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  1. Azeh

    Need a New PC

    Can't really find any other Arma benchmarks but
  2. Welp. That's an interesting one.
  3. Since when? I'm no higher-up but: "Officers may drive civilian vehicles if the owner of the vehicle gives them permission. If a civilian vehicle is in the way (for example blocking a road or entrance to an area), you are allowed to move it slightly such that it is out of the way without permission."
  4. There's a reason for that, buuuut I'm not gonna go there.
  5. 1 and 3 have the same mission file. 2 has one change that in no way can make the server perform worse than 1 & 3.
  6. I hope, but in the meantime
  7. Bamf's Clint's Automated Banning System
  8. Hence why people fight with an Assault Pack or a Kitbag. You tryna run a marathon or something?
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