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  1. Bye

    LOL rekt
  2. Thats like saying you can play games for free after you bought a 2000 dollar PC to play it on...
  3. Ye discuss it here civilly because if you'd engage in any discussion about identity which resembles a negative attitude on their discord you'll get banned
  4. They won't be screaming banzai this time but CHINA NUMBA JUAN Atleast those japs had some respect in them.
  5. I miss the old Tec-9 and the R8 is amazing
  6. Yoven and @Leonheartzed <3 u
  7. "Painbringa i'm playing my bubble games"
  8. Is it worth getting back into? I have it i just didn't like it when i bought it when it just came out.
  9. idk maybe ask @Samperino either way player setDamage 1; yourself terry
  10. Can't leave this opportunity for a great meme to die. Here you guys go