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  1. Marcus, report to the principals office immediately.
  2. Cya, take care.
  3. Looks like he got LT.
  4. Let’s do some crank and shoot some guns!
  5. Were you bowling cops with your helicopter again?
  6. I don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about, like usual. Maybe changing your forum name (for the 4th time) and taking your psych medication will clarify things for me.
  7. I would get more fulfillment banging your mom harder than a screen door in a CAT 5 hurricane.
  8. Is that your comeback keyboard warrior? Posting some random photo of a mall cop you found on the internet. I’m disappointed.
  9. Shit Eptic, I would give you my address just to watch a skinny freak in a monkey mask run away when I stepped outside. Bitch.
  10. @janey
  11. Damn, I was shooting for under a minute, will have to work on that.