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  1. This doesn't include changes to the server files though
  2. No shit *****. So look at one's effort as a support and make a judgement whether or not they should get mod. The support people have essentially been scrubbing floors for the past 6 months and now you open the mod apps. Yikes. Also watch who you're talking to. W H I T E K N I G H T A D M I N
  3. Mod apps are open but nobody from the support team has gotten mod yet? What a joke, lmao.
  4. Gnashes has no interest in working on Strife so a comeback is unlikely.
  5. @Clint Beastwood couldn't even fly a kite, never mind an F-16
  6. it's a feature
  7. :<
  9. This is real football
  10. Listen here you fucking autistic spaz of a monkey - how about you throw yourself in front of traffic so we don't have to deal with your fucking retarded 60 IQ peanut brain again.
  11. Y'all are putting too much pressure on Poseidon. Who knows long it takes to sort this shit out. "When it's getting fixed" - replace that with " if " Not trying to be a negative nancy, but depending on how long Poseidon is here, it's not guaranteed that the issues will be completely gone. I'm certain we'll see improvements and obviously I do hope that he will be able to fully fix them, but don't take it for granted. (This isn't Poseidon or anyone else from Olympus talking, nor has he ever had any involvement with Asylum - so take it with a grain of salt)