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  1. I bet I could get a spike off on an ifrit the first try especially on the road
  2. Das rite boi, I'll tag you @Scott don't want you to feel left out guild manager.
  3. I've seen it happen with WoW, half a dozen exile servers, other arma 2 dayz servers. As smart as our devs can be their pride trumps our collective thoughts and ideals. Respectfully its their own server, though many of us have money invested in Asylum so they should be listening if they wanna see any more of that.
  4. Or cap all 4 at 80 so the servers don't lag and shit out near as often. In turn the other servers will be more full no one loses houses and everyone is happy, except for the devs. They won't put away their pride for the better of the servers or some shit.
  5. Rdm

    Are you in Kavala, if yes get the fuck out of Kavala.
  6. McMuffin I'm pretty sure what a meme.
  7. @bamf Why does 1 and 4 have a 110 slots when they can't even handle 100?
  8. Could we get a rough idea on how far along the new big update is in terms of completion, say out of 10?
  9. Till what time specifically though? If you have decided that.
  10. gtfo
  11. Is this all you do
  12. They should be more expensive then that, besides if you truly need an rpg to take down any vehicle on Asylum you have other issues. Ifrits and Orcas even more so are fucking paper.
  13. I always had a hunch