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  1. Welcome to Asylum!
  2. I do not know if this is a random bug but I killed a guy carrying dirty money as he was doing the animation to get in his vehicle at Drug Cartel and the money and his Y inv did not drop.
  3. Welcome to Asylum! And nice to meet you too.
  4. Seems legit.
  5. Only just after restart I noticed that happening yesterday. Might be a new bug I have not logged in today
  6. The Orca part happens for all vehicles from what I have experienced
  7. Welcome back to Asylum! I do not believe I really ran into you but heyyo
  8. like a 20 to 30 minute delay on the syncing
  9. Grease Monkey talent is not being reliable I pulled my car and there were no kits in it maybe broken now?
  10. <3 @bamf
  11. You all that keep saying the same shit need to read we know lmao! Also I am just here waiting for the fix any day now. Not touching Asylum till we get this done boys!
  12. Eh what do you expect.
  13. Only major problem with this is we cannot make money we can only lose it.
  14. Not gonna lie the servers were doing pretty good till just then. Hope this all gets fixed up soon!