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  1. Might wanna buy a good scope and a good gun, and get some people on top of the bank. The setup was wrong
  2. I don't get what your gonna conquer ;P, but keep doing what your doing I guess.
  3. One of those things is true ;P
  4. I meme the memeworthy ;P
  5. Can't fuck up gates if u can't reach the gates
  6. Green did u never listen to what I taught u? U take her 2 km away and then u give that ticket. Meen I hoped at least you would have learned from me.
  7. Still waiting for you to become a good cop you rat
  8. This is why i dont like to go to DP10 with an heli or chase fsa with one. Damn terrorists
  9. Sounds like a you problem
  10. I want @Silver-Spy for mod, I need free loadouts. I mean, he's a good support guy
  11. Why don't u stfu u kavala rat. If u really want that house make him an offer he can't refuse, it's not like u lose money on ur rooks anyway. Zoex has been probably the most active admin when talking about dealing with hacked money and shit. Also he didn't even need to put the civs hour in a public thread, so why would he lie about it Tbh he already gave you more then you deserve, you got more then 1 response. You can make a kneepad joke if you like but I can assure you that ain't it. I just respond bad to the mentally ill. It's a game mechanic so deal with it.
  12. I dont think I've ever met you and this is the first time meming you, if ya know me yaknow I mean no harm <3
  13. Tbh it's a little bit more then 20 hours a month and if u he's European it's understandable
  14. Thank God you included that last sentence
  15. With 1 clip all of @Kareem Kinte credibility just got destroyed rofl