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  1. 5 dollars, and please stop roach people at Fed with RPG and SUI.
  2. Feel bad for Cbakes
  3. Love u Boby, hope u better
  4. I got some on S3
  5. that Pepsi man exploit in to the Fed everyday, and his friend only know RDM lol. And close the Police gate
  6. nice video
  7. Is that DS in Kavala?
  8. Chow Mein more like 草莽
  9. He tried best he can already
  10. massage me the price
  11. I got 4 scotch house on P3 houses on those marker, all is 3 crates
  12. tell me when u want higher then 800k lol
  13. I got a laka check point shed on 1