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  1. HotWings


    Dredd realized just how much of a meme the APD really is lol
  2. HotWings

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Its almost like the people abusing it could be punished or something.
  3. HotWings

    Bounty hunter shop for Therisa

    The admins can also tell the captains they're stupid and remove ridiculous policy.
  4. HotWings

    Bounty hunter shop for Therisa

    Yet cops cant go there lewl
  5. HotWings

    Fix the fed

    Im confused at how jumping on a car is exploiting...
  6. HotWings

    Removal of Qulins & Prowlers

    No one has ever cared about you tho
  7. HotWings

    Turf Respawn Poll

    That moment when people are crying about how the poll isnt giving them what they want after previously crying about devs should listen to polls more. Priceless.
  8. HotWings

    Medic System

    99,9% sure that is already a thing.
  9. HotWings

    Is downing script still broken/messed up?

    I thought you fixed this and it was implemented ages ago?
  10. HotWings

    Global bans are going out.

    Call me crazy, but why would you have anti cheat enabled on a private server you intend to cheat on? Seems pretty stupid.
  11. HotWings

    Discrimination against Jihads!

    Good one kid, Im so glad this community is filled with quality people like yourself.
  12. HotWings

    Discrimination against Jihads!

    Good luck getting your gang name back I guess... Yall should stop going full retard...
  13. HotWings

    Discrimination against Jihads!

    Yikes, sorry I got a life and didnt want to dedicate 60 hours a month to shit lead APD leadership team.
  14. HotWings

    Discrimination against Jihads!

    I driven around in a lot of vehicles with alot of people, that is kind of a requirement being a SGT....