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  1. I'm in college with my back towards the teacher should i play it ?
  2. Once i'm home i'll SS it and you can offer me if you still need it.
  3. I got one a little further down the road to the west.
  4. atleast its better then Airport + CSGO = Death " The bomb has been planted! "
  5. Im dutch he's right. We all bike here
  6. Lol it was a compliment calm down, And i don't have a car EDIT: It wasn't really a compliment it was more of a positive joke.
  7. Looks like the fucker who made the dick cannon lol
  8. Its almost like the music from Vsauce during the waiting period but in the mean time some fucker from minecraft came in and was like NO MORE DUN DUN DUNS and thats what came out of it. i don't like this type of music anyway but thats the vibe i'm getting. Way to many dun dun duns
  9. I mean you are believing something that goes against basic biology as a certain captain once said with great wisdom, But i ain't having that discussion again lol
  10. i post this on every thread thats a throwback type of deal but i love this video.
  11. I didn't know football was big in asylum? just a bunch of winy men kicking a ball who can't be touched cause if you touch them with your fucking pinky finger they fall over crying