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  1. Encore
  2. rewards are kinda disappointing, but its a start nevertheless
  3. Asylum has always been the better server with much better players. The only reason a wave of Asylum players moved over was because you couldn't get a decent fight on Asylum without dying to a 12 gauge shotty, this then lead to more and more people picking Olympus over Asylum. Olympus Staff team is beyond retarded, but the Devs add things the community wants, they add things our community has been wanting and the most important thing is the Olympus Economy. It shits all over Asylums. Making money is way more enjoyable on Olympus than it is on Asylum. Getting a squad of 15, running large trucks and helicopters worth of shit without fucked over by a shitty dynamic market is nice. You can make money and fight for days, on Asylum people just preferred buying money and fighting because grinding a hour for 2 load-outs isn't fun, or having to constantly make money because of a money cap gets pretty old pretty quick as well.
  4. every one just forgotten about the fact that Asylums mass kicks started 6+ months before any other server started experiencing them and Bohemia officially stating the issue. Bohemia is not to blame, Asylum got fucked way way before anyone else did.
  5. There is a script in place to prevent the use of both items together. It's not intended, it's a exploit. "brb, someone else drive the ifrit" - @Jimbo "as the ifrit starts turning different directions"
  6. yeah thats a exploit. I'm guessing the Admins will ban anyone they see doing this until it gets patched out
  7. I'm not talking about the colour script used on the hellcats, that looks horrible. I had the code somewhere, posted it on the forums before. It colours the Ifrit while retaining all the detail.
  8. You don't even need to skin the Ifrits to have these in game, all you need is one line of code. They look sexier when the back panels are blacked out as well. Gives it contrast with the wheels. Community has been wanting these for ages.
  9. "asylum servers boast some of the most powerful hardware available to ensure the best gameplay possible"
  10. Minimal coding needed as well to make these work. Parauts is always to stuck up on bringing out the next 'big' feature, when he should be perfecting current features. Asylum doesn't need any more features, its just needs polishing, quality of life changes and small updates like this to revive it.
  11. haha modqueued mong 

    1. Haych
    2. Jimbo


      took 20 days to get approved :FeelsBadMan: