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  1. Suddenly when the tables have turned, the salt spills out...
  2. You're from Jersey... uh oh
  3. And you probably pay less than we do!!!
  4. This is the best I can do... considering my Asylum wallet is only $83,000
  5. Wind ruins the use of smoke grenades and if it's not in your favour, it's not going to be a very good day. Granted, wind occurs in real life and there isn't shit we can do about it but I don't want some random RNG roll determining if my smoke grenade plums or literally coats the grass in a knee high cloud of smoke... As for rain, it was okay and welcome but driving at night with night vision almost felt like entering and exiting hyperspace from the white lines of rain coming towards your screen. As for fog, I've never really dealt with it so I can't offer my opinion on that.
  6. The car is still there to this day, it has become an Altis Airport monument
  7. You knew it was coming! That's not fair, inside job Gnashes!!!
  8. A test server might pull a lot of players away from the main servers which might cause some problems
  9. Damn, @Maxime, think you could top this? Also, what gear are you wearing, is that part of that free DLC that came out with the backpack?
  10. It all boils down to we want $25,000 per hostage etc. No one wants to give out money because that's not creative and just makes people continue to do it more and more as they know they'll get paid for kidnapping a bunch of people. We try to do it creative, an off-road with the lights on and filled to the brim with doughnuts and coffee. The more creative the demands, the more creative the response. When a person just limits the life of a Kavalan to $25,000 or else they'll get their brains splattered on the wall or drowned in the ocean, 9 times out of 10, you're going to be out of a bullet or having to walk to the pier. You reap what you sow, and we put in what the situation owes
  11. Flying in the air is pretty good cover, no one is expecting that
  12. Welcome to Asylum where integrity has been left outside to rot
  13. I didn't even realize that, that made me smile =D
  14. Oh I know but I've never had a problem with you Kettles, ^-^ we've always had a good time together and I missed playing with the good Tunnel Snake players
  15. Meh, doesn't bother me to be quite honest, rather be transparent with people.