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  1. that's not possible you liar you'll just lock the doors
  2. flagview = 45 pixels? I counted yes
  3. damn m8 nice job man so you where the guy with -82 points in that picture i saw.
  4. clownfish
  5. Wtf is this.. just a video of you driving away from the coke pit?
  6. I'd start my own series on how to get money on asylum. Oh wait...
  7. Who the fuck are you again? Quit your shit and keep this on topic.
  8. Memes happen you can't request them
  9. Hi lew big fan
  10. jet blew up so not that good. If the jet flew away it'd be better
  11. Bug

    Its not a bug it goes straight on your gun, You gotta remove the sight put it in your inventory and buy a new one.
  12. Do you want me to make a meme about you?
  13. again?