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  1. @7th Ward Charizard You need some love
  2. Almost choked on my tongue reading this
  3. 2+2=4 minus one = tree quik mafs
  4. I wonder the same about you, how could you let trump be your predecessor
  5. Wouldn't help because it needs 100 players to stress test it, and a test server wouldn't fill like that.
  6. *crickets*
  7. #asylumexposed
  8. Pretending that i have friends, giving away money, running, editing videos for giggles.
  9. Could you please replace your profile picture into something more appealing?
  10. Hows your monkey
  11. Sounds like just before 6.0
  12. Regiment was already dead 2 years ago o_O
  13. Different instinct mi bad