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  1. 16:9 . hello, its 2017.
  2. Someone got banned for that?
  3. town module out in 2019 soon inc
  4. my biggest fan
  5. Wasn't this 'implemented' in a change log long time ago for people that were sharking. It was mentioned in the Change Log, but it was never added to the mission file.
  6. NATO wetsuits should be removed from Civ and replaced with the AAF ones. Only cops should be able to use them. No need to add anything more to the mission file.
  7. Remember doing this with box trucks in Elysium and gangs couldn't counter it
  8. because they are sexy af
  9. 1:48 dude gets baited harder than Tom driving a Ifrit
  10. I've mentioned this in the past. it will be nice to have community references within the servers. A nice start would be skins. Who wouldn't like to rock a NiceJobMan Shirt or a outfit that just says 'rat' or 'eta?'. Pepe shirt was a nice addition. Small things like that go a long way.
  11. 1:12 game sense not found
  12. Paratus said yes for APD Prowlers a while back, even had the skin pretty much ready. What changed?