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  1. It's still a bug dumb bitch
  2. Y Doesn't drop @Gnashes
  3. cars dont spawn with tool kits anymore @Gnashes @bamf ALSO when u get in pilot of an orca it locks it while its unlocked
  4. Server 3 if by far better than 1 and 4 yet its the one who gets down the most can we please not take it down as it is the most popular and most stable of all? not only that its the only one with optimization as well @bamf @Gnashes
  5. bump this shit my niner
  6. well to be fair they are only ground vehicle in the game going 300 mph..
  7. 500k
  8. where is all this hate coming from? I never booted you retard why would we randomly hit you off? you were a rat anyways. Enjoy anarchy you were never in the gang so.
  9. Thats because it is him but the admins are sucking his dick because its not on asylum fourms or servers so cancer
  10. hahahahha that ban appeal ment nothing to me ez knee pad for 20 days off ban also that was oct 8th, also stop re adding me if you're just gonna block and unfriend me when you get butt hurt
  11. @tryhardsqueaker hehehehehe
  12. keep arma like that