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  1. So I was playing strife today after the hotfix, and I was on opfor when the game ended. Now every time I try to play blufor I get this message even though the map was conquered? @bamf
  2. Does this mean when I re-arm my wipeout/other jets it will come with the laser marker now instead of getting rid of it?
  3. What the fuck is this, a milsim server?
  4. you have to some what know what your doing to be good with a jet, they are perfectly balanced and strife should stay how it is.
  5. All of my drug running days came in handy
  6. -1 single kill montage
  7. Please don't tell me you used a clip of you killing @Tom while he was treating himself.
  8. IQ

    Am I smart yet?
  9. I'm glad to know that you stoped playing strife because of stuff on Altis life STRIFE > Discussion
  10. Casual.
  11. Not sure if you know but there is something called contesting the cartel?
  12. And why are you using the record feature instead of just always having replay on?
  13. I got baited into watching some weaboo trying to control the elements
  14. You gonna do something about these true kick flipping skills @Shaq Daddy
  15. Why are you posting a alrp montage on the asylum forums, everyone is trash anyways on there.