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  1. A graphic going backward Btw your forgetting an if statement if LT's are on lethals are authorized round 1. Even when it's 13 vs 3
  2. smart
  3. i gave it a like out of pity
  4. I will let you know i am Comptia + certified, I own a mustang and I don't know the rest.
  5. Ur so fucking dumb its funny
  6. Was scrolling looking for this.
  7. I prefer my feet on the ground. Still waiting for your flying event
  8. The devs can't even do 1 thing at a time. How long has it been since the prison worked. I think they just stopped putting time in it. ^^. Devs : Arma is dieing, Azeh pulls another screenshot comparing Olympus VS asylum players and the devs are quiet again.
  9. something is wrong when even i am a better pilot ;P
  10. that wipe took way to long, they legit had no cover. hehe, You are way to happy about this tho david.
  11. Hate your song choice, it's dogshit. Glad it's your final tage tho, judged by the names asylum only has randoms with spar 16's or something on towers
  12. I played 1 game with you and morality and shit, didn't play in a year and my kda was almost the same as yours William. Please define garbo hehe
  13. Better then your sgt promotions
  14. Hes like An american ali a
  15. as bad as a post as he was as admin o.0