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  1. Congratz !!!
  2. THANK THE LORD, the bank is back
  3. Preach
  4. If there is any concern in regards to how an officer conducts him/her self, put in a report, or speak with a SGT +, ask for a higher up , if there is no SGT+ jump into police support for civilians and we will clear up if there is any wrong doing
  5. He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years
  6. Doesn't it take 5 mags to kill someone in the devision there valk
  7. Yea strife was a blast
  8. Arma , the gift that just keeps giving
  9. We just got new skins 4 month ago ish
  10. Nice idea man
  11. Hellll yea what a killer patch bam <3
  12. Rip noliver
  13. who is greendemon ?