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  1. Group cap..
  2. Ok on olympus atm with friends.
  3. What server u play on?
  4. honestly for new people its VERY rough and that's why we don't get people staying on these servers like they used too. But, I'll be totally down to at least show u around to where at least u have a idea about asylum and then you join us on the forums and complain about the admins and such..... you down?
  5. when did this happen?
  6. Ok then. Thats awesome lol... Ive always been tempted to do that.
  7. Did u get to keep ur 50? I know u got out but did u get away totally.
  8. Did u get banned or something?
  9. @bamf any reason the servers keep freezing up?
  10. then I think I did it wrong 5-6 times tonight but then I did it right and got in the end +15k lol.. after a bit of time.. maybe drug runner is not for me... I run out time due to missed landings and then I rush landing and BOOM.... o well... I do enjoy trying tho. Thx for the advice and help. @bamf would still love a extra min or 2.. at least for the smaller runs. the longer runs I always have plenty of time., also may I ask why do I only get paid on the distance of a loaded plane instead of total flying for one job?
  11. So... no way to increase timer a little bit to allow a missed landing?
  12. Could u give me a insight on why the timers for the drug runner?
  13. @bamf Was also wondering if a talent to increase or just increase the timer for the drug runner planes... I like to enjoy my flight tbh.. I used to just cut my engine and glide to take in the view..... @Poseidon who else do I tag?
  14. lol.. 14 cops and 40 civ on s1 atm... decided to check things out but... is the NLR going to be added soon? since it was added to make it seem like a larger force to be reckoned with?
  15. Imo... Olympus is worse about RP then asylum is. Ever tried rp with a cop over there? At least here MOST of the cops wanna rp and lower tickets. From what i have noticed they just have more rules on what you can and can not do.