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  1. Artificially generated money or automatic deposits
  2. 5800. Other games are meh..
  3. Unfortunately it's old. Was used to sell items gained from loot crates.
  4. Somebody is getting fired
  5. Welcome back buddy
  6. Imagine losing a cartel fight to cops..
  7. 20000 hours / 4 years / 365 days = 13,7 hours a day on average. I'm no mathematician, but I think you might have slightly exaggerated..
  8. I really wish this whole process had been done with more transparency. Make it apparent how much the monthly server cost of running Asylum is. Talk about how much this new dev is expecting to get paid an hour. Make that the focus points instead of the perks. The initial presentation made it seem like you are trying to milk the last few drops of a once plentiful cash cow. Which I honestly don't believe is the case. Also "Stack Plate Carrier and CSAT"??? I thought we had a good thing going here!
  9. I doubt it. I just took prices from Swiftnode as an indicator. I imagine they probably have a dedicated server. My point was that DDOS protection is crazy expensive (up to 320 USD/monthly for 100Gbps at reliablesite).
  10. x 4 Yeah... I'm not convinced asylum is profitable but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Yes I believe so. Never tried it.
  12. Here's my theory: Cleanup script runs every 5 minutes. Items only disappear if its idletime is 5 minutes or more. Meaning that most of the time it will be 10 minutes before items are cleared. Additionally if the server is lagging, the timers will be even further delayed. Keep in mind this is all speculation. I don't have access to that code.
  13. Put it on the forums so people see it.