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  1. Make sure the cops are with you during the robbery, they're excellent help
  2. Being a cunt is easy, going through this however, isn't. Its easy for simple minded people to lack all human decency when it comes to people's happiness. I've given up trying to educate people because when a person will quickly close their doors when their beliefs are challenged or proved incorrect
  3. This is a story that we already know the ending to
  4. Stop following me with ya ugly ass

  5. Too bad you're not hitting them and like normal "family fun" games, they're diving out of the way
  6. Fucking Boehemia... I guess shooting yourself in the foot is fun
  7. The rope didn't break...
  8. It's a bird, it's a plane, nope, it's a VDM
  9. Comp request denied, should have bought a parachute
  10. The Crypto-craze has driven the price of hardware through the roof, like Kettles said, building a PC at this time is not advisable...
  11. OMG the fact that Penguin was able to use the launchpad a millisecond before it all went to shit and survive was awesome
  12. Can we have some backstory?
  13. Whatever floats your boat
  14. For anyone interested in the IdentityRPG or with game design in general, I think you would enjoy to watch the IdentityRPG Twitch channel. I was just watching Jade design a room and it's really cool to see the process of how it's done and how meticulously crafted each piece is. The link is below: https://www.twitch.tv/identityrpg