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RE: Crypto Removal !Comp

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As you read this compensations should be coming through. If you didn't get yours, type !comp
1/7/2022. Some players may still not have received compensation for coins in their wallet. Reimbursed

Why was crypto removed?
Ultimately the decision was made to remove crypto as the starting cost was so high that no idea we came up with would ever meet the expectation set by such a high barrier to entry, we also didn't feel it fair to just lower the cost and leave people who had paid the fee high and dry. 

Why not compensate players & lower the cost?
Passive money making has its place, but a totally hands off passive legal money making system all from the safety of a player home is not the direction the current dev team wants to take the server. We want to encourage interactions between players. Sitting in a house selling crypto doesn't do this. 

Why not make it so players have to go somewhere to sell crypto or add another component to it.
Feels kind of like we are shoe horning a mechanic or system in just to use the buzz word "Crypto"

Why not do xyz?

Ultimately developers work for free, if no one steps up and wants to take over a project its going to get left behind and fall into obscurity. I have no idea what the original plan for crypto was. I can say it was a cool feature with some great concepts (Going around the map to do different activities to get the console parts). And these idea's might be used else where going forward. But for now it didn't feel fair to have players sitting with 11mil investments with no immediate or concrete plans to make a return on that investment. 

Compensation numbers (What you came for)

If you owned any of the following before patch you will receive the following amounts as compensation

  • Initial house improvement - ($1,500,000) 1,250,000 
  • 1st Upgrade - ($250,000) - $200,000
  • 2nd Upgrade - ($500,00) - $400,000
  • 3rd Upgrade - (1,500,000) - $1,200,000
  • 4th Upgrade - (2,500,000) - $2,125,000
  • 5th Upgrade - (5,000,000) - $4,500,000
  • Any Coins - 100% of their value ($10,000 minimum on a per coin basis to be compensated)
    IE. If you had $10,000 bitcoin and $1,000 ETH. You would only get $10,000 bitcoin

Why arnt we getting full comp for the items?
It hurts me (and the economy) to give out this much money in cash at one time as it is.

To the small % of you who had max upgrades + consoles who are basically permanently parting ways with 1.5mil minimum. I know who you are, I understand you might be angry with the decision made, but I feel this was a better solution than just sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the problem. You got close to 85% back, while its no consolation it is a lot better than some people in the crypto game 🙂

The following remain in the game (Or in the case of consoles stored on the database) but currently have no use and are no longer obtainable

  • Consoles
  • Gaming Asylum Console
  • Ryzen 5950X
  • RTX 3090
  • 3000W PSU
  • 10TB M.2 SSD
  • ASUS Dark Hero Mobo
  • 64GB DDR4 Ram
  • NZXT Water Cooler
  • Console Frame (Probably will rename this to PC Case?)

At this point we have no concrete plans on what to do with the items above, Obviously the way you got each of these items was vastly different and would have unique prices. But due to the vast quantity out there it wasn't feasible to compensate these right away.
(We are already compensating in excess of 300million dollars this patch)

These items may make a return, I could see them being apart of a robbery/crafting or other? perhaps you have ideas for them.  
I could do some math and assign a value to them so you can sell them in a shop for a month to get some cash before we wipe them. 
or just wipe them. Idk

Hopefully going forward the Dev team can do better and avoid this scenario in the future.

-EDIT- If you did not actively own a crypto miner or the house upgrade (Either by selling the house or losing it after 30 days of inactivity). You will get nothing - should have had diamond hands. 

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