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  1. I'm playing aswell, leveling all classes to 120 atm but sadly im EU. Excited for BfA tho!
  2. Holy shit!
  3. @Goldberg Attorney at Law @Buckwalter @Sneaky
  4. Noice!
  5. My brother always runs to me when im restrained and turns my pc off, sick fuck
  6. Instead of a roadmap i think he's curious to what have they done until now, that's something they should easily know and be able to share right
  7. Aslong as we uphold this banner on our front page they're doing just fine.
  8. all i needed to know
  9. you got a hard on for me bada?
  10. Buying a new server for this dying community? Damn and people say you let Asylum die. If i were you i'd honestly put that money elsewhere.
  11. APD

    not my call i would've banned myself for a week or atleast 3 days
  12. APD

    Don't you see this guided missle?
  13. One of the few people here that actually made a good montage, some nice shots there!
  14. APD

    I am sorry for busting your drug run? you're an awful cop haha