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  1. Its funny how you rage when that post was aimed at someone else
  2. He is the definition of a basement dweller
  3. Here you go retard
  4. How can you say that you are the leader of a gang when they are too pussy to fight, at least DS have the balls to show up when you lot let 2 people take your cartel when you have 7 on. Good Job
  5. Isnt that the guy that got dropped on by an orca at castle? @hamsham12
  6. Lit
  7. Variation in Ifrit Skins There should be variation in Ifrit skins to make it worth buying the crates instead of some skins where it is just got some blood splatter on it. The asiimov skin is good and so is the black one but we need more variation. Here are some examples: @Olio @Paratus @bamf @Gnashes