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  1. You did what now???
  2. Once Dokkaebi s fully implemented, any Valk cameras placed in the OBJ room while I'm defending will be promptly riddled with bullets
  3. #SqueakerPatrol!
  4. I hope this isn't too late, I understand that most of the former development team, Alan and Paratus have devoted their time to Identity because let's be honest, that game is their own IP and has a chance of being successful if they do everything right... anyhoot, I'm afraid that their absence and the lack of content might drive players away from both this community, most recently, a well known member, Google left and that's pretty serious. Veteran players are packing their bags and going to other servers and that might trickle down into purchasing Identity itself, why invest in a game when the devs of the Asylum servers jumped ship after the next up and coming thing. It could be viewed as a vicious cycle of repetition that might taint the reputation of Asylum Entertainment, even before their first big release. Unfortunately, players ask for the world when it comes to ArmA Asylum, they want new this and new that but new content is hard to add when the map size limits you. Altis isn't New York City and you don't want hundreds of locations stack upon one another as it causes more problems and then solves the few that cry for more rebel locations and more cartel locations. Granted, small updates, periodically, with tiny fixes wouldn't exactly freshen up the game itself, but make people release that, "Hey, they do give a shit about Joe Blow's request to add this in, and the idea he proposed gained a lot of support and they implemented it in, wonder what I should request?" While development teams don't hire people with the simple job title of "Idea person," this community is full of them, and some might even have the ability to offer their talents to implement some of the ideas they ask for. The bottom line is this, I don't want Asylum to burn their bridges by abandoning the project that bought the community together, full of hyper active squeakers and people who can snipe my ass from across the map (Fuck all you bastards by the way). We're friends, we're enemies, we're that awkward stage in between where you don't know if you want to kick someone's head in or give them a hug... That's all, I just hope now, that if this fix works and BattleEye unfucks itself, I hope to see new content, even if it's small updates here and there. A new gun, some new clothing, small scripts or this and that, new locations that may be reworked and tweaked, just something that says, "Hey, we didn't forget all of you and take your money to help pay for the servers and the upcoming Identity release. Toodles!
  5. Good luck, long life, see you in Identity
  6. Yikes...
  7. I thought it was #254535678727138785413? Guess I must have over counted...
  8. "Paratus... I haven't heard that name in 15 years... when I was a wee lad. It's an old story, full of heartbreak and sorrow. Death and chaos, a tale without an ending, not happy nor sad." *sips coffee* "Perhaps one day, that story will have an end..."
  9. What's an update?
  10. If you encounter an RDMer or anyone breaking server rules, you aren't going to arrest his ass. That fucker is going to ALT - F4 the moment you down him, and/or put restraints on him.
  11. You're not in a sense, locked to one server, you're just unable to use the Precincted slots on other servers. So I can be a corporal on Server 1, use the designated slots, etc. However, I am allowed to go on to server 2-4 if I so choose, I just lose those special slots
  12. Not for nothing, I like this! #Durga4Developer
  13. I have about 50/50 depending on the time of day, also, it seems pretty easy to get someone's IP address now a days, but to be safe, post a picture of a gun that you own so people know not to fuck with you!
  14. Welcome to EU Ethernet!
  15. Whoops...