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  1. Set this link to my startup homepages on Google Chrome around 3 weeks ago. EDIT: y'all forgot to update the poor wiki to reflect the opening of the applications... so I took care of it
  2. i mean some people like to believe im heavy hearted. thank you very much.
  3. priceless. its near and dear to my heart. but my heart has a price tag of $8,000,000
  4. Very good point. If this gets pushed, I am sure you'll want my shed even more.
  5. New post on the forums?! Yeet. Nice montage, I can fuck with it. Thanks for using a YNW Melly song too, he was expelled from my high school for bringing a gun to school with the intent to murder a student/others in the way. We went on a good 3-hour code red, until 5 pm and were unable to go home. Good music none-the-less though.
  6. all I can hear is a vape. #1 for @BaDaBiNg_10-8 doe
  7. Can you skin them to look like a piece of meat?
  8. Did y'all update http://my.gaming-asylum.com/
  9. Call up the banks, time to wipe their accounts
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