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  1. Well it's a livestream of a hurricane idk what i was expecting
  2. My fucking ears tho, jesus what a sound
  3. @Silver-Spy U still think im a smelly rat?
  4. Im in Genesys after sucking the "Captain" alot and getting triggered by you rdming me in kavala but my bad pc cant record so i just rdm you back. Meanwhile VaderRP on cop is chasing our asses.
  5. I haven't
  6. Sorry, i just can't call that an admin
  7. No haha
  8. Only had sojobo and starance i believe
  9. Bad choice, mods actually have to do something. Community manager can just sit back and watch it all burn, mitch is born for that
  10. Well i love your concept, you maximize income and minimize your costs. It's the perfect recipe for getting as rich as you can get. In my experience it also helps alot to have the right connections, if you're in the biggest/most active gang on the server or friends with them it means you got alot of protection/less chance of getting robbed farming money ect. I'd rather make friends with anyone running the same thing as me over trying to rob them and then getting payback ect. Good stuff Leroy, only it's sad to achieve such a great thing on a semi-dead community
  11. You sick fuck you even sold lockpicks and zipties, none can live like that!
  12. I'm playing aswell, leveling all classes to 120 atm but sadly im EU. Excited for BfA tho!
  13. Holy shit!