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  1. It is fixed. If someone can provide reproducible evidence that downing rounds do more damage than normal rounds, I'll give them $100.
  2. Mate, the boys abandoned me! Took them 3 weeks to even invite me to their new discord
  3. CABS just doesn't have the same ring to it..
  4. The server is still trying to recover from that day
  5. A contest of who has the best chess engine!
  6. Not sure if you're aware, but two dark modes were added a few weeks after I made that extension.
  7. Yup. Difference is this time I can actually test it on an exact copy of the servers instead of just theorizing. Spent a few hours shooting myself and logging the variables to figure out how the damage handlers work. Now lethals and rubber bullets are exactly the same, no slight advantage or anything. You get downed same time you would have otherwise died.
  8. It's coming boys! No more getting downed by 1 shot to the feet or mk1s hitting like cyruses @kryptonthegamer
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