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  1. Hand holding and safe zones without the threat of competition. No wonder cops and other gangs avoid S5 like the plague. S5 is a joke and everyone knows it. I wish the devs would close it down.
  2. I'm signing mouse pads for the next three hours.
  3. I mostly played when it first came out.
  4. Over a thousand hours.
  5. Hmmm......
  6. Sure son, I have some yard work for you! Rome wasn't built in a day.
  7. I play a Nobushi, love it. Controller is tits.
  8. I think he meant "Pal."
  9. The four five is garbage. Takes a whole mag to the chest to kill someone. Trust me, it's nothing special. If we didn't have a zubr, I would prefer carrying a p07.
  10. Obama wouldn't approve of this.
  11. Put me in coach. Support has my name written all over it.
  12. Where in that statement did I say that? I'm talking about people who evade the police, not the cops.