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  1. shut up u hardstuck silver shit tier player
  2. slapping people on League
  3. Forgot about one, so potentially 9 people: Bamf Gnashes Guy who has contributed to the AsYetUntitled framework quite a lot Guy who has contributed to the AsYetUntitled framework a bit, has also made his own framework Guy who owns a popular DayZ Mod server and an Exile server, but the latter is pretty new and not popular Guy who I believe used to dev for a Life server. A map developer now but I don't know much about him Bikstok Destrah Henry Arnold
  4. Servers have been problematic for almost 2 years now.
  5. PUBG started off with 35 developers and had 70 a year and some months later. Identity has what, 10-15? I'd say the scope of Identity is bigger than PUBG too.
  6. Why? You could have 8 people working on it including yourself and Bamf, some more experienced than others.
  7. updating the 3 year old framework is a beginning "Yeah i saw that post before, but seriously, what i've saw inside the mission, you need update the framework so much work to optimize, i think, you will be more faster, use last framework than rewrite all this things"
  8. Higher chance of getting 15k by asking people in sidechat.
  9. With my Nv tags and 350 hours on Arma 3 I'd start shit talking gangs and people in sidechat just for the fun of it. I was garbage at the game and still am, but it was just a way to entertain the rivalry between gangs imo.
  11. <3
  12. drives like he does IRL