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  1. Cya

  2. I know you can wear re-breather from diving shop as a medic least now that gives some armor.
  3. Phones lol all that money wasted when you can use simple stamp, or email.
  4. JSRS here is the link
  5. I remember in the summer people dropping parcel boxes middle of Kavala square and the road.
  6. My Christmas list not your's
  7. Ohh gotcha guess we need to patrol down there more often.
  8. Webel aka rebel life would like to see more drug zones not less.
  9. My Christmas wish is to see APD HQ in Therisa And add two drug zones.
  10. 25 bux coming Friday.
  11. This is awesome thanks again @bamf And i never been inside the jury thingy haha just heard so much about it. P.S. Is there a way to have your Prestige "Show earned in Chat Box?" Like Infamy does?
  12. As far as i know same on s1
  13. Any chance fixing the Governor and Jury system @bamf
  14. I say it again I learned a lot from Metal thanks mang, for teaching me some pointers.