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  1. I miss the rich list dude and I miss gangs having a lot of money cause they would do daring fun shit.
  2. I don't miss getting 1 tapped from getting shot in my big fucking toe. My 5 head is already a big enough target.
  3. Yeah you are technically right, changing your FOV is modifying a game profile while not being in game. Everyone has that FOV changer does that make them a cheater? fuck no. What I hate about the lag switching and especially dpi glitching bans, is Asylum is so fucking laggy that is a horrible server to judge who is dpi glitching or lag switching. One of the last cartels I fought on Asylum was at OG and as soon as the ifrit pushed it was shotgun after shotgun. Realistically I'm sure no one was lag switching or dpi glitching, in that particular instance you would not have been able to tell in the first place because Asylum is quite literally has the worst server performance I've ever seen and I have 6k hours on Arma. Honestly the only thing that keeps me on Asylum is my friends and the community, we were abandoned by the devs for any real performance fix or content update a long time ago. Personally though I'd rather see the lag/mass kicks get fixed before any real content update. With the exception of removing certain things like the money cap, group cap, adding in direct money to gang bank from cartels, etc.
  4. The money cap and anything related it to it was hated from the jump, no mater how much we begged for it to be gone Asylum only made compromises. There are certain things on Asylum that will never change for better or worse. In my opinion the only thing holding Olympus back is they don't have defibs, they have epi pens and the day that they add defibs in will be the day Asylum will die for real, because realistically that is the main reason some people pick Asylum over that server and we all fucking know it.
  5. You know I've heard you say in the past that you believe we should have to work for no money cap. Fair enough, but didn't you work a good bit for that 30 mil you had pre 6.0?
  6. Put more thought into the people you accept into your gang.
  7. What guild are u in
  8. @bamf @Gnashes Can we get one (or both) of your opinions please?
  9. Manolo you are kinda that kid at school that usually smells, and we all try not to make fun of you so you don't feel bad but sometimes you cross the line of lack of intelligence.
  10. While I agree it's kinda scummy for paratus to build up a community then leave it behind, at the same time it's their server they can do a they please and we can't do shit. Though what they do fail to realize(I think) is that some of their decisions have negatively impacted the servers population.
  11. As it stands right now(to my knowledge) the price of drugs decreases after it gets to about 700 of whatever drug it is and I know that for at least scotch and meth. Something I think would help with gangs getting their money is that if you increase the amount of a drug it takes for the price to drop. The reason I suggest this is that as it stands right now you can't even do hemmt runs with your gang and we will say that is 10 people without the market dropping in the middle of selling. In my opinion this should be change to at least 1400 or 1500 because that way it gives gangs something to do as a GANG. I'm not saying that making money is always a blast but at least it gives us something to do together instead of being limited to(mostly) rebel activities.
  12. Although I'm sure Bamf, Gnashes and Paratus all have good intentions their choices and decisions to input undesired things on Asylum resulted in a decrease in population. I don't consider that opinion I'd call that a fact.
  13. You don't need excuses cause Thero never dies.
  14. yeah u rite.