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  1. I enjoyed the video and the music it brought back memories tbh...
  2. That was funny to watch man... Took way to many picks and you still didnt get it...
  3. Just wanted to say hi! Havent played in forever but I'm still around on the forums. Like to read up on stuff going on with asylum.
  4. I have not played on these servers in a long time besides just logging in to see how the servers holding up. But this right here was going on back when I was playing a lot. Sadly it seems this has not changed at all (when it comes to the admins). I still like to come on the forums and read what people are posting to see what's going with the server that I "used" to love to come home from work and play on. I think we made a suggestion about the problems with the admins and it was never taken care of before also. Well have a good one, just wanted to drop my 2 cents worth in the pot.
  5. hey at one point I paid my Phone bill with the money I made from Asylum.
  6. So..... If i come back to arma 3 i can rdm and then sing to get unbanned? @Roice
  7. Calm down.... Ur the one asking for a rainbow name.. Im not "calling" you that geez... Im just said i didnt know.. Lol...
  8. I didnt know u swing that way.
  9. Well... I finished putting together my new pc last night and my fps was going all over the place and a cop handcuff me and fired shots at me while he was still in his car lol.. Granted it most likely because of something i did wrong or didnt do after i completed my downlaod or updates idk... Cop blamed it on the server having issues... Just a fyi i was only logging in to test my new pc i put together... @Roice might need ur help tonight since i still feel its not running the way its supposed to run.
  10. Ok i kinda loled at that tbh....
  11. honestly for new people its VERY rough and that's why we don't get people staying on these servers like they used too. But, I'll be totally down to at least show u around to where at least u have a idea about asylum and then you join us on the forums and complain about the admins and such..... you down?
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