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  1. 2 salt, 4 apples, and 1 spike strip.
  2. An you think Olympus will be any different?
  3. Shutup Hap, you're retired.
  4. Guy has a VERY valid point. I blame the people above the LT's for not cracking whips.
  6. So basically everyone is screwed till Bamf is back, thats all you have to tell him. Good thing it's PUBG beta weekend and they have teams of four now. Hype.
  7. Haha, those cops were clueless. @Silver-Spy Yeah, will send them today.
  8. I think Overwolf needs to update after this Arma patch.
  9. As promised. @HapHazard
  10. You know it big boi, the two dudes sucking each other off.
  11. I have a video I will upload later, classic @HapHazard
  12. Candy land Bitch, ❤️ o7.
  13. Poor bastard. He tried.
  14. I agree, needs to be removed. Implement a combat log system similar to Olympus where the bones drop and you can still interact( Send to jail). I could careless about vehicles, players are the real issue.