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  1. @Mitch (IFRIT)I’m guessing you guys have a Trello or some way of communicating with developers what you need done. Is it possible you could make this public?
  2. First time in a while I can say I’m excited to see where Asylum is going and can’t wait.
  3. So @Mitch (IFRIT) if this was an issue that caused data to be lost and/or corrupted why wasn’t anything done sooner? Why now? If it’s as big of a problem as you make it seem I’m sure Paratus would’ve wanted it fixed because that would affect his money as it would affect the server.
  4. You are definitely a retard.
  5. Cool you have 20 ifrits on a dead server that crashes if population gets to high ( sometimes even if it’s at 40 people )
  6. Don't worry Tyrone will make him feel at home.
  7. Bunni is a bot now man couldn't even get more than 2 kills on some cops
  8. Refill mags for bounty hunters please at Skip Tracer
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