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  1. <3 no that’s @Buck‘s job now
  2. It’s fine the way it is, yes you do have to wait a little or a while, it’s hit or miss, if 5+ people are waiting for a while, a message usually goes out in Lt chat so it rarely piles up for long. The captains adjust Lt activities based on how manny applications are coming in. It’s been this way for years and works fine.
  3. Tanoa was beautiful and unique, I miss it
  4. There will always be some bad apples, but cops who want to RP will now be meet with civ's who have no choice but to RP if they want a reduced ticket/pardon, instead of just saying 3 words " I want parole "
  5. People might have to try RPing for once
  6. Xavorey

    Lack of RP

    There is more than one gender ?
  7. Tom you have to be the angriest kid I've ever ran into on the internet, i feel bad for you though man, to be this mad 24/7, year after year in a video game, you must have some real shitty/sad issues irl.
  8. I have heard mixed things, why do you feel its better?
  9. English translation, you infidel
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