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  1. have a good one buddy !
  2. Me too SWAT was fun
  3. You should turn off resample in your render software
  4. Haha I love the enthusiasm in your voice
  5. No they dont always wipe traders
  6. oH ! fuck yea, im pumped , is it a full wipe ? traders and all ?
  7. Awe thanks man, appreciate it <3
  8. Hahahaha Sjuol you just brought back some memories
  9. @bamf Please everyone on 3 wants it And you'll save Spoons liver in the process
  10. Good work soldier
  11. Really? just found it and liked it, why would i care
  12. Haha I said fuck this, my computer is trash and this kid is trying to vdm me, so fuck him, out comes the go pro
  13. Hahahaha oh no, you saw that
  14. Samp why do you ruin everything
  15. Cop then switches to civ at 2:00 Sorry im trash at editing