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  1. I'm looking to buy it.
  2. Gun play is far more fun then what is going on right now.
  3. Hes saying that you guys(devs) listen to the community with strife but not with the life servers. At least that is how I read it. I also quoted you in a post I made as reply to the thread for cartel locations, it was a little bit off topic but needless to say no feedback on it. Also @Boris made a thread regarding a change to the way dirty money works for cartels.
  4. please no, they already lower because of bohemias shit development.
  5. Would have to be done by bohemia or a mod. That kind of thing can't be done through a mission file. But I mean we already have guns that game, well not really I guess but the result ends up being the same, you die. Hasn't your gun ever lowered on your mid combat in a cqc fight? That shit tilts me @Bohemia Interactive what the fuck?
  6. Can't say I've ever met you, later dude.
  7. Where do the mods call us out?
  8. I've been in temper since the start of the gang and I'm not banned. There are people who cheat in this community, maybe they don't play anymore but either way the amount of people cheating is far less then you would think.
  9. I played arma 2 when the dayz mod came out. edit: well arma 2 OA
  10. I've been playing Arma in general for like 5 years now and Asylum for going on 3 years. I've been banned 2 or 3 times from asylum for minuscule shit when I was new, and never cheated. Associating an individuals mistake with the whole group(gang) shows you have a serious lack of intelligence. I said my self, that if he did cheat he should be banned. I haven't seen the evidence my self yet but if I did believe it when I see it, I wouldn't have any sympathy for him. Grow the fuck up. As well as that I'm not trying to roast you here for being bad or "fingerless", I am willing to bet you have very little experience in this game in comparison to many others.
  11. Better than where it is now.
  12. Either one.
  13. To me it's like why bother? It would be a miniscule change when the development efforts could be used elsewhere, such as improving server performance.