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  1. I am not banned so you already know DD winning gang wars 8, we going out with a bang.
  2. @Peter Long You should do a Olympus money for Asylum transfer transaction, with a fee of course.
  3. Dude you need to hurry up and try to get admin back on Olympus... This shits going down hill brother do not waste ur time xd
  4. I need to start getting some recognition for all these god damn clips I am in.
  5. Hey @bamf I tried to donate to the community goals this month but it just keeps telling me there is a minimum of $1.00 donations. Any way we can get that lifted?
  6. Don't forget this one even though it has nothing to do with Identity.
  7. Gotta do what I gotta do since u kicked me from the roster to suck off @AndrewFam
  8. Gang Wars 6 You guys tell me what you think about these brackets I thought they would be decent. (If you have any changes you'd like to see lemme know.)
  9. If I get less than 15 kills in gang wars I will retire from PC Gaming. Easy Comp
  10. I believe DS is considered a Gaming Guild, no? If I am wrong please correct me. @DS_Billy
  11. I believe @Alec-I used to own this house and sold it to @Smee. he will sell it 2 u for the right price.
  12. #TryHard4CM
  13. The Crimson Chin
  14. No Flame <3