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  1. come back buddy 

  2. yeah i saw that too but i don't like the game because it only has like 20 guns total lol
  3. aww what then why is it illegal smh
  4. get fucked
  5. old video lul
  6. yes
  7. Looks like I will be playing bf4 for the next 2 weeks
  8. @Gnashes @bamf
  9. can u turn it on thx
  10. Changed my name as a meme everyone knew it was me also I never removed my montages your montage is just really shitty
  11. This shit is terrible everyone who liked it is reading a book for a week
  12. Nice Athira bounty hunting clips
  13. Number fifteen yet you still don't know not to put bounty hunter clips in your montage fucking idiot delete all of them and restart this time without being a retard
  14. the 30 min timer doesn't work you capit at 15 mins left