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  1. While he is right east lab is actually 2/3 more likely to be the location. I'd rather see it be flipped every day. At least I could count on being able to do runs for that day instead of it being chance based. Shit drives me fuckin crazy.
  2. About to go to work dad
  3. Quality content as usual, wish I could say it wasn't the last.
  4. It's one of those games that is too good to be true with out at least 10 or 12 million backing it. Idk how much they have but I know it's far less then that. Even if I'm wrong I feel like with more money they could speed up development.
  5. I wasn't in a regiment though. I was a pleb until the month or 2 leading up to 6.0. I mostly played with my friends for a while, they quit so I started playing with more people. If you were talking to me that is.
  6. In fact, I was. But I always played server 2 and then 4 when I first started playing. The only time I ever really saw them was when they came to s4 to fight Regiment.
  7. I gotta admit that I like both but I prefer the peninsula setup much more. Many people don't like the frame drops. I rarely saw a bank when I played cop beforehand anyways but I see one even less now.
  8. whoru <3 love u skrood
  9. 7k over 4 years, not that bad.
  10. Your memes will be missed.
  11. Out of curiosity why do you want to leave? what specifically?
  12. As in the music genre. Can be also used to describe something gory or just hilariously fucked up in general.
  13. Edgy comment.
  14. mk18 has a lot less sway as well.