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  1. Uhmm about 20 people even when hit 57 downtown kav was getting around 49 fps.
  2. Running so much better thanks @bamf still notice the de-sync at the 20 min mark but getting the huge fps bump
  3. I can see applying a new helicopter for medic's i would cough up any price getting shot out in humming bird is not fun. And maybe add last talent so no new medics can just come in and buy it or have enough rep? forgot what it was called.
  4. 200k
  5. Huge Lawsuit.
  6. Greetings! Wondering since the release of Rebel Tree and since Rebel's have the ability of 25% increase of defib & blood bag what are percentage for medics? At times I see cops barely touching people and the dead are up and some are healed thus I'm twiddling my thumbs or getting run over my car lol. Should Medics get extra boost to heal those in need? And would you like to see more than one hospital? I sure would most def. till then see you ya'll on the flip side - Russell
  7. Selling drugs in bulk does not give max infamy, sell it in singles.
  8. In Fresno Ca I really don't remember a time I was glued to the tv for few hours. I believe we are in end times and can't wait till i see my Father.
  9. Status?
  10. ohh my still learning lawl
  11. Amen, sure a lot of players have been here for a bit when used to hit the space bar trying to get in but i'm having a blast! have a slow comp saving funds for better one making friends keeping head up when people say this server is dead well i try and grab them and do something and works out in the long run and have a good time and all even if its playing medic even i love being a medic.
  12. Is Side channel built on server side? or client side? Has any other votes or talks about removing side channel? At times I see cry fest back and forth like barrens chat in wow you can hide that out. Just wondering.
  13. it's a shed though
  14. I'll try to hang around Pygros a little more as medic i'm on s1 a lot from 6pm-10pm ish