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  1. u forgot to say, for educational purposes only noob ;P
  2. adobe premiere pro is a good editor. Just google
  3. 22 hours in, still going strong
  4. tldr, poll says 60 - 40, do what you gotta do. Also this probably isnt the tldr, didnt read it myself
  5. developer makes post about balancing medic, which is stupid that cops are better medics then actual medics themselves and homeuser cries about the rebel cop situation. His point is dumb af, nothing unusual tho.
  6. We should start a poll to block your account from the suggestions thread.
  7. blake no leggs, you no head
  8. gonna try to get the hang of it first, see its even fun. I will see by then.
  9. friends convinced me to play it with them. Never played it in my life. is gonna be interesting
  10. yeah i wouldn't wanna be called DS either. issajoke
  11. now only like 36000 people more and your richer then him
  12. jezus, the meme sound hgas been copyright claimed (srry its in dutch i know) side note, ive had that video for like probably a year now
  13. What the fuck i cant even play it on here anymore LOL Oh my fucking god i have been copyright claimed.will upload picture soon
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