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  1. rigged indeed
  2. Interaction with people all over the world. Triggering people with political discussions in TeamSpeak. Amazing creations like the Gnashes rap and other songs out there. It's a very fun and social experience if you take the sweaty kids and some retarded cops away.
  3. Ur better of taking flying lessons from @Space. Alot more entertaining
  4. at least you're self aware
  5. don't you dare bring chess into this
  6. annoying song, don't care for the gameplay
  7. How is this game not dead yet.
  8. So short version. Asylum helped you with english and accepted your english back when it wasn't good. Don't get me wrong, good for you but there are better places to learn english.
  9. Get me a stroopwafel irl and im down. I am too dutch, i am addicted.
  10. 1 x 3 crater 4 x 2 crater feel free to offer
  11. Gl Boris Is remember doing the Fed event with ya and loaning you money for a fucking haircut. Imo u were a good mod who kept the game fresh for me. Now you make and sell asylum money to pay for your own pizza's/haircuts.
  12. Looks like windmere has no input ;p
  13. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 can i appeal my modque yet?
  14. FYI