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  1. watch out for the second. it comes out when identity does
  2. if i apply do i get to jump around and eat leaves like those fellows just did? if so hmu with that recruitment thread. i love eating leaves.
  3. u make me proud william <3
  4. WHERE IS THE TSWIFT MONTAGE SONG? you disappoint me.
  5. @4:20 "Is that a swastika?! THAT AINT FOR YOU" lolol gg billy
  6. if you did this now you'd be reported for corruption faster than @Dom can shoot with his no recoil scripts.
  7. +1 i want to get shot down by @Defragments 24/7
  8. why is this so large wtf
  9. this is fake news
  10. legit tho try downloading the drivers again.
  11. have you tried turning it on and off again?
  12. my old montages make me cringe because i see how bad i am lol. but they bring back memories :')
  13. he went to the gas station... 15 years ago. he'll be back soon.