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  1. Paratus said yes for APD Prowlers a while back, even had the skin pretty much ready. What changed?
  2. Because it doesn't make sense for both Bluefor and Civ factions to share the same NATO wetsuit when there is 2 other alternatives you can add.
  3. this looks like a hatchback no? i had a couple more skins made for asylum, i just forgot about them. i'll upload them if i get off modq
  4. welcome to Asylum Gaming inc, not a first
  5. They don't even update the photos on the main website for the changelogs, doubt this will ever happen
  6. @Jimbo sent them the script that will fix it but you know
  7. hostage will get downed and you'll get tapped, don't bother hostage rping on asylum
  8. time wasted on development. time well spent boysss
  9. all the people recommending vegas pro
  10. can i get off modq now. promise i'm reformed and won't chat shit about the servers again, all i want to do is share my memes @bamf @Olio
  11. ban wave on gta inc? it will save asylums gang life
  12. "nothings wrong with the runs, you make a lot doing meth"
  13. Want to make it more uglier than it already is?
  14. wtf is this trash