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  1. How much DLC will be involved in such an update?
  2. Sorry about that, I fixed it
  3. That's a shame, seeing this really shows that what started off as a fun project among friends has turned into a chore and when people ask to help, their request gets put on the back log and ignored... I hate to see this community disappear, but it seems to be inching closer and closer to the end... also, howdy Windmere, long time no speak
  4. Yeah, despite Gnashes being gone for a few months, his rank was recently just changed
  5. I only talked to Gnashes once, he was an extremely intelligent person and really funny, I hope whatever he's off doing now is bringing him joy. I don't see how as banning people for various reasons was his specialty
  6. Hahahahahaha, I love this community
  7. How, hopefully this page will be a little more orthodox... In New Jersey, any type of carrying, open (illegal) or concealed (extremely hard to obtain a permit) is frowned upon so I'm forced to carry a knife to defend myself when I'm more well versed and trained in hand guns
  8. Are you referencing Ghost Hotel?
  9. I'm in the same boat, it looks fun and it has the Fallout feel to it, but I don't know, it just seems to ambitious, especially for Bethesda... guess we'll see soon
  10. That should buff out...
  11. Why do they always jump off the Police HQ? Do they expect us to stop them?
  12. This actually made me a little emotional, Asylum brought so many great people together and despite all its bullshit, it truly is an amazing community <3 Good luck in your future endeavors and farewell
  13. Surprise!
  14. We all know what I look like... I ain't sharing my photos though with any of you...