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  1. Chinese scam, don't fall for it.
  2. Always been a thing. Look at any life server with a whitelisted medic or R&R, those boys and girls are minding their manners.
  3. Whitelisted medics would be held to standards and are subject to discipline or removal for violating those standards. The medics we have now can do anything they want within the rules of the server.
  4. You forgot strife and Australia.
  5. Who is this? He looks like a school shooter.
  6. False ban? That’s what they all say. Take care man.
  7. Post the DayZ video in the Apple Field. Haha
  8. Take care Ron. o7
  9. meta gaming? damn that's harsh.
  10. What happen to Olympus Tom Brady?
  11. You got me, what now?
  12. "You're a whale."