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  1. If you think for a second that the Nevada Sports Commission (Which the Governor leads) is going to let that shit off lightly, you’re smoking crack. Guaranteed he is stripped of his tittle and permanently removed from the UFC. Was a great fight and he proved it by beating Conor. But the ending fucked him I’m afraid. I don’t think that was staged and if it was, Las Vegas Metro would not have made arrests.
  2. You wanna join him zit popper extraordinaire?
  3. Thanks for clarifying that for us. I put you on Mod Q since that’s your ONLY purpose here.
  4. Wait, you don’t have enough money for a WoW subscription, but you have enough money for this? The logic.
  5. Camp donortown and wait for them to respawn from cartel fights. BH’s are not getting 7.62 downing weapons.
  6. Cya.
  7. 20 year olds and at my first duty station in Vilseck, Germany (2/2 Inf 1st ID).Three years later, I deployed and got some revenge. #neverforget #godblessthefallen. I also met @Gaskal during my time in the sandbox.
  8. Love that rice seasoning.
  9. Take care buddy, best of luck. o7
  10. I like the idea, but I’ve been told it’s never going to happen.
  11. Nah, windows has a magnifying glass. All good.
  12. Looks like he plagiarized Charles Dickens.
  13. Eat me.