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  1. @Crunchedd you better watch out, having mason with you is bad luck. every vehicle he enters spontaneously combusts.
  2. mason. bro. this hurt my feelings, so many orcas dead. i should call peta, they'll take care of those few remaining orcas in your garage for sure. #savetheorcasfrommason
  3. thats how i get all my kills
  4. we road to rebel like valiant knights but our steeds phased into one another while riding them and we proceeded to explode 1 by 1.
  5. volume slider for a reason my dude
  7. heheeyy i famoooous. dont mess with me and my quads boy
  8. @DS_Billy get out me way m8ty
  9. not impressed. only way to have a good montage is to use sdars and scuba suits. -1
  10. not after this new camera update, i can barley see where im landing when i want to do them spicy landings. hehey thank you my good sir. i gave him warning shots before but they were coming from under the water so those were intended to be more warning shots. I didnt think an sdar would kill him out of the pilot seat lol.
  11. you should of seen the one i did 15 min ago. made 8 people go up in flames lol. thanks for the compliments tho! appreciate it
  12. to be fair the police were shooting at it for a good 8-9 minutes before so maybe the windows were shot out.
  13. alright, i put the ammo there so i wouldn't have to look far to check my ammo or fire rate. i keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback
  14. just like your graphic designs. lol