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  1. you've already achieved it
  2. tease
  3. why aren't you in there then solider!?!?! you want that rank back don't you!?
  4. side chat warrior behind the scenes.
  5. LMAO pure gold
  6. show the heli right after!
  7. Honestly the lethal pardon is just an escape for people and they just hide on a roof and stand up on purpose. I say remove the lethal pardon. Not only will it increase role play for the bounties, it will make cop and bounty hunting a lot more enjoyable cause we all know people want the big bounties. If anything just decrease the jail time for max bounties to something like 28-32 mins and im sure you'll see an increase in all factions of the game.
  8. buck tooth strikes again
  9. cant prove it
  10. thats funny ive never seen you
  11. RIP to the greatest
  12. Should of posted this when it happened and not waited a month. +1