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If not my most serious post in forever

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I know theirs a thread about this, but it wasn't very detailed nor did it explain a few key elements of how a second server, with tweaks, can benefit us all and bring in players.

Right now server 1 is basically controlled by the main 2/3 gangs. A lot of the older players that can easily shit on them are no longer here.

The biggest thing is the houses. They're all bought up which really ruins peoples motive to run drugs. It's not optimal to grab a box truck, gather coke/heroine, ect and do a full run to make 80k. You need a house.  Its almost impossible for people to start a grind unless you know what ur doing or have somewhat skilled friends to roll with. Relying on ppl going inactive/ failing to pay property tax for a house can take weeks to months which isn't viable. If bigger gangs owned a shed or garage in dp14/15 that would allow us to not spawn in main cities so we can focus on our gang operation of running meth/black market, ect.. right its impossible for this unless you own a garage/shed and like I said it can take way longer to get one of these, which is crucial because people start to fall off the map. Something like this can change ur average players entire dynamic of how to play asylum... from running box trucks, getting robbed by the rich who don't even really need to money is why people can't get ahead. A fresh server would atleast give people more of a chance to enable themselves to make money by taking out smaller batches from their house so the risk isn't as great and wont waste 1 hour trying to do a run getting robbed by people that are already millionaires.  This would make fighting a lot more active because the value/risk of gear will be greater. people might fight better or play smarter with less money. It'll push people to craft guns at black market making other areas more active.

I don't think you should enable banks/feds/Jewl Emp, ect until the server is more active and people are starting to get their properties, filling houses with gear, ect. instead buff gas station robberies. They're in unique locations and would be much more fun to fight cops all set up in different areas at a gas station than the current cartel locations.

I also suggest adding new spots for cartels on server two. I also think you should go back to the old gather method when you pick items to make it more realistic. These things make all the difference. Leave server 1 how it is, and server 2 could be the more advanced server where ppl can't get away with the sht htey do on server 1. Almost like a ban on 2 means you can go  fuck off to server 1 until theyre ready for 2. this will also make server 1 more active if it became a toxic wasteland full of cheating shitters. allow this for server  1 and not server two i think their will be a fine line of respect that people just won't do that shit after they see how its operates. I  suggest maybe improving the police force and really make them realize its about roleplay not just sending ppl to jail for $$...

Server 2 should be more 'mature' not robo cop (meaning don't just restrain people and read charges!!!) If they're unarmed you can simply get of your car and speak to them... maybe then just pardon or say ok i need to put you in cuffs for a ticket.  right now the mentality to just say ok sir cuff hit the 1 key , "explain charges" beep boop bop askin to report just isn't viable. so again server 2 should be much more heavy with the role play and not think bout the money. cops loadouts should cost more.

people should want to become cops to A. work on teamwork/combat methods for entering areas. (not just slam and spray, die get a new loadout and come back) That means adding a 5-7 min solid NLR to give newer guys a chance and make it more realistic/roleplay. Its a game, you can't use irl situations in a game cuz its not viable and then say cop restraints are immune cuz its annoying when a rebel kills the guy being processed. If thats the case, make a room in the HQ  a green zone so cops can die but rebels cannot get shot but be rescued.

I heavily suggest making cartels have 100k cap dirty money in the fridge like the old days

A. good fights B. didn't ruin economy just having the money go straight into the vault

C. was more realistic

D. overall %100 better for many reasons...

F. Why would I go back a cartel knowing I won't see any of that cash?  this is why ppl make solo gangs to afk cartels. its stupid


Right now to gather drugs w/tempest you need to be near your vehicle or it'll cancel. I suggest increasing the range by 35yards because it's to close right now and this is unfair because the enemy knows the player will be literally right next to his car and gives me a vantage. This will make people want to pull tempests more knowing they won't get 1 tapped because it'll be harder to find them but not impossible cuz its only 35yards. right now its at like 5-10

JAIL - let the proccessor reduce jail time and bail so we can choose to wait the time to just do a few batches and pay bail.

TL'DR a new server will by massive hype for everyone. people will come back knowing they have a shot to get some good houses and start real operations. starting new gangs will different people... having better roleplay. better fighhts because you'll put effort into fighting cuz gear will be more expensive but again people will be self sustaining since all the houses aren't bought up.


don't ban people for vdm if the vdm didn't change any type of serious outcome.

example im standing naked in athira i get ran over who cares.....

compared to me havin a full kit, selling drugs, trying to grab the dirty money, trying to get to a different spot to fight, ect and i get ran over sure that is un fair and get be punishable by a ban or vacation to server 1.

server 2 would be dope and if done correctly i really think you'll see server 2 populated and server 1 a solid 40-50 ppl

alot of ppl are sus af and think they're ideas are correct so having server 1 how it is is perfect and gives you a whole new server to test things out on and see what works. I think they're are alot of good areas in the mountains by kavala and other areas for proccessors, cartels, ect... i think you should add something to the kavala cave and start doing more unique things. maybe even delete a few areas like  henbane / pcp to make other areas more active.

revamp to the talent points/infamy because right now infamy is way to expensive for how dead the server is.

12k hours later you add a mountain of infamy thinking were going to put in the much time is outrageous.

its a cool system like gather faster , ect and would be really good if revamped

if you have any questions about certain things just asking with logic and i'll try to explain to you how something can bring in more players and make the gameplay less toxic/discouraging

if you were serious about this you'd obviously want to make sure alot of ppl know about it so on release so you can a much larger active population than the same current 40 ppl.

video games are therapy for many people and alot of ppl will spend hours on asylum if they have solid making money methods/good roleplay and combat+having good time compared to always gettin robbed/robo copped

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Very hard to digest all of that in one sitting, maybe break up your suggestions into more addressable individual segments or some better formatting and punctuation but to address a few of your points:

I agree that housing is pretty overpriced for new players, and I personally would like to see the number of properties per player cut (maybe one house + one garage per, and then multiple gang houses?) but it's pretty hard to compensate people this late in the game's life cycle for multi million dollar homes.

Splitting the player-base between multiple servers isn't something that's wanted and everyone would be happier on a server with 80 people (ranked between 8th and 20th Global Most Popular in the last 3 months) versus two with 40. The APD has recently shut down the training server for taking cops off of the main server (among other reasons) as well.

>buffing gas station robberies
Okay sure, but I'm not sure why you feel like you need new locations to set up and camp to shoot cops driving into you when that's what literally what all except maybe 3 events consist of.

>new cartel spots
Ok good, if you have any decent ones I'm sure they'd love to hear it. The contributors and designers are open to suggestions and do make changes and improvements, but it has to fit the design philosophy. You aren't going to see an Arms Dealer cap outside Sophia.

"Leave server 1 how it is, and server 2 could be the more advanced server where ppl can't get away with the sht htey do on server 1."
I don't know why you feel like we have to sort players by quality, and if any of the "shit people get away with" is against server rules then you should be reporting them.
Weird also to believe that cheaters have some kind of respect and won't like, cheat near you.

>improve the police force
Ok let's hear it, pretty sure we all want to do that in some way.

 be more 'mature' not robo cop 
Robo copping is zero RP and giving you $0 deduction after a full explanation of every individual charge, not full ticketing you or being curt when you tried to murder them because you are "crazy" or that the drugs "weren't your's"


>If they're unarmed you can simply get of your car and speak to them
Easy enough to shoot cops as is and they don't know you're armed until you step out

>much more heavy with the role play and not think bout the money.
Except you I guess?

>cops loadouts should cost more
You bring one loadout to a fight you get to pick and choose, and they have to bring minimum two to every fight that they are forced to respond to.

>work on teamwork/combat methods for entering areas. (not just slam and spray, die get a new loadout and come back)
Every rebel can bring a LMG with 200 rnds, RPG and/or 7.62mm marksman rifle, while cadets don't even get a scope.
Speed and numbers are the advantages the APD has, but if you think Cadet Carl should get a carrier light and MK1 to fight you fair I'm all here for it.

>adding a 5-7 min solid NLR to give newer guys a chance and make it more realistic/roleplay
Cops get two lives per illegal field unless there are less than 5, in what world do you live where more cops don't show up when one is shot and killed?

>make a room in the HQ  a green zone

>bring back the fridge
Actually a good suggestion, I'm here for listening to people getting roached at rebel while running money.

>revamp to the talent points/infamy because right now infamy is way to expensive for how dead the server is
Okay so split the pop between servers but buff infamy gain because the server is dead.
You're delusional if you think we will gain a consistent 30 new/returning players with a magic second server.


If you're getting robbed, run with a gang or friends.
If you're getting "robo cop"'ed, report it so we can remove them.

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1. **Economic Balance and New Player Experience**:
   - While your suggestion to create a new server to alleviate the domination of major gangs and the unavailability of houses is well-intentioned, it might not address the underlying issues. If the game's mechanics inherently favor established players or groups, these issues could simply reemerge on the new server over time.
   - New players may initially find it easier to start on a new server, but without changes to the game's core mechanics, the disparity between new and veteran players could still develop.

2. **Server Population and Division**:
   - Splitting the player base between two servers can have unintended consequences. While it might seem that a new server would attract more players, it could also dilute the player base, leading to less interaction and potentially less dynamic gameplay on both servers.
   - There's a risk that the first server becomes perceived as less desirable or "toxic," which could discourage new players from joining it and harm the overall game community.

3. **Role of Law Enforcement and Roleplay**:
   - Your suggestion for more nuanced and realistic roleplay, especially regarding law enforcement, is a valid point. However, implementing such changes requires careful consideration and balancing to ensure that it doesn't lead to unfair gameplay or frustration.
   - Enforcing more roleplay and less "robo cop" behavior could be beneficial, but it's also important to remember that different players have different play styles and preferences. Too much emphasis on roleplay could alienate players who are more interested in action or strategy.

4. **Changes to Drug Gathering and Cartels**:
   - Increasing the range for drug gathering and modifying cartel dynamics are interesting ideas, but they could have unforeseen impacts on the game's balance. It's crucial to test such changes thoroughly to ensure they don't disrupt the game's economy or make certain activities too overpowered.

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2 hours ago, william said:

so instead of a singular 40 pop server you want 2, 20 pop servers?

no it would be an active 100 populated server and server 1 would probably get more populated too but if theres so many other things then all we can really do is wait for arma4

@Donaldthank you for giving positive feedback without insulting me. Very rare on asylum

4 hours ago, Farmer Steve said:

nigga ur gay 

ur existance is irrelevant imagine never taking a break u got mental issues ?

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90% of what you have suggested here has already been responded too multiple times.
We would love to have a 2nd server. But the fact is (And has been proven multiple times) new players pick a server to play on via the sort "most players" button. Splitting the player base will kill any chance of attracting new/more players. And we will not do it unless we are confident that we can sustain players on two servers. 

Frankly i could go in depth and respond to every point in your post, but i need you to read this post first

And re-make your suggestions.
Most of what you posted here is directly answered by my above post. 

Remember to be specific, "More gas stations" or "More cartels", "Fix APD", "Fix Economy" is effectively useless to me. 
Tell me how or where to do these things.

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