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  1. I don't speak Spanish so what is there to be understood other then there is a shit load of them?
  2. First off you stole the name of the real MonkeyS. Secondly there shouldn't be a cap for anything in that regard, it was wanted at one point but in the end the group cap is one of the key things that is digging Asylum's grave. Gangs were essentially forced to split up, and the best talent naturally went with the more experienced leaders. Gangs stopped sticking together for any long period of time. Since then there has been an enormous skill gap that developed between the best gang (in terms of skill) and the 2nd or 3rd best gang. That gap at one point was much closer then you might think. You might think that large gangs are destructive, but without experienced gang leaders in the rebel community the new players have literally no one to learn from because the good gangs can't afford to let a noob take up the group slot for a decent player.
  3. First it was ddos then the meme about sfb and Sants. Then it was a Bohemia problem and now it's finally "I don't have the time to pick apart the mission file, but I sure will keep my Developer tag xd."
  4. Arma 3 is EA sports ready, Asylum has been for years. Wyd
  5. When DS gets roasted by their own group (not gang) members
  6. Did you try port forwarding yet?
  7. It's better then your other montages yung xehons.
  8. The likelihood of insurance being added back in is slim, and even if they did add it back in it I imagine it would be the old insurance system asylum had which really was not all that cool. To pull an insured Orca it would cost 20k (200k back when it was in the game/pre 6.0) pulling a hemmt box as insured would cost like 8k. So it would be cool but not that cool. If the vehicle gets chopped or seized you still lose it. When specifically talking about orcas the price of them should be no higher at any point in time for any reason above 45k. They are paper and over the course of time Bohemia has made them worse and worse. It seems like the devs still think they are flying tanks when that's just not the case at all anymore. They are no where near combat viable like they once were. At one point if you shot the pilot out of a moving orca it was like winning the lottery. As cool as a war point shop would be, I doubt we will ever see it. Bamf wants people to make money primarily through running drugs, and he doesn't want you to be able to financially support yourself/purchase load outs with war points by fighting other gangs. I'm not saying I agree with him but I think the reasoning goes something like this. Bamf wants people to be on an even playing field. Running drugs doesn't necessarily take skill but instead more or less patience and time. However getting war kills or kills at cartels does often times take skill. In other words, if this system was implemented people could be "rich" with war points and effectively not have to run drugs. This would leave the less skilled people in the dust and the better players would be on top in more ways then one.
  9. I liked it a lot tbh
  10. I think port forwarding and wiping his computer are the only 2 things he has not tried xd
  11. In the event the servers worked, say 95 percent of the time under high player stress I'd be happy to play with the game in its current state.
  12. Wiping the ban list entirely will not be good. There are way too many skids that would be script killing everyone, but I'll assume you were talking about the few people that have been banned for either 3rd parties or the occasional perm that was truly unjust. I think if you unbanned Tiger, Jwilly, Aidzo, etc you would only be helping so much. Most of those guys don't have interest in Arma anymore. A lot of good things have happened to Asylum in the last few months, the only thing that I wish was different is that it all happened at the very latest this time last year. However if you unbanned those people who have been wrongfully banned (I'm not necessarily talking about 3rd parties we all know there are people who are permed and should not be, they are just far and few in between. Above all else the one way I will compare Asylum to Olympus is when we are talking about server performance. If Poseidon or just someone (who fucking cares at this point who it is) fixes the last bit of script inefficiencies within the mission Asylum has a much better chance. I like the Rebel Talent Tree, I think it's a great addition to Asylum but again, this should have happened last year. Aside from additional Development work, what Asylum could use is a honest and unbiased as possible admin/Dev/whatever to decide who is cheating in game and who is not. People have been 3rd partied in the past and frankly I don't think they were cheating I don't expect them to get unbanned, however to prevent future issues someone who TRULY understands the combat in Arma and the way the game works should be appointed to this position. I'm not saying he should have a fascist-like rule over the decision but there are a handful of admins that are frankly bad (I'm not saying I'm a legend) and they have the power to ban people without definitive evidence.
  13. The devs look at our ideas?
  14. Why am I not surprised
  15. I don't think people take the time to chop small cop vehicles most of the time because they wanna kill the cops and bail before another wave comes in. However when fighting other gangs you got time to do whatever you want so you could blow them up or you could chop them. Also consider that as a civ your loadout costs at least twice as much. Imagine if you lost 25k+ your loadout like 2-4 times in a day. The average player wont have the money to keep up with that in my opinion.