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  1. I have to disagree, I expected BS from a small indie company, I did not expect it from the Fallout staff tho. I file it at number 2
  2. Bamf and Gnashes were not employees they were volunteers.... That said I love all the insider information that everyone has. Its very interesting to know how everything works, and even more interesting to learn that information from people with zero connection.
  3. If only that was the actual timeline tho
  4. Calm down keyboard warrior.
  5. Identity has actually be in development far less than 4 years. It was released as a concept and then they started to interview, hire, find an actual office and get to work. In reality its much less time than that... But you know facts are irrelevant. And lets be honest, asking that question on this forum is useless, everyone here just wants a chance to take more swipes at the people here.
  6. You been here 10 minutes, lets not pretend you know shit about what Motown did or did not do. As far as OP goes, Im sure leaving your country, family, and friends behind was not easy. He most likely found a good job in the US and no longer has to pay a shit ton of taxes. lol
  7. This is no different than companies releasing a demo, which happens all the time. Arma is also a "finished" product. Its simply not gone very well after the developer change.
  8. Saying that its only a portion of the games makes even more sense there would be issues... Fallout76 Initial open drop was god awful as well, and look at what company put that out. The only downfall of the Identity staff was giving hard release dates. If they never said it would be out on a given date everyone would just be waiting for it like they do with all other games, that said I am not sure Rockstar has ever released a game when they said they would, everyone one of theirs is delayed 6-18 months and they have way more staff and way more resources. No one here wants to put shit into perspective tho, yall want to just bash and bash and make shit up to make it look worse.
  9. I mean, is it possible to not be stable with 20 people online? lol
  10. You're not wrong.
  11. Did people really expect a closed alpha to be perfect? I get that everyone here absolutely hates Asylum and sticks around just to be assholes, but UI bugs, collision issues, falling thru the map, there are all very common issues you see in the initial release of a game. Alot of shit comes to the front when its more than 5 devs in the game working on something. I personally expected issues, and Im sure others did as well, they just like to be assholes about everything.
  12. Imma be honest, someone falling thru the map is not something I would even be posting as being an issue. Its a very common issue in a ton of games....
  13. Servers are empty enough
  14. lol that alt account tho