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  1. I have heard mixed things, why do you feel its better?
  2. English translation, you infidel
  3. Heil our new Fuehrer o7
  4. Nice cheat tage
  5. Thought you were @Durga for a second
  6. @Windmere Thats pretty pathetic buddy
  7. Good stuff man, it looks great ! +1
  8. Time to dust off the macro
  9. @Slade Wilson @Kernikov And @Mayhem making a comeback !
  10. Sometimes my shadow play only records my mic and no my in gamg , anyone know why, its hit or miss.
  11. Yea only down side is you need phenomenal internet, and even with that, you'll experience latency witch becomes a big problem with FPS shooters But where its at now, its really good for non competitive games, single player games etc
  12. Use combat stance , it helps allot , *C* x2
  13. Great stuff guys ! We all appreciate it a ton
  14. Haha rip cheaters