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  1. Welcome to Asylum
  2. Please implement the hardened one
  4. Love the spelling
  5. +1, but RIP BHing
  6. Send me their address. Can't even use pilot coveralls with a carryall now because Bohemia is a bunch of mongs
  7. Good point, you may continue with your insult battle.
  8. I would like to inform you that the situation he is talking about I was present at it and to my knowledge I am not a cop without what would you say "Fingers". It's possible that sometimes the script bugs out and may not work properly, keyword by the way "possible". A bit hostile?
  9. Can you use the crates in this?
  10. RIP
  11. They can't go back if you kill all cops. @Innateocean
  12. Same can't even make money by excavating.... Broken game