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  1. Totally! Obviously, without DEV support and blessing, this idea is dead in the water.
  2. Medics would, NEVER, be armed. I could totally see an armored medical vest similar to what's available to cops and rebels, but I think we are completely nullifying the medic when we introduce a firearm. Medical personnel IRL on an ambulance crew or hospital rely on the police for protection. In many states in the US, if you assault medical personnel it's a specific charge/enhancement, similar to assaulting a police officer. I would be on board with introducing a specific charge for assaulting (Attempted manslaughter) or killing a medic or police officer.
  3. Initially, I would want non-whitelisted medic slots (along with whitelisted) to allow new players to still experience a taste of the job, which would give them an incentive to want to be whitelisted. I would imagine once they see the money, perks, and other stuff that whitelisted medics have, it would be a natural progression.
  4. Well, without people willing to make a change, it will fall upon deaf ears.
  5. Killswitch, Padrinos, and I have wanted this type of system for awhile now. @Mr Smirnoff has some amazing medic uniforms and vehicles already that he uses for events and general fun. I think with the right type of planning and delivery, this idea is completely possible. I would even volunteer my time to be Chief of Medics from an Admin perspective much like the dedicated CoP we currently have in place.
  6. Ideally, for medics to be truly viable the DEV's would have to remove something from the civs to make them relevant/needed.
  7. Well, as it stands we have around 42 whitelisted APD slots, 4 of those slots are "Whitelisted-drug" which are none existent at the present time. I think with some tweaking, we could dedicate a lot more slots for whitelisted medics.
  8. Viability and perks (defibs, blood bags, reduced revive timers, and other talents) would be what I'm striving to accomplish. Incentives for adhering to structure and standards.
  9. Ideally, this would be a DEV project, because without that you wouldn't be able to accomplish a FULL whitelist requirement.
  10. Yes, part of my plan is to make a medic bureau within the Asylum TS and the requirement for being whitelisted (Much like cop) would be using TS to communicate.
  11. That's my whole reasoning for making this post. Much like changing laws IRL, you need people willing to sign petitions to gain the interest of the lawmakers.
  12. Very valid points, I like it.
  13. Medics don't RP, lets be serious here. You get more RP from the Kavala ATM.
  14. I don't plan on it, as long as they adhere to the rules/regulations. Much less responsibility/power, unlike cop where you can truly screw someone over and violate their rights.
  15. That's why I'm asking you guys. We all know that the current medic slot, with the exception of a few, is nothing more than a Kavala troll attempting to look legit.