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Arma 3 | Asylum Life | Montage #2 - Get Turned on!

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I saw the thumbnail saying epic win over the apex cover photo, i didn't even watch the first 2 seconds of it

edit: nvm I clicked on the thumbnail and saw him shooting someone in the back with a Katiba first second in THEN closed it

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4 hours ago, Nomadox said:

People can call you garbage or whatever, but don't take it to heart as you're a new player to asylum, and there is always room to improve. Instead of constructive criticism, people often like to hate to lengthen their e-peen. Keep having fun with the game and you will improve, don't take what is said on here to heart.

Noma da G0D 69 xD

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better than your first one, but if you want some tips use combat stance (double tap c) and turn off adaptive crosshair as Lorax said. Don't use kills where you shoot fresh spawns , or shooting people out of a truck that is not moving 2 feet from you. If you get more cartel kills that would definitely improve your tages as well 

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