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  1. What do you not know? And what do you mean with " advanced maneuvers ". Most maneuvers are made with fixed wing aircraft, Rotary wing don't have much appart from emergency procedures and just regulair and advanced landing ways.
  2. Mhmm i was just asking what the process was but k
  3. Isnt this just creating a text base mask over a already existing gif?
  4. Made some red bull chopper skin thingy in like 2 minutes so its not much
  5. Bohemia sucks dick. But what if someone gives you a skin with a certain intention would you listen to them or go make it a donation skin anyway?
  6. So can we have more skins that are used for most vehicles that ARE NOT crate bounded, It just seems silly to me to bound content to a crate that other servers have that is free and has more skins. I understand bills need to be paid but it kinda sucks to have 90% of the new skins bound to a crate. I was thinking of more skins for fixed-wing aircraft ( Specifically jets ) or a few rotary-wing aircraft as well, but any vehicle will do. I made 2 skins for jets myself 1 was for my own group and the other one was just for fun i made in 2 minutes basing it off of the Blue Angels. I just love the idea of people doing more with aircraft and i see this as a way to achieve that.
  7. whats so wrong with turning yourself into a cop? So selfish that you don't want other people to have the money?
  8. no? If you want to turn yourself in and go straight to jail just go to a cop and say that i'm sure he'll have no problem taking you straight to jail.
  9. I like that
  10. The thing i hate for this is is rebels are just gonna go to unreachable locations and get free pardons
  11. Don't cite sentences of what everyone is telling you
  12. u stupid? So you're saying if you're with a group and respawn timer is upped that you suddenly won't spawn camp if you're still there and they respawn?