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  1. I'd be all for it. I've also suggested that robbing the fed when there is 20 cops on should be more profitable then when there is 10 cops on.
  2. The second option would be ridiculous, part of the reason asylum still has the population and loyal players that it has is defibs. I promise you, if you nerf that any further then you have over the years. Asylums players are loyal to the community but only to a point. No one has asked for this from what I seen and if you implement that you will shovel that last bit of dirt to fill up Asylums grave.
  3. I feel like HVT would be needed as it is now if there was no group cap. 25 cops vs. 15 rebels especially considering the cops have the upper hand at the hq is kinda backwards for the cops to hvt the rebels if you ask me.
  4. That's why I feel like HVT should not be a thing at all. It basically limits the ability for people to save their gang members to only a suicide vest.
  5. Sometimes I stare at a blank Asylum's forums text box trying to think about how I could rant about the problems in this community, but that sums it up in literally two sentences. I've been playing on this German exile server and I think they are doing so well because they listen to their community and they are totally transparent about everything other then what must be kept confidential. Frankly those goofs barely seem to understand the game at all and they are fucking booming. It makes me wonder where Asylum could be if we had more of what they have.
  6. I don't remember them buffing the capping/defending payout.
  7. That idea has been passed around as well but we don't know far it has really gone.
  8. They could remove passive income from it. Strife was so profitable mainly cause of that. They could make it so you get more money from capturing territory(whatever they are called) and defending territory. It would encourage people to actually focus on winning instead of spawn killing.
  9. I am down, hbu @ChicoXL. You can switch back from squad RP to a true civilian life game after your tours of duty!
  10. If cops had a 5 minute respawn timer the bank would 5 times as boring as it usually is now. To clarify I'm not saying the location for the bank is aids but the cops will literally play sniper elite or not respond if without a higher up on the majority of the time. I've had no trouble with my gang in the past dealing with the cop respawn timer. If your gang has enough coordination you can without a doubt work around it.
  11. I enjoyed it. Fighting cops is more fun then fighting gangs tbh.
  12. @thero dat you?
  13. I keep said revert to the old prison and keep the second bridge to give cops the ability to come from 2 different angles with land vehicles. It would reduce the object count a great deal while maintain the balance the devs want. The old prison wasn't so onesided because of the way the compound was built it was because there was only 1 bridge.
  14. Hit me up to meme in ts my good pal.