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  1. youve been a LT for 8 days
  2. Putting more than one person in a ifrit is often a detriment because of how bad the armor vs armor is
  3. Did some live testing with some admins, I played the cop side against the rebels the rebels we fought played against it really well, Shooting the people out of the back Flipping the truck and shooting the tires out. Really balanced and Fun!
  4. Surprised you had time to type that in between your little league matches and swimming lessons @Nathan_
  5. Didnt know the park was still the cool hangout for 16 yearolds Also when your gang is more dead than my lower half dont talk.
  6. Cronic are a bunch of shitters, knockoff Farmersville
  7. +1 very sm4rt pla7er gewd cartul nowlege and b1g b4a1n
  8. Application: Name in-game : Blake :D/Finnegan/Dissolve/Gerry78/MelatoninFinatic35 Timezone : https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk0024JhS6y0GwqwUn08LxQMjC2C8ow%3A1608461851533&ei=Gy7fX7LpH8zZ5gLn0bsI&q=ndt+time&oq=NDT+&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQARgAMgcIIxDJAxAnMgQIABBDMgQIABBDMgUIABCRAjIECAAQQzIICAAQkQIQiwMyBwgAEEMQiwMyCAgAEJECEIsDMgUIABCLAzIHCAAQQxCLAzoECAAQR1DTHVjTHWDLJ2gAcAN4AIABhgGIAYYBkgEDMC4xmAEAoAEBqgEHZ3dzLXdpesgBCLgBAcABAQ&sclient=psy-ab Hours(screenshot) : Previous Gangs :CoRe, DrunkSquad, Imerium, DirtyPigz, Anarchy Why should we accept you?
  9. Why dont you play like this on asylum?
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