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  1. ok but for real, good ideas non-the-less
  2. Ron Johnson

    V2 feedback

    Glad you got around complaining and realized that
  3. http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/ Submit a Character/Account support ticket with some sort of proof of community engagement to be "whitelisted"
  4. Soft restarts are back boys, game changer right there.
  5. Big moves lads, great work. time to completely change the wiki again
  6. * or the lack there of a surprise
  7. Wouldn't be a sealooter exclusive if it wasn't extremely left
  8. Even though it is a very small activity in the server, I do think it should be looked into. Very good idea, great wording as well. Glad to see someone who can write a post with proper presentation. +1
  9. Ron Johnson

    Aslyum V2

    J9 go back to the streets
  10. I think the context of the question was in relation to bounty hunter civilians. So that knocks out a few of your options... well all of them.
  11. Now if only they didn't have the UI they would be great
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