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  1. I don't know if I'm ready for that type of commitment... maybe dinner first ❤
  2. What I enjoy doing is patrolling with my handgun and keeping my rifle in the car until a situation arises where I need it.
  3. I sat in the waitlisting room for 5 minutes, then @xmod interviewed me! Good old APD, prompt and thorough!
  4. Phenomenal work, the music is perfect for the video! AWESOME!
  5. Emma

    Sit Alec

    Ultimate skeet shooting
  6. Asylum already had insurance prior to the release of 6.0 and functioned in a similar nature to this except users would pay slightly more money for insured vehicles. The idea of a mechanic shop serves no purpose because it creates an environment where you can be slightly less careless with your vehicles and the resulting consequences of said carelessness are diminished. There also exists the satisfaction of shooting down a helicopter, watching it explode, and realizing that the pilot is out quite a bit of money as they have to buy a brand new chopper
  7. Where is @Maxツ when you need him, he did such an awesome job creating cinematic trailers ^-^ Good luck to anyone who enters, if you want, definitely check out his YouTube channel. Max has created really awesome and very well edited videos
  8. It is CPT+ so I think we'll rarely see it because 7.62 rains supreme... Asylum isn't a game of suppressing fire but quick and coordinated single, accurate shots. The only place it might be good in is in Kavala to deal with the rats
  9. an APD corporal who happened to be on and wanted to explore the prison
  10. Remember the original prison before everything was changed? It's basically that set up with a few buildings and walls set up. @HomeUserand myself explored it today, you can also get inside the prison and mess around
  11. I've was already a corporal but left the server a few months after, I'm here to play for fun, not to fulfill a monthly requirement that yields nothing
  12. Did you just declare the first Asylum Crusade? Uh oh...
  13. Meh, I'm happy, I don't see the reason why you felt it necessary to bring that up but whatever makes you feel better
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