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  1. Hahaha Marzoh some things never change, when will you ever stop being a retard
  2. The last one was madness ! ! !
  3. Xavorey

    Deadline ?

    you're a good lad for doing all this
  4. Cheers Bada, best of luck
  5. Congrats @HomeTrlx @BlackShot @DaX ! <3
  6. <3 no that’s @Buck‘s job now
  7. It’s fine the way it is, yes you do have to wait a little or a while, it’s hit or miss, if 5+ people are waiting for a while, a message usually goes out in Lt chat so it rarely piles up for long. The captains adjust Lt activities based on how manny applications are coming in. It’s been this way for years and works fine.
  8. Tanoa was beautiful and unique, I miss it
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