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  1. What is an unneccesary search? If you got nothing it aint a problem if you do have something it aint unnecessary?
  2. I mean I've heard plenty of things about admins being "abusive" in the same manor you're describing what is up with that?
  3. My point still stands and i never said its better i said it exists. If you want to talk to a cop don't carry an illegal firearm within the HQ. Get a group of people and not just a rook with a few lock-picks to try to rescue your friend. It should take some effort to rescue your friend.
  4. you know you can text 911 right? Only idiots and people with bad intentions come into the HQ with illegal contraband.
  5. Because scopes are measured in distance and not magnification.
  6. Give us something to do with prestige we're not using once we reach cap. Maybe like unlock things for cheaper or trade it in for money or something.
  7. You're fucking ugly for linking a fucking facebook meme page
  8. I feel like allowing those to be up for legal ownership allows civilians to use downing rounds in them and use them for even more annoying crap than they already use the current gun store weapons for.
  9. YLands is much better than both
  10. @Painbringa112 Called it.
  11. Is it like a non-written rule to put the worst music you can find over a montage.
  12. Lets rephrase that, "Cops are not supposed to win every fight." If cops aren't supposed to win at all why bother fighting?
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