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  1. Yes, that's gotta be where the bottleneck is. Wish we we had someone in this community willing to help!
  2. "How long does it take to make a game from the ground up? Do you know?" Usually 2.5 to 3 years, can be 5+ years depending on the size/depth/complexity of the game. Rockstar does indeed take years, almost every game does, but Rockstar has hundreds if not 1,000+ skilled people working on their games (although a lot of them don't work on a game for the entirety of the development process). Their games also have an infinitely larger budget than Identity.
  3. can you not quote his entire post
  4. as if that little rat would pay anyone money for anything
  5. well done @HardAhr
  6. To my knowledge, people who are perm banned aren't allowed to play no matter what the ban reason is, and there is a minimum amount of hours on Asylum required.
  7. lol, there's gonna be like 3-4 teams with the new rules
  8. Atleast we'll get Arma 4 before Identity.
  9. "With our current pace, we estimate that the SWAT module will be complete in late 2019, the racing module in 2020 and the feature-complete Identity beta will begin in 2021. These are not to be taken as release dates but as our current best estimates."
  10. Of course Arma is dying, but Asylum could be doing far better right now if it wasn't in such a shit state.