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  1. Most obnoxious dog I've ever owned tbh.
  2. She has came up to my room and laid on my bed before but Idk if a video was ever posted.
  3. China numba 1
  4. who the fuck would actually wipe under?
  5. I say -1 because I'm pretty rich myself and there are already quite a few limitations for new players to get started. I'd say 4/5 truly good houses are already owned by the wealthy players. The others were most likely bought buy someone who happened to get lucky finding them. I like the way that it is now for the most part but if there is one thing I would change it would be some sort of system to help newer to moderately experienced players learn the more complex part of the game, which is why I made Oblivion.
  6. he was on the first level of the tower in the middle of the room with the stairs I'm pretty sure.
  7. His partner is his oxygen tank, it even sits in the front passenger seat with him.
  8. We had one instance where someone got revived in a tower and they then fell through the tower and died again. I'm not sure if this was a recent change or not because it could just be a very rare bug.
  9. I'm so convinced it's related to cartels at this point.
  10. @Poseidon perhaps something looking into would be the cartel script or something related to it. As soon as we started fighting cartels the server started lagging. I'm thinking it has to do with the way the contesting of a cartel works but I don't know jack shit about SQF it's just something that has happened more the once. On the bright side last night we did 2 banks a fed and a prison in 1 restart and the server seemed to work very well.
  11. Buy a qillin and smoke a joint and go offroading
  12. I suppose from here on out it will only get better
  13. How many scripts did he optimize? As well we're there any key things he fixed?
  14. This mafucker has 8 posts and 130 rep. None of you forum like whores can be that. Good job btw