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  1. I knew this update would happen the second i leave for vacation...
  2. Sure
  3. just something fair.
  4. howmuch you paying?
  5. oh my this brings back memories hearing leonheartzed voice.
  6. i think ~700k
  7. Still in need
  8. 20 dollars
  9. very possible that is one of my plan's aswell.
  10. I want to get into running a bit of meth while at the same time having a nice house for banks to gear up from (aka pyrgos house) I'm looking for any of these 3 so i can camp HQ, Do meth, Gear up for banks and do all that wonderful stuff from my house. If you own any of these hit me up.
  11. rip
  12. pardoning yourself? That's corruption mister destrah!