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  1. I will miss the old man and his rages in game after getting pooped on by a cadet.
  2. I don't think bipods make much of a difference from just pressing c on a wall or whatever.
  3. Perhaps nerfing money making wasn't the move right now. I ran mostly scotch for a long time and I can confirm it's stupid easy money. So I really don't know what the best possible course of action is/was. Though I have more faith in our current devs then the old ones regarding asylums future. Call me an ass kissing mod if you want to but that is my honest opinion.
  4. Can confirm that crafting guns is one of the better ways to make money. It's obviously not as good as meth or scotch but Imo if you do it right it's better then coke.
  5. I really do wonder how people are doing that but I was making about 400-500k every house run when using all four of my houses
  6. Hello old pal, I miss the friends I had in this gang. Nothing will match the rages of salty Connor and Bunni saying coms every two minutes.
  7. I mostly agree with this only because legal money making is mostly ass.
  8. I didn't want to assume you're gender but yes.
  9. Drinking a fuck load of water before you go to bed is the easiest way to prevent a hangover if you ask me. I take it you had none.
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