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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. Dont you only get rubber from running ocean oil? Id imagine that wouldnt be as much as if it counted ground oil
  3. I think we proved that model doesnt work here lol
  4. Sir I hate Kavala thank you very much
  5. You should be
  6. >Farming for likes
  7. That is not a reason to not do something. The cops should be patrolling the entire island.
  8. Deflecting on the fact that your friends used the hacked money? No room for logic here, stupid people did stupid things. I dont even have words for how stupid this comment really is.
  9. Im honestly baffled people thought it was ok to use the hacked money and are mad they got into shit for it.
  10. Who could say no to fridge rubbers?
  11. Ha. I think 7.62 should be a marksman slot limited to 3 (SGT+). I highly doubt anyone needs to use an alt account to vote on this, pretty much no one liked the fridge when it came out, and the only people that will support it now are going to be rats that were not around prior or trolls.
  12. Its not even close to a defib, you die again after like 5 minutes.
  13. Wow why do people like Mitch so much Clint would vote for himself
  14. You literally just said Oylmpus has a great medic system.... The ONLY reason its a good system is because players dont have defibs (unless that's changed recently, which I doubt)
  15. Only issue I see with this particular thing is storing all those items and the moving parts will almost certainly destroy the servers performance