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  1. @bamf Can we get an extra talent point or two possibly? It's really annoying having to constantly switch out talent points to do things.. For example, if I want all the bounty hunter talents I can't even buy luxury vehicle unless I take my talents away from Meth Lab or having an extra toolkit or lockpicking... Please just 1 or 2 extra point(s).
  2. Cringy asf
  3. That was some good high quality role play.
  4. I know... FeelsBadMan
  5. Csat wetsuits?
  6. Happens to me as well
  7. I would get banned for this.
  8. Please link your Steam Profile or else you will not be entered
  9. Didn't sharing writer come back for like his fifth time now?
  10. Arma 3 is $40 which exceeds the limit I have put for this giveaway. Sorry, but you have not been entered. If you'd like though, however you can change that to a game that fits the limit of $30 or below and is on Steam, then you'll be entered.
  11. > Google's Steam Game Giveaway < [Rules] Not buying anything from G2A, only through Steam (DLCs are fine to) You can only enter once The game must be $30 or less [How-To-Enter] Comment below and include your -Steam Profile Link -Steam Game you want - Why you want it [How the winner will be decided] I will be tossing everyone's name, who entered, into a random name picker, [Giveaway Start & End Dates] Start Date: 7/23/2017 End Date: 7/31/2017
  12. Time to invest into housing that isn't near anything atm
  13. Damn a lot of people are modqued.
  14. This was back in The MOB