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  1. There ya go, I fixed it!
  2. Congratulations!
  3. I think they're gonna work on the core servers before venturing off again. I feel like Strife was a last ditch effort at keeping people around but it was poorly maintained/balanced so they scrapped it. However, I would love to see it come back so.... +1
  4. Oh okay, I thought that perhaps because there wasn't a contract of any sort, he would be protected against legal action... At this point however, bring down the hammer... I thought Windmere was a pretty cool guy and I enjoyed playing with him, but at this point, screw him... Also, hey Gnashes, long time no see
  5. Is it possible to even to bring legal action against him?
  6. I would suggest a thorough cleaning of the device before further troubleshooting...
  7. Congratulations to all the new support staff, good luck and God bless
  8. Haha, good one
  9. No, this is the Krusty Krab
  10. Gnashes who?
  11. Who's there?
  12. So you combat logged?
  13. Good luck with your future endeavors and farewell. Despite all the strife and hard times that have befallen on this community, you've stuck it out and gave it your all. While I've moved away from this community, this was, and still is a place that I devoted hundreds, almost a thousand hours into. Once again, good luck and goodbye and thank you for everything! <3 Congratulations to @BaDaBiNg_10-8and @Clint Beastwood, good luck with your new community, I can't wait to see what you both bring
  14. I've noticed two things, one, that was a pretty nice shot! Two, an APB worth $999,999... da fuck?