POV rat trying to understand bitrate and 4k resolution
  15. If you dont pay your bills you cant use your houses.
  16. play the game or lose your houses
  17. Blake.


    5 hours and only 5 comments? Message me on the forums when you want me to hide the post.
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