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  1. Nice patch, Now helicopters can gather cocaine as well
  2. This ain't be military tho this is a group or rebels trying to break the law vs a bunch of cops. Its also a raw fact that taking down orcas is much more consistent if you use a AA Launcher, Also the right equipment for the job. We should have those now too for the APD cause we deal with orcas daily? This is a game its about skill, The military is life or death. THIS IS A GAME THAT IS SKILL BASED.
  3. lol sounds like its a matter of skill, You're complaining you need better gear when pretty much everyone in asylum is good without that gear. They're not under armed also wtf is 2nd ATM building?
  4. god i never thought someone could make a worse meme than repeared... shit man this is bad.
  5. Nobody beats my memes.
  6. You've got my approval this is a good meme holy fuck @Smee
  7. For sale with gear in the crates.
  8. Ye ye ye talk that shit. My memes are quality otherwise they wouldn't get removed.
  9. Every meme i make is quality, My last one was so good you fuckers deleted it. mhmm
  10. well i'd link it but it'd probably get removed again
  11. ye right because mine wasn't true at all.
  12. Oh and this doesn't get hidden? I see how it is.
  13. Hands up or die to kids on a ladder.
  14. Nope showed it but never got a response.