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  1. Same I’m wondering as well
  2. @Witz for contributor!!
  3. Do we need to initiate with Suicide vests??
  4. I'm assuming you probably think now that seatbelts are gone you're going to take more damage, but that's not the case. Soooo FUCK SEATBELTS just adds to scroll menu aids
  5. +1 Cop prowlers should go up and have no doors on the side of their vehicles
  6. Really good new patch, absolutely love it. But do you guys have an estimate when gun running will be back? And possibly Honor syncing? We can finally claim ifrits!! And old prison is back so I have a friend who is going to love using his MK200 on that. @Bobby The Pilot
  7. F5

    Did that community event that Mitch said he'd announce last weekend ever get announced?
  8. WOAH WTF no it doesn't
  9. You literally always talk shit about people saying they're broker than you so I'ma do it to you now. My car probably cost more than your parents make in a year: You're going to be a loser when you grow up, look at you now.
  10. LMFAO That feeling when you only have stuff from like 2.5 years ago to talk shit with. Listen @Tom Obviously your IQ is extremely low so let me explain this. Your montage was made 2 years ago when people weren't as good as they were now. People improve over time. Bet you couldn't do that same montage now or even at least get the same amount of kills. Oh and btw I know I have a speech impediment, so one of your insults is going to be pointless when they come.
  11. I mean he's definitely not worse than them. If not, better. I remember Proud on Olympus he sucked, but now I think Proud is a really good player. I definitely wouldn't say he's a bad one. I mean Tom all you do is talk shit to people, but whenever I was in Complexity (Your gang on Olympus) you fucking sucked dick. Not sure if there's any reasoning to it but it was funny asf to see someone who constantly refers to others as trash when in reality he's a fucking trash can. All you can do is talk shit. I log into the game and see you talking shit to someone in side chat telling them they live in a trailer. You're an egotistical douche bag retard.
  12. Good montage. idk why that cop clip was in there though
  13. You must be a retard. People can still camp the new rebel even if it’s closer. Lmfao