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  1. Clockwerk

    Actual Best Asylum Players list (poll)

    you all make me sick not having @Dom on this list
  2. Clockwerk

    Krypton Leg progress Pics

    holy shit and i thought i was gay!
  3. Clockwerk

    APD Captain Announcement

  4. Clockwerk

    APD Captain Announcement

    Good work solider. I'm proud of you.
  5. Clockwerk

    Bring back armor stacking

    L O L
  6. Clockwerk

    Server Adjustments : Server 2

  7. Shoot yourself already you Debbie downer
  8. Clockwerk

    My thoughts

    Been wanting this for years!
  9. Clockwerk

    Legends Of Asylum

  10. Clockwerk


    coming from a retard
  11. Clockwerk

    When you realize mistakes were made.....

    I mean ill still send ur asses straight to jail
  12. Clockwerk

    Gang Life Ideas v.2

    Good Work Soldier
  13. Starting Immediately The HVT process is no longer going to be used. With the gangs we currently have there will be no need to send them straight to jail if attacked. If it becomes a problem in the future then we can possibly revisit and implement a new HVT process but for now there will be no more HVTing. Please spread the word to all officers. Thanks! -The Captains
  14. Clockwerk

    Server Rule Change

    thats more like it