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  1. Nah this guy was flying around helping at cartels and what not, solid medic
  2. Just a side note, getting the old bank back would be awesome @bamf From what I've gathered people aren't a fan of the new one and much prefer the peninsula one
  3. Thats PubG for ya
  4. Yea maybe its 3, i dont know something like that
  5. They come up every at 2pmEST i believe
  6. Welcome
  7. This was entertaining to read through
  8. Lol
  9. You should become a lawyer or a diplomat
  10. DDOS @bamf ?
  11. I can't believe it didn't blow
  12. The old bank was allot of fun, I can't say the same about this new one
  13. Server performance seems to be allot better ! Well done gents, played for a good few hours, not a single laggy moment
  14. You gotta be hell of a no life looser to bother DDoSing people on an Arma life server