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    <13:08:45> "ron": your pic is when you killed me with the green suit? <13:08:48> "ron": wow <13:09:16> Chat partner has closed the conversation
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  1. Cassandra still in the square lol
  2. Russell*

    Drunk Squad prison....what could go wrong.

    "Was Watching NASCAR!" lol
  3. Russell*

    Sidechat Idea..

    When you see chat flooding you know school is out.
  4. Russell*

    Change Log 8.3.1

    Kavala HQ Oil Rig
  5. Russell*

    Make the new weapons craftable

    Tear Gas "Toxic Gas Grenades" https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216514-toxic-gas-grenades/
  6. Russell*

    [2/14] Server Adjustments - Need Stressing

    Takes a bit for Gametracker to sync.
  7. Russell*

    father frantic says goodbye

    In two years should be outside with VR gear lol
  8. Russell*

    Our very own Kavala DJ

    okie daddy
  9. Russell*

    Change Log 8.3.1

    You can't pick up any more than five Your Suspect is 17,000m away Your Suspect is in Cartel with eight people around them. Your in Luck Suspect spotted in Theresa
  10. Russell*

    Our very own Kavala DJ

    i told him hands up or die due to i didn't like his choice of profanity of music so i threw a nade, then he rdmed me by throwing one back after 10 min. gg
  11. Russell*

    Who else is ready for the free weekend!

    Rolling medic tonight haha
  12. Russell*

    Traffic Cameras

    ok? Career Civilian
  13. Russell*

    Traffic Cameras

    I can see this in city's.
  14. Russell*

    How To Fix Teamspeak

    yeah had to go slow for me lol slow poke hahah thanks man props @william
  15. Russell*

    How To Fix Teamspeak

    Get permissions for discord @Dull