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  1. BDO

    never heard of it.. googling now.
  2. I legit tried to smash that bug with my finger....
  3. WoW private server,... um... total war arena.... Warcraft 3 frozen throne (custom games) and... that's kinda about it. what bout u?
  4. hi
  5. the van ladders?
  6. How big are the gangs now?
  7. Fixed it for ya @Clint Beastwood
  8. ty. ill try out a server then.
  9. why wouldn't it be worth it? I enjoy WoW just none of my friends wants to play cuz of the 15per month. I mean I always used my gold to buy game time so I never worried bout it.,.. but I also miss the old days of WoW so I kinda just wanna play with my real life friends and play some of the old xpacs and if its free its even better.
  10. I was just wondering. my friend was talking to me about playing on a WoW private server. Is it free? would my main account get banned?
  11. Wow... turfs owned by The Uninvited this is old. but yea looks like u had fun!
  12. This is what will happen. I've seen cops lethal and NOT revive to make sure u lose ur load out. they be upset they chased u and only got 5k from it.
  13. UM... I think he alrdy enjoyed his stay.
  14. LoL... Told Ya. going back?
  15. Good luck on the report.