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  1. u gave me 2 non expiring warnings.. ?

  2. come back to us ): 

  3. 10/10, keep them coming or I will hurt your family.
  4. In-game Name:yinglong

    Player ID:  76561198320379802

    I was banned, I don't know what happened.

  5. Lol
  6. You're
  7. Wtf all these @'s, i'm trying to enjoy the sun on my back deck. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  8. He got a job at KFC!
  9. Good thing I don't need the money and it wasn't my HMMT.
  10. I'm all natural baby.
  11. You won't have to worry about it.
  12. Police Cadet Aquafina bitches.
  13. Can confirm, they were shooting at us while it was sling loaded. I'm sure it was a script failure.