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  1. @MatthewV Did you atleast chase him down and give him a lethal with the zubr?
  2. Aye cause he has like a lag switch detector right? There's been people saying FSA hacks due their ifrit skins making everyone else lag. I'm not trusting just anyone to make the call on what is cheats or not.
  3. He must've started cheating after that embarrasment
  4. I can't judge on either that was wrong or justified by the admin, they make those decisions. We do have an appeal system and a community manager you could reach out in such situations. Suchs things can always happen but i don't think our staff generally is corrupt at all. Admins i've been friends with have never shown any kind of abusive behaviour of their powers. But like with all things, people can make mistakes
  5. RDM is against the rules, admins will ban if you report people for it. They can't prevent it, other servers can't either. I'm not sure what you mean with cops protecting rich gang members? The most server rule breaking probably happens in kavala, it's a shithole that can't be fixed. We always advice new players to leave that place asap.
  6. I'm not defending anyone, don't know them but that sounds like tower lag. Just about any experienced player here knows it.
  7. We'll speak soon bbgirl, i'm back!
  8. Where is that cunt? Capping the damn cartels from those exploiting prodigy rats, who the fuck are these guys anyway!
  9. Pour acid in my eyes?
  10. I personally don't notice any difference between 144hz or 60hz, my friends who look at my monitor and compare it to my 2nd 60hz one say there's an obvious difference. I don't believe there's actual facts when it comes to noticing the difference but it's supposedly better.
  11. Ayyy never knew that, i'll just kms
  12. Server Performance/ Known issues The most important task for our developers is ensure that we have exhausted all options to increase performance and avoid issues like memory leaks, server crashed ect. If there are known issues i suggest that there will be a thread made which states the problem and cause. (Most situations that are known but can't be solved are in the hands of Bohemia Interactive) If you share this knowledge and you can refer people to it then you'll have less complaints and more understanding from your community. I suggest that you contact the developers and make said thread. In this thread you could also display a problem and state that it has been recognized and is being worked on ect. Promote existing content I think there's plenty of content that is good but is unused/barely used, think of all the legal jobs. Only new players do them because an average/experienced player simply knows it's not worth his time. I suggest that overall legal activities get a buff so that the content we already have will actually be used. If you doubt the activity in legal income i'm sure the developers can show you statistics. Remove moving animation for hacking/cracking a federal reserve vault Recently did a fed and wondered why this is still a thing. When you are hacking/cracking a vault your characters does the repair animation, puts 1 step backwards and does the animation again ect. This causes interrupts in the hacking/cracking and is terribly annoying! @Mitch (IFRIT) Have fun <3
  13. Core i7 processors use a feature called “hyper-threading” to reach above and beyond the number of cores they have. So, a Core i7 processor with four cores can actually handle eight threads of data at once. Processors with hyper-threading can effectively double the number of threads they can handle simultaneously. However ARMA 3 does not benifit from this, lets cut all the technical crap and look at an actual test below. So my recommendation is for ARMA if you're on a budget, stick to i5 and spend the money elsewhere.