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  1. Lets farm the rest of that classified gear @Mitch (IFRIT)
  2. Sometimes you get random ass scroll wheels. I once escorted someone while on the bottom floor on bank who was on roof trying to get his restrained friend.
  3. Wouldnt be surprised if it ended in DQ
  4. It would make sense that helis only spawned at air HQ
  5. not personally you but the collective of the player base...
  6. They even fix jail time yet? Nothing screams RP than your time resetting every time the server shits itself.
  7. Because you do it once and people will just keep kidnapping you over and over. The real question is why should cops RP when you dont?
  8. Even if the cap were removed at this point i doubt it would matter, i feel its probably pretty low on the issues list at this point. What is it at this point? 15?
  9. If a game is dying people will flock to the stable servers remaining. Its not a conspiracy that Arma has lost a huge chunk of its player base, you can look up those numbers. Servers started taking a shit when Paratus left and new coders started working on things. I believe Steve is correct, there is some insignificant line of code fucking everything over.
  10. That guild is harmless
  11. Nothing to tell, atleast I know im bad.
  12. If you need a walker we can start a gofundme bud
  13. Fix the bug with jail time resetting please @bamf
  14. Fair enough.
  15. Cops kills are way to easy lol