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  1. I'll poop my pants once a day in memory of you.
  2. I remember watching the bounty hunter and a split second later SPLAT. I couldn't stop laughing.
  3. I never said a single thing to the cops they probably thought you were just trying to stall/fuck with them :). that's what you get for breaking my legs then downing me right after.
  5. This is asylum GOLD.
  6. no. no. no. Night time rain cartel fighting was a nightmare especially with the better ghillie suits nowadays.
  7. Yeah it's not like one of your members did the same at dickbutt the fight before.
  8. Because telling us to defend og arms while there's an ambush setup is very honorable of your gang just stfu already retard. No one is going to accept you into any other gang once they read this noob shit.
  9. Maybe just maybe you shouldn't kidnap cops for gear and instead kidnap for fun rp.
  10. It gets old when you hear the same excuse multiple times. 'we thought were pushing randoms! that's why we played so dumb and lost/wiped!. If you had tags we wouldn't of played so dumb!'
  11. Bamf is the last person to blame for asylum's decrease in community imo.
  12. still freeze every now and then and average 30 fps on a good day. feelsbadman
  13. I can agree there are some that should be purged. Few examples are when I got a text from an apd officer "hands up or be downed" while flying. When an apd officer jumps out the window of my house intentionally. Also when a constable swat leader tries to say he has the right to call lethals because hes swat lead while a sergeant was in the channel.