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  1. Hate to say it but we can't help those who won't help themselves.
  2. Simple strategy for all the simpleton cops that occasionally is used but pretty rarely. This isn't directed at you, but you could tell them this and maybe they will get somewhere with it. 1. Get 2-3 people to hard aim. Put one on the 120 long house, and one in the small 40k with no door, and maybe the last guy in the house that rod uses. 2. Get all the cops in HQ in separate cars. 3. Zerg across the bridge at the exact same time. I really wanna drive the point home that they do this all the time except they don't go all at the same time. They go 1 by 1, giving the rebels plenty of time to reload, get any revives, heal up, etc. 4. Usually 1/3 to 1/2 off the cops make it across. From there they should be able to flash bang the deer stands and smoke off the gate to get in. What happens from there on out is more dependent on teamwork, gun play, and communication. Obviously armor makes this easier, and if you have a lot of higher ups on you could maybe get enough armor pulled to have a few Hunters or Striders in the mix.
  3. I would hate to see something like this in Asylum.
  4. I'm not one of the original players to Asylum. However I have been playing for a very long time, about 4 1/2 years. In all that time I've seen Asylum at its best and where it is right now. Until the ownership change Asylum was on life support, figuratively speaking. It had inactive devs/owners and they didn't listen to the community like our current owners do now. The mission file and whatever else is so unbelievably fucked up and it definitely was not on the road at all to being fixed and now it is. It's closer then it ever has been, and I would put money on it that by the time all of this is finished we will have better performance then what we experienced when Asylum was in it's prime with 4 servers at 100/100 18 hours a day. Whether or not we will ever see those numbers is truly unknown and a dream more then anything. Though I am truly confident it will be more then playable once again.
  5. The number of cops online for doing 2 federal events at the same time was increased a while ago. Cops were able to handle a bank and a fed being done a long time ago with only 5 cops on at a time. So in my opinion the idea for removing the ability to have 2 going at one time is terrible. Generally speaking if you wipe a group of rebels doing a fed or whatever they wont start another bank/fed/prison for half an hour to an hour. For many people, the end game rebel life is stale. Further limiting the amount they can do within a restart is also a terrible idea if you ask me. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Steve

    Prime Day

    "I wasn't ready yet"
  7. Steve

    Prime Day

    Oi lad you think that will make you better at Mordhau?
  8. I genuinely like the idea. However, with the release of v2 coming up and all the bug fixes that are likely to be coming with the updates following its release I wouldn't bank too much on new content. My understanding of the development focus right now is that performance takes priority over new content. Then again for all I know something like that might be easy as fuck to make so who knows, we will see.
  9. Steve

    V2 Gang Ranks

    Ah okay my b
  10. Steve

    V2 Gang Ranks

    Then demote those untrustworthy to 5
  11. Steve

    V2 Gang Ranks

    A permission system would be nice, though I am completely happy with the system in the updated screenshot.
  12. Didn't know wheel chairs were amphibious
  13. Fucking hyped boys
  14. Coming from a career level that has been playing for a long time, I don't think there is much wrong with the prison system. I will say that perhaps the bounty necessary to receive maximum jail time could be increased, the maximum prison sentence is fine to me. Many other servers have it at a much longer time. I also have mixed feelings on parole because I do think it was abused however it did give a great experience to new players who get popped on their first drug run. Regarding the way the prison is and its immersion I have a few choices for you, pick one: immersion, fun, performance. I can't remember who said it but another player in the community said it on the forums a long time ago. In a game like Arma, you often times can only choose one and if you are lucky, two. That being said, regarding the balance of rebel and the APD, I think this is very low on the scale in terms of the amount it effects the player.
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