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  1. And i tend to keep it that way, my shitlist is getting full and i dont wanna add extra rows. Also don't you fucking who meme me, pretty sure you've never played civ, cops cant use that meme, thats a rebel thing. PFT imagine cops saying ETA
  2. How about you compete with midamaru post like ratio 274 likes on 506 posts, dogshit, 4915 likes on 4586 posts, thats true manhood
  3. Just ignore him Midamaru, hes a special snowflake, also make sure to insult him with ur post like ratio
  4. I hear the voice of a rat, lucky
  5. I couldn't give less fucks about the likes, as you should know I mean you know me, I am just expressing my opinion. If I wanted likes I would start uploading more retarded cop footage
  6. U can shoot somebody with csats in different parts of his body and get a kill. Arma bodies fly over the place so that doesn't count. But it wasnt ment to receive answers. I believe it's a headshot dwbois
  7. Or he could have just shot him out instantly, wasn't very difficult either hehe #keytoo
  8. The real question how you know it's a headshot? Maybe my eyes are dogshit but I can't see that fur
  9. I think this looked way better actually, I wouldn't watch a video of kidnapping. This kinda gave a flip book vibe, i liked it
  10. ye right xD
  11. I already uploaded this feelsbad
  12. Rats belong on the ground
  13. Definitly a rope which broke, not my fault: My POV: Cherry POV: https://plays.tv/video/5ad62e6c236e467cc4/cooped @Cherry @CooperCream
  14. no auto inbetween ur Q and ur R, i am triggered