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  1. Photography, Scuba Diving, Free Diving, Underwater photography, Fixed-Wing Piloting, And the best out of all, Crying myself to sleep at night because i play on this toxic community.
  2. Sure Twas but a joke
  3. 4mil
  4. ahh oke nvm then
  5. Industrial shed?
  6. My Voice
  7. I bought the clip but the company is called TrackHat. I didn't like the hat either cause i don't like wearing hats with my headset so i bought the clip that attaches to my headset aswell.
  8. ***WARNING 90% OF THE PLAYER BASE WON'T CARE*** Its just for those who do. So i just received a "Different" TrackIR setup, For those who don't know what TrackIR 5 Is, Its basically a camera + IR Nodes that track each other on your head and translates it into the game. So when you look around in real life it looks around in-game. DEMO VIDEO: This is TrackIR it costs around 150/200 USD. The version i bought is called TrackHat and costs around 30/50 USD Depending on what version you get and if you pick the camera. This kit i bought had a camera and a wireless clip with the 3 IR Nodes, It works just as well as TrackIR ( I've used it before at a friends place ) and is much cheaper. And the best thing it helps immensely with flying helicopters not only in ArmA 3 but also in space sims and flight sims. Those who want to get it and need help or some more detail feel free to contact me personally.
  9. Hey if you're any good with making logo's or making skins for vehicles, Contact me please.
  10. you fill TENTS with meth ingredients ?
  11. oh my you're so good.
  12. They don't i tested it how stupid that might be.
  13. Didn't mean the vest accidentally got that in the SS
  14. If so tell me how much i need to get rid of them so i can sell my house.I already asked this before but i couldn't find it anymore.
  15. Howmuch you offering i got a good house