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  2. Everyone is different, it's 2017.
  3. You're mother will not die in her sleep. Your mother will die though.
  4. I'm also looking
  5. Rewatching the video and how is this thread not deleted?
  6. Wikipedia is unreliable, please get me a more reliable source.
  7. We don't get updates here, accept it.
  8. Just let Asylum commit suicide
  9. Yeah the devs don’t really give a shit about us. If you want something gotta code it yourself and spam bamf/Gnashes to even look at it and then to consider adding your code to the server.
  10. Wow @Gaskal showing your true colors now I can see. @Mako and I are very disappointed.
  11. Finally @Painbringa112 is a moderator!
  12. That's probably why DramaAlert titled it "hyped for the new update"
  13. Dude, I didn't ask for this he's just a fan.
  14. Dude, DramaAlert I can't thank you enough for all the support dude. Thanks for the shoutout!