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  1. Me and @Marzoh literally kill the entire DS gang on a daily basis for fun
  2. Just bought this bad boy, can't wait to ride her around.
  3. Aren't you the kid that got demoted from Corporal for sexual roleplaying with a little kid?
  4. The first video posted by a DS member that didn't make me cringe at least once.
  5. I really got montaged when sitting inside a car outside of HQ afk...
  6. The Crimson Chin
  7. Best montage to date.
  8. You guys act as if someone cheating in Asylum still matters.
  9. Love you my middle eastern Katheeri breading brother. Got to add me on snapchat or something so we can stay in contact. :')
  10. Sike got yall, add me on Tarkov though @Tyrese
  11. A true asylum legend.
  12. Most retarded thing I've ever read, someone please hide this.