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  1. 911 gang back in the day was honestly so active, and was the best way to make money by killing those poor bastards running drugs and guns lol. They also like using google translate so I return the favor in Chinese lmao
  2. Much love to xxx young, awesome and inspiring they did him hella dirty this time.
  3. Dude that stresses me out also, because my game is constantly crashing now but luckily I am never in combat. And yeah I had a shit record in 2016 receiving bans left to right for actually doing dumb shit lol. I hope someday they forgive you and let you play so we can shoot shit, and because the server pop has limits these days.
  4. Damnit! What did you do now lmao?
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    Yeah going outside Kavala can be too much for me.
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    Thanks Subi!
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    Thank you Gaskal, I am glad to be back.
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    I believe we have had a convo about this too in the past haha!
  9. Lol this happened to my friends and they received points and a ban lol but they knew what they were doing,
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    Haha! Guess it is a good thing I work night shifts.
  11. Nerd

    1. Ava


      you're a what?

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    I was a admin in the PsiSyn community I was known as Jahmiah King. I started as a Support, then got promoted to Senior support fast due to my activity in the teamspeak, then I applied for Trial Staff and got accepted, then also got promoted to Mod after a month of reports and so on, then one day the SLT's pulled me and promoted me to a admin after another month. It was fun I had to do ban appeals, reports, name changes and so on lol. I temporarily at this moment am still a admin since they have not read my resign yet.
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    Yes Ron I remember you! How have you been?
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    Oh yeah that will happen everyday.
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    Yes indeed my friend, good to see you!