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    But are you compTIA certified tho?

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  1. Whatever happened, u cant hate on my buddy blake
  2. i played it. Realized it sucked uninstalled again. Then a friend asks u if u wanna play again, reinstall it. 3 games later deinstall again. League fucking sucks
  3. wollie35

    V2 feedback

    damn now your stealing other peoples colors. That's fucked
  4. damn this is even more fucked then him cheating
  5. yeah there are a bunch of clips out there of headshots not registering as headshots or some similar bs. In ur case ur just better off spraying the body.
  6. On the chess part fuck yes.
  7. One of the few likable luitenants tbh.
  8. has a president who only Twitters useless shit and is slowly breaking ur economy. But hey good luck with the military bases.
  9. And this is how chip threw away his wive and 7 kids.
  10. Had a 2 week holidays in africa lucky af: Now going on 1 week holiday with friends in spain. After that a bit of working from home, but nothing special.
  11. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027344/windows-10-get-microsoft-paint
  12. from 1:15 i started getting epilepsy
  13. This can happen when cops start to RP. It's a 2 way street
  14. Revenant is a professional retard hunter, post something retarded and hé Will find you
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