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  1. In-Game Name- V3n0M! Age- 33 Arma Hours(Screenshot)- HOURS Banked Money- 20+ Mil Have you ever been Banned?- Yes.. Been a couple years since Current/Past Gangs- Peach Cartel, Dark horse, Team Berry, Velocity, Evil Corp, Instinct.. Probably forgetting 1-2 Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- Just looking to have some fun.. Doing a bit of everything with the homies
  2. Post the crash report. Might get better luck if we could see what is causing the issue.
  3. I should be working.. but Baseball, Facebook, Asylum, Coffee. Priorities!
  4. Shit.. My old ass is in for a Coffee mug..
  5. White listed Medic Execution will need to be removed, or make it so you'll need a skinning knife to Execute someone NVM, i already know medic is coming
  6. C'mon, everyone knows that kinda push needs to be on a wireless connection with QoS set to 1% Priority while downloading porn
  7. V3n0M!

    asylum cops suck

    It all depends on the age of the player.. most younger players are toxic and get butt hurt easily.. It comes with the generation. Assuming you RP for my gear I will probably drop it unless the first words out of your mouth is "Drop your gear"
  8. Why is your avatar a picture of Ollie hahahaha
  9. Back after a year. I must say I like what i see. Without Suggestions we have no new content. Besides the server being fixed I'd like to see a few changes. 1. Fed: besides the gates fixed. Fix NW Deer stand and remove wire.. This will help alot of gangs counter Cops coming in thru north so easily.. I can flash 2 spots as of right now and be in north deer stand 2. Decrease the amount of time needed to process legal goods (needs talent?) 3. Increase the amount of time someone can revive you to 7.5 Minutes 4. Increase the amount of time needed to execute someone. Requires skinning knife. Purchasable at rebel obviously.. 5. Increase odds of waking up in hospital when someone executes you. Requires secondary talent. 6. Remove one of the Hydrogen Sulfates on the western side of map and replace it with a Coal Mine, take the Coal and Process it at a Coal crushing plant into Fine Coal, then sold to a power plant. 7. Medics should be paid similar to the way delivery missions are paid out With a base price of $1500, then receive a bonus for EA km traveled.. 8. Increase Delivery Mission payout. Requires 15 seconds for processing 9. Wong’s Kitchen.. Allow Turtle meat to be Processed into turtle soup, Once Processed you receive "Turtle Soup" which will sell somewhere in the range of 15-30% more than the current turtle meat prices. 10. Turf/Cartel Flags will mechanically Lower/Raise every 10%. 11. Able to Craft Scopes. Requires Glass, and Metal Sheet or Iron of some sort... @utilize420 12. Scotch needs to be fixed. There really isn’t much risk to it at all. No Reward for cops either.. I think the price is on par. But the risk/price ratio isn’t there. 13. Add Dildo Backpack 14. Cartel Bets: V3n0M makes a bet against Player 2 in the amount of $50,000, Location: Staka, Distance from Center: 2.0KM Time Remaining: 30 Minutes. (Example) Must go to rebel to initiate a Bet. Challenge can be accepted anywhere. Should you get a bounty for illegal betting? (Not a Stackable offense for obvious reasons) 1 and done? best of 3? The bets should be made between 2 players. If I kill Player 2, I win all. If I don't kill Player 2 or Player 2 does not kill V3n0M the funds will be returned.
  10. Step 1: Set Fov to 60 Step 2: Find head glitch rock 600M out Step 3: Load Lethals
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