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  1. I like this idea, it's kind of obvious what someone would be doing in the area but cool nonetheless!
  2. I was four years old at the time and in preschool. My mom picked my brother and myself from school because my dad's department in Springfield, New Jersey was deployed to Staten Island to man the fire stations because the firefighters there were called to the towers. He was gone for three days and my mom was a total wreck, that's what I remember the most... #NeverForget
  3. Your body reached 231 kph... this looks like an excellent start to Altis' Space Agency
  4. You didn't hit a bush and a tree, you hit the ground... a helicopter's worse enemy... when landing sideways
  5. That chopper tried to nope the fuck out of there to no avail... that's why you check the HQ before landing...
  6. Gets killed by the fire... RIP
  7. @BishopActual You should honestly take up political journalism or something of that nature, holy shit... While I haven't read your entire column nor will I as I've given up on this community as a whole, but as a writer myself, hot damn, you can be a little over the top and you beat around the bush in a similar fashion similar to that of a Wall Street journalist but you still convey your point
  8. This has been locked - IFRIT Mitch
  9. Arma in a nutshell...
  10. I love the two bridges idea, it was a shooting gallery in the old days trying to cross the fucking bridge. The only problem is the sand bags as 7.62 can easily penetrate sandbags while the smaller calibers cannot making it very one sided. This needs to be the new but old prison!
  11. I love this idea! It will definitely require a lot of work for the player to prove their actions but still a lot of fun
  12. only reason I said that was because it looked like the tags were the same next to their names in the chat feed
  13. You killed your own gang member? Still fucking awesome though!
  14. Make sure the cops are with you during the robbery, they're excellent help
  15. Being a cunt is easy, going through this however, isn't. Its easy for simple minded people to lack all human decency when it comes to people's happiness. I've given up trying to educate people because when a person will quickly close their doors when their beliefs are challenged or proved incorrect