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  1. Xehons

    dike dyck

    Lil worm would like to collab, please contact him on steam about the details. - his manager
  2. Why do u keep seeing ur inventory?
  3. that song is banned and im on perm modq because of it
  4. abuse it till its removed I guess
  5. and you are ? hope your mom dies
  6. hahaha prooves how retarded you really are can you try any harder to pander to seem like a caring person but in reality you are just doing to farm likes, dont make a post saying all life is precious then tell me to kill myself in the next faggot
  7. Hilarious coming from the same guy who said this 1 week ago your so fake LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Xehons


    the production on this is crazy
  9. like most muslim radicals he went for civilians so its not out of the ordinary
  10. Their religion says to murder non believers their own book says that, when terrorist attacks are coming out of Europe and every muslim country every week you libtards always say "not all muslims" "religion of peace" its the same thing but this time its on them they did this, the guy was a lunatic but he saw that what was happening and the amount of cuckery going on that he was fed up and took it into his own hands, did you forget the thousands killed in 2015 - 2018 alone? like the children killed while going Christmas shopping? the 100s killed in France? the Brussels bombing where 32 were killed? or how about the 3000 killed in 9/11? their ideology is the problem and for once in a long time, they got a dose of what it feels like to be on the other side.
  11. You don't think they do the same but worse?
  12. lil worm doesnt like injustice if they arent unbanned in the next 24hours will drop
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