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  1. thx ill be the very best captain i wont let you down like i let down my mother.
  2. i love the cartel shark, i bet u made some people salty lol.
  3. @Alec-I 9/10 the only thing that could make this better is if del the gamer was in it. great cinematography my man.
  4. dont listen to the haters they just sit at a cartel and circle jerk. but overall id say this was a good montage, good idea for an intro and nice shots. but if you want to make it better in my opinion just pick your music so you can time the cuts between clips with the beats, it'll make it feel more smooth.
  5. its at least 40-50k so worth
  6. ill give you my entire bank account.
  7. sorry about your thread @Cadet imma stop now
  8. you got me with the clickbait title mason, shame on you. #metoo
  9. can't* if you're gonna be a grammar nazi at least spell your posts right.
  10. talking to you makes me 'loose' brain cells so kinda my mind is going a little wonky.
  11. but if were bringing up old videos heres one of my favorites
  12. you whip this video out every time you loose an argument with ds so to be honest i think its pretty funny.
  13. crunched's to do list exposed
  14. seems like it is tho since you watched it