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  1. I'd also think of then as weak but that won't happen because I was not raised by two bitches.
  2. Id be confused and obviously sad but more angry then anything personally.
  3. I think the main point was to say if people with aids in particular don't reproduce or spread it, the disease will disappear within a few generations.
  4. If anything it's the centuries greatest distraction. There is hella worse shit going on in America(idk where you live) then this. Depression does not kill, lack of willpower does. For the record, I'd rather the Government not fund cancer victims or people with depression treatment really only because it just raises my damn taxes. To add to all this, if someone wants to kill themselves, let them it's their choice. It goes the same way if you are dumb enough not to wear a seatbelt, do hard drugs/get addicted to them, manage your money incorrectly, or any other mistake in life is all the same to me. I'm sure it hurts their families but it was their choice in the end, and if it causes the family pain then that's just life. We have bigger problems to worry about that cause more harm then someone killing themselves in this world. I'm not gonna bother linking it, but there is peer reviewed science on suicide rates in third world countries being far lower. How could people who have to get water with a bucket from a nearby river that is potentially infested with crocodiles and a dozen other dangerous things waiting to kill and/or eat you not make you want to die more then anything else?
  5. I don't believe natural selection should apply to every situation. People who survived the Holocaust we're strong. They had it worse then the overwhelming majority of people in this community and they made it through. I'm not saying the ones that didn't are weak either. There are places in the world that are much more primitive and harsh then many of us could imagine and yet people in first world countries kill themselves because their girlfriend or boyfriend cheated on them. While that is by no means the only reason it is one of them and their is even more petty reasons that people kill themselves for. In America and many other westernized countries I'm sure, there is government funding that goes towards suicide hotlines and other suicide prevention means. Would you rather see that money go to a teenager with depression or cancer? Something worth thinking about if you ask me. Everyone I've known or known of that self harmed at some point was weak minded in every other manner of speaking. They couldn't think for themselves, they couldn't stay away from hard drugs. I have more sympathy for someone who is in prison under false charges that commits suicide then the teenager with clinical "genetic" depression.
  6. I'm not dead those who commited suicide are.
  7. Why am I not tagged in this roast you
  8. I legitimately don't know who this is Edit: I know now lmao
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