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  1. Well on the bright side im still gay!
  2. Bring back the peace!
  3. you take the cake for brown nosing!
  4. Think again sweet heart. you know nothing about this gay cowboy. FYI cops do drop gear. shit @Patrick Swayze. gave me almost no rp and still got away with a LT loadout.
  5. Hello! I got +4 points added for "exploiting" but Admin Cukofuko looked at my profile and said I have no bans on record and I am supposed to ask you who sent you or told you I was exploiting.

    1. MERK


      Also why did I get "banned" for something that is false? If this was a mistake I understand, Id like to speak to you about this please.

    2. Clockwerk


      robbo is the man you need to seek out.

    3. Clockwerk


      i was told you kept jumping out of cop cars while restrained after you were told several times not to.

  6. i stand by my words. Tyler is an idiot. And GAY
  7. Remember when you and hamsham shit yourselves at medical when I killed rouge in the orca and you cried cause "he wasn't wanted".
  8. I need money to continue having our cadets launch hunters off mountains into hummingbirds, new road barriers for parallel parking during ride alongs, 7.62's to shoot out NV orcas at banks, nitrous to ram into the apd vans, and more to pay back term and monopoly man for blowing up their Huron and ghost-hawk.
  9. mmmm
  10. You should rename this Asylum 1 Spray and Pray.. look at @Dom first montage. take notes soldier
  11. drink cum
  13. RED IZ DED
  14. great vest on the 4 kills after we processed everyone!
  15. pub g Cause im cute