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  1. About fucking time.. Gratz Clock!
  2. O7 Brotha
  3. O7 Another 10% of Asylum's population leaving
  4. You forgot to add the part where the server crashes and none of this happens because ass.
  5. Not server 4 its called a lag switch get meme'd.
  6. About time you guys got rid of useless servers. Good time S2 but time to go O7
  7. I remember when BaDaBaN got my alt account oof. Good times though
  8. Jk farewell Chrono
  9. Who are you?
  10. @Dork You left when the hurricane shit was happening am I right? Jesus time flies..
  11. Aussie Life
  12. Fuck you
  13. You know it! I don't even initiate I just lethal instantly. Less crying I have to deal with.
  14. No one cares and welcome to Asylum where RP does not exist. Next time do not get caught. Now lock this.