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  1. @Mayhem This isn't OSRS! Go back to picking flax!
  2. Probably a pretty big performance hit if it were to be implemented tbh.
  3. Do you DPI glitch on ALRP as well?
  4. Strap yourselves in and get ready to blast off into this one. @Sandwich
  5. Say T4 becomes the new Base Game. What is to stop people from expecting the new T4 from becoming Base Game?
  6. Features that were already in the game? All of these look like things already in the game. You just get rewards such as additional talent points, lower prices, lower jail sentences, etc. Try again with a different approach and I might understand where you're coming from. There should be no reason for people to expect Tier 4 rewards all the time. The game becomes so easy and should only be like that when deserved.
  7. It's not a punishment for not donating I don't think. Community Goal Level '0' is just base game. Everything else is just a reward. Don't get the point of pitchforking an honest implementation.
  8. You missed your chance to call them ClintBucks.
  9. Good Luck with the business man! People like to stock up their houses so you should get some good business. (P.S.) the purple color you've chosen to use is kind of obnoxious with "Dark Theme" users.
  10. Dang. I’m here thinking I’m like 20 Good move man, good move...
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