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  1. this was almost as funny as amy schumer.
  2. @DS_Billy LOOOL
  3. I know right? They can avoid my jeep going like 40 mph but can't avoid my 8 velociraptors when I open the gate. Smh
  4. cool intro
  5. bc i would rather watch 1 kill clips then see you scooting around at 4x speed for a minute and a half
  6. You can hear Billy laughing in the background bc he just rpged their full ifrit right before and then that drop happened lol
  7. yes lets talk, good or bad? cuz i think its absolutely atrocious. i need to up my dpi or something
  8. thanks, it was directed by Michael bay
  9. Made a Montage, Hope you enjoy! some of the clips were filmed with obs so if some clips seem grainy thats why. <3
  10. nice montage j4
  11. yep thats what i do.these ikea desks are huge. perfect for 200 or lower
  12. i got cocky i will admit lol.
  13. mines at 200 maybe ill up it to that and see if i become godly at recoil control.
  14. badabing is salty enough to join envy, i could see it.