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  1. Randy goes ooo ooo aaa aaa

  2. Randy is a fucking communist. Probably is a career arsonist. 

    1. Nate!!!


      I don't often agree with Dick Romney, but this one is ok!!

    2. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      Whatever you need to say to convince yourself that voting for a autocrat is the right decision @Sail. You should take a minute to think why the last 3 republican presidential front runners refuse to endorse him. 

  3. Randy is a communist maniac and he doesn't know what a job is. 

  4. Fuck Randy 

  5. Fuck Randy, hes a communist. 

    1. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      @Sail next time @ me pussy so we can talk about trump hating vets, or the fact that hes a pedo

    2. Sail


      Randall, I cant @ you because of your tag, ily.

  6. Hey, its me your least favorite. 



  7. Commi .

    1. •ÐŠ• Randy
    2. Sail


      Is it because im white? 

    3. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      no because you support a white nationalist 

  8. Randy is a communist. 

    1. Glass of Water

      Glass of Water

      finally someone in the asylum community with half a brain

    2. Tyler


      Yeah it's unfortunate Romney is missing half of his brain but we love him anyways.

  9. Tarro did nothing wrong.

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    2. Roice


      did Tarro say faggot again in discord?

    3. Tyler


      LMAO free my boy @Tarro and @Blade

    4. Sail


      exactly, Tarro did nothing wrong

  10. Joe Burrow is my Quarterback! 

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    2. Farmer Steve
    3. Sail


      Fuck you you plant picker. 

    4. Farmer Steve

      Farmer Steve

      Remember where he came from fucker

  11. Good morning. Strange dream last night, Ethan Darrell was an Admin. Spooky shit. 

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    2. Sail



    3. bobby99


      if we are gonna start giving rats admin I hope its not copa next

    4. Copa


      unforunately im not old enough

  12. @Tarro


  13. fuck you husband killer. 

  14. rip gamer lucien, he was too young! 

  15. Know why bernie dropped out? It was that bitch Carole Baskin.  

    1. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      He actually didnt drop put hes just not campaigning anymore 

  16. @Tarro has tested positive for coronavirus. Stay the fuck away from him. 

    1. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      thoughts and prayers 

    2. Tarro
    3. Sail


      @Tarroget off my page, you may infect Randall and I 

  17. a kid knocked on my door today and i ignored him. 

    1. Tyler


      Much wow, so disrespect.

  18. Bernard Sanders will never be president. 

  19. @Volunteer281 may have coronavirus. 

  20. Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray
    South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio

    1. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      you are more senile than joe biden

    2. Tyler


      Coming from the commie who would vote for him if he won the nomination.

    3. Sail


      Yeah Randall, stupid Commi. 

  21. Oy vey.... :(

  22. Korean ramen is too fucking spicy. 

    1. Bread


      Nah you're just weak.  My friend gets this spicy ramen thats so hot its like 6 dollars a block and it makes your shits burn for the next week

    2. Sail


      @Bread this shit made my mouth burn. 

    3. Bread


      My mouth burn too but I finish the bowl and then my friends a cheap ass only one glass of milk then its just suffering 


    hahahah, batcan, what an idiot. 

    1. Lucien


      Right when he was about to get sergeant too

    2. Tusken Raider

      Tusken Raider

      Where's the down vote button

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