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  1. I mean like 3/4ths of the LTs in the 5 years I have been here probably couldnt pass a ride along
  2. Crunchy is far superior
  3. I do drug busts every day, we just arnt shitbags like the people you play with obviously.
  4. I was able to cap one cartel and when I went to the next I had to relog. Bit odd.
  5. Its ok Mitch, being a good guy is why we love you
  6. Quiet shitter
  7. I dont believe increasing price would change the meta tbh. They right around 17-23k on cop and pretty much everyone still buys them.
  8. If you choose to spend 10-12k on a load out that is a personal decision, you are given significantly cheaper options. How about you just make a car drive slower if its over storage capacity? And to be perfectly frank, I have NEVER seen a cop roll in during a fire fight, take the drugs out of a car and drive off, not once in the 5ish years I have been here. Ive seen them do it before this change and the drugs poof into the air, but never with the new system. The qilin is broken as fuck, no matter how much you want to pretend its not. Literally everyone uses that or a prowler if on cop. Maybe we just need to remove both vehicles all together?
  9. Someone locks me in a house and leaves Imma alt+f4 sorry. It may be light RP, but there is still RP in there.
  10. Am I? Or can I shoot you from literally a hundred meters away while standing inside town? Hell I used to own the house near Athira drug dealer just to kill kids, steal there drugs and sell that at my leisure, and if the one in Sophia wasnt owned I have it too.
  11. Only issue I have with reducing jail time instead of bail is it completely removes the bail all together. There is no risk of going to jail at any price because you can just press plates for 5 minutes and be done. Unless the amount of time reduced it in conjunction with the bail itself it would be counter intuitive to the prison system. I get no one wants to go to jail, but there also needs to be legit punishment for breaking the laws as well.
  12. So basically if someone runs drugs in a bigger vehicle its impossible to seize tho items? There is no way they will ever make hemmts, zammaks, or box trucks available to every officer. It would not be a fun event at all... Cops win a fire fight just to get fucked by some jackass camping the gates at HQ? No thanks. The server already tells you drugs have been seized giving people an idea whats going on, if you want to rob them you need to use reason and deduction to find it. Shouldnt be gifted to you on a silver platter. How do you get "cheaper" loadouts? They're free or like 2k. There is really nothing wrong with the process as it is now. Even if a cop takes your shit you get it back if you win the fight. There does need to be some risk, all these suggestions basically remove all the risk from the civs.