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  1. Sorry to tell ya bud but the best rp you get on this server is hands up or die
  2. I don't even know what forums those are but k.
  3. I wonder what you searched to find the picture
  4. Were you in the freezer again?
  5. @Reapered is it against the rules to vest a event after it finished and you are initiated
  6. You would obviously have more vouches if "your members kept telling me to apply", or just by members you mean two?
  7. But the cop montages :*(
  8. So is looking through walls with lean/alt considered exploiting and can you get banned for it?
  9. -1 single kill montage
  10. Please don't tell me you used a clip of you killing @Tom while he was treating himself.
  11. IQ

    Am I smart yet?
  12. Casual.
  13. Not sure if you know but there is something called contesting the cartel?