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  1. Roice liked a post in a topic by Batcan in Role Play on the APD   
    TBH, this rule is only going to be forcing lower ranks to give low tickets in order to not seem like robocops. The majority of the no role-play problem comes from the prison conspiring straight to jail rule. "Officers discretion" is based on whether or not the cop likes you, or if they want money. Remove it and you fix most of the problem. 
  2. Roice liked a post in a topic by Rodrigo in Role Play on the APD   
    Hopefully, been dodged for quite some time.
  3. Roice liked a post in a topic by Rafael in Role Play on the APD   
    I'm no captain but I don't see any issues with this. If your not feeling like role playing then you're better off handing the suspect over to an officer who is.
  4. Roice liked a post in a topic by Reapered in Do we upgrade the kicks?   
    Those are trash
  5. eRr0r : n0 UnIT liked a post in a topic by Roice in Returning after nearly a year long break   
    You're thinking about someone else. Grizz was a master roleplayer in the APD. Most known for using his voice and not his gun.
  6. Roice liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in Role Play on the APD   
    Hard for the cops to role-play when they're all dead. JS
    Listen to this man though, shit bags.
  7. Roice liked a post in a topic by Sean That Irish Guy in Role Play on the APD   
    Bit late but a start atleast. I'll believe it when i see some action taken.
  8. Roice liked a post in a topic by Samperino in Role Play on the APD   
    What is role play?
    Role-playing is the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.
    So what's your point?
    Over time, the role play quality of on-duty officers has gone down.
    The APD
    The APD is the backbone of role play on Asylum's Altis Life. All officers on duty (and preferably off duty) are expected to uphold a higher level of quality in how they act while playing on Asylum. The blufor faction (Cop, APD) is whitelisted, which means it is a privilege and not a right to be able to play on it.
    Somewhere down the line, role play made its way to the back seat and became more about making money and shooting guns. While that's all good and fun, role play while on duty needs to be at the forefront at all times.
    The APD is not a gang. Good aim and combat awareness is definitely a plus, but is never required and is never put above your ability to talk to people.
    The issues
    There are lots of issues that have crept up over time, including but not limited to:
    Full, or near full tickets for well thought out role play (explaining charges, etc) Poor treatment of civilians who put effort into their character Shooting before talking (APD hands up... bang bang bang) Bleeping sirens to initiate and shoot as soon as possible While technically these aren't necessarily against any APD policy (barring severe circumstances), they are definitely frowned upon.
    The solution(s)
    There's no easy solution.
    To start off, and effective immediately, any lack of role play or failure to role play will be dealt with harshly by our APD staff. This will require everyone's help to report this behaviour. We need video evidence. We cannot act based off of word of mouth.
    If you are unable to talk to people respectfully with no bias, the APD is not for you. This goes for all ranks.
    Civilian role play
    Asylum is a light role play server. Civilians are not required to role play, but when civilians do role play, or put effort into it, they should be rewarded. If role play is rewarded, they will be more likely to put more effort into it again in the future.
    If the cops do not role play, there is a chain reaction that happens.
    Civilian gets into a situation with an APD officer Civilian attempts to role play APD officer is a generic brick wall (issues full, or close to full ticket, or is almost like a robot) Civilian sees that the effort he/she put in didn't pay off Civilian sees no point in role playing in the future Next APD officer interaction, the civilian isn't role playing because role playing doesn't pay off Even if a civilian is not role playing, there is no excuse in not trying to get something out of the civilian.
    Questions or concerns?
    Feel free to post below.
  9. Roice liked a post in a topic by Jesse in V2 - "Official Release Week"   
    We've actively been testing stuff ourselves of course and staff members have been testing stuff as well as fit.

    This is a game dude. Not a business. If I didn't have a job and other commitments this would've been done a long time ago. People don't want to be left in the dark, so I try to give the best possible estimates that I can. I said the date was not set in stone. We're trying very hard to keep to our commitment. If you were here in the days of Paratus, you would be thankful. We could just leave you all in the dark forever and then just randomly drop something. We're trying to be involved with community as far as active development of things go. I mean we can just stop communicating and you can all wonder. We're trying our best for a group of people working on this, especially when THIS IS NOT OUR JOB. It's merely a hobby. My real life stuff comes first 100% of the time. I use to put Arma in front of that stuff and I got to a real shitty point in my life. Never again.
    See above.
  10. Roice liked a post in a topic by Azeh in V2 - "Official Release Week"   
    But.. we can?
  11. Roice liked a post in a topic by Jesse in V2 - "Official Release Week"   
    We're currently working around the clock on it basically. We'll see where we're at tomorrow. We wipe a few things off the list and several more pop up. Nearly all server code has been re-written for current stuff in. Also, a lot has changed clientside code wise to improve readability, functionality, and making stuff more scale-able.
    However, we are in my opinion about 24hrs - 36hrs behind where I expected to be. Not necessarily that many development hours, just a day and a half behind schedule. Which is pretty good considering I gave the week almost a month ago. It does look like we may need to push it to release next mid-week (Which if we do that, we'll release with the contact stuff and such at the same time). However, we could do it Saturday. Really depends how our testing continues and what we realize we're forgetting and what is missing as we go. I also work Sat-Mon, so I'd really rather not release it then leave for work in the event issues crop up while I'm working, I wouldn't be able to do anything.

    You can see below we literally have timestamps at all times of day... 3AM, 4AM, 12PM, 1PM, etc...

  12. Roice liked a post in a topic by •ÐŠ• cHIP oTLE in Add decimal point for Tickets   
    If ticketing gives you so much trouble... just pardon them and send them on their way
  13. Roice liked a post in a topic by Maric in Add decimal point for Tickets   
    I have autism and I approve this suggestion.
  14. Roice liked a post in a topic by william in FSA finally overpowered by the APD!!   
    never fought you without trading with you. LAGGY FUCKING NORWAY CHEATER
  15. DonDurka liked a post in a topic by Roice in Returning after nearly a year long break   
    You're thinking about someone else. Grizz was a master roleplayer in the APD. Most known for using his voice and not his gun.
  16. Kyle_ liked a post in a topic by Roice in Change Log 8.4.1   
    They honestly shouldn't even be on the server. You could make them $300k each and people would still buy them because its easier then gun play. RPGs stop what would otherwise be absolutely awesome engagements in just a few seconds. Then the fight is over, armor is blown up, everyones dead and what, they get to sit up there on the tower and be like, "yea suck my 60k faggots!" or whatever.
    What's the point of even having armored vehicles if you only need to spend barely twice the cost of the vehicle itself to blow it up entirely with everyone in it?
    Just my opinion 
  17. Roice liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in Hmmmmmm   
    Hi Jim, let's dive into the things you have said here.
    First, bans are pretty lenient. But we hate when we give warning to someone, and they continue those actions. There are many people within this community who have yielded a warning given to them and are here to tell about it. 
    Regardless of why you are walking 2 km without the proper y inventory, it's ultimately  your responsibility to stay in-game within the rules. By your description of events, you through and through combat logged. Although I can empathize with why you had disconnected, it doesn't make it right. 
    I also want to say that sometimes we do dislike players more than others for they cause a rather large headache. But I can assure you that no one on the team bans anyone without evidence. We have never gone on anyone's word alone. Evidence must be submitted. So any ill feelings towards a individual cannot be used solely for a server rule ban. Either a violation occurred, or it did not. It's that simple.  
    Let's address the side-chat banter. I will agree that often, these basement dwelling pre-teen's tend to take it rather far when speaking without repercussion  Sadly this is a common theme across the internet. When a admin see's this type of behavior, typically we address it by telling them to take a break etc. I can think of a recent few cases where people have taken it too far, not yielded the warning and received a ban. The latter two statements there often happen where no one but the end user and the admin will see or hear of it. As often, people don't brag that they were told to take a break and relax. They tend to just revolt and get the memes and laughter from their friends. Then they make it worse by sending a tongue in cheek message to the admin to further look cool in-front of their friends. At the end of the day, we need your help to police the server. Without reports etc, our mission to keep it free and clear of rule violations is greatly hampered. By the looks of it, you've been the one on the receiving end of this war on drugs Rule violations. 
    I am not sure who you are speaking of when you say favored friends of admins, as often, our own admins ban their dumb ass friends when they do something stupid. It's firm, fair and consistent across the board. No where within our operation does a friendship weigh in on someone breaking the rules and being held accountable for it. If you break the rules, you are dealt with regardless of who you are. If the owner's of the server RDM'd someone in Kavala, I'd be faster to ban them than @DS_Billy is in my inbox when I ban a DS member. Now that's not saying the owners can't unban themselves and remove me from my position. But hey, die for the mission. 
    As far as the funny songs, or writing I will not RDM 100 times. This is a video game after-all. If we want to be creative with how we handle someone's ban, we are going to be creative. I don't think any admin here needs anyone's permission to do their job in a way they see fit within the guidelines. By the looks of it, you would have had a chance to be treated the same way when you had your first Rule violation. But, reading the notes on that one, it doesn't appear that your attitude would have allowed that to happen. At the end of the day, the responsibility and blame falls solely upon you. 
    Looks like you accusation of a admin not watching footage is completely baseless and a wild accusation. I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. While we are talking about reports, videos and time wasted. Let's look to see how much time you have soaked up of the staff.
    You have been banned a total of 11 times. That's a bit of time for you to require from staff.  And, i will add that some of these bans are shorter than what I would have done with that kind of history. Lucky you.
    I should also add that by the grace of god, you are not perm'd. I am not too sure how this has managed to happen. But winner winner chicken dinner. You are a winner!
    Your were told from early on that we didn't find your gang name to be appropriate. The other gang's and groups that you speak of have been addressed when we have been notified. But we don't have the time to monitor all names within the server. We need to be told about a issue for us to handle it 
    I don't believe you when you say "Mis gendered" someone. I don't think anyone here cares if you "mis gender" someone on accident. But looking at your history, it was a intended mistake and rose to the level of harassment. Again,  the responsibility and blame falls solely upon you. 
    I hope through this wall of text, your concerns have been answered allowing you to move on and enjoy your game-play. 
    In case you have lost or forgotten these. Please review. 
    For the rest of you. I know it's locked. But here is for you, my friend. 
  18. Roice liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in Remove Community Manager Role   
    Thanks @Batcan

  19. Roice liked a post in a topic by Lucien in Cartel Poll for V2   
  20. Roice liked a post in a topic by Scott in RPG Poll   
    Never should have been added.
  21. Roice liked a post in a topic by Ron Johnson in A Quick Memetage - Presented By Ron   
    In celebration of V2 release week beginning tomorrow, I thought I'd drop a little side project I have been working on. Just a couple random clips compiled from @DankBud and I.
    Not my 100% best, but I thought it was the best time to release it. Been super busy this summer with work and other loads of crap. Look forward to the release and subsiquent influx in player population in the coming month!
    You guys should also check out my buddy Davin Kingston who made the song used in the video. He went to my high school and is an aspiring musician. If the music used in this video struck your fancy, feel free to visit the various streaming sites available below.
    Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/davinsoundcloud
    Spotify: http://bit.ly/davinspotify
    Apple Music: http://bit.ly/davinapple
    YouTube: http://bit.ly/davinyt
  22. Roice liked a post in a topic by Rodrigo in Mason abuses his admin   
    Haha Mason, now you know what I was dealing with on a daily basis fighting DS on S4  
  23. Roice liked a post in a topic by Mason in Mason abuses his admin   
    I loved the message to me after he died. Why is your gang mate in godmode? 
    I love putting my gang in god mode. Ez cartels
  24. Buck liked a post in a topic by Roice in Returning after nearly a year long break   
    You're thinking about someone else. Grizz was a master roleplayer in the APD. Most known for using his voice and not his gun.
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