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  1. you do realize you're talking to Krypton? he survived 9 Glock shots
  2. just wanna add that RAM speed is a pretty big deal in Arma unlike other games
  3. y o u a r e r e t a r d e d
  4. all 8.0 needs is civs being able to use cop sirens
  5. and advertisement outside of Asylum dunno if there's any similar gamemode, but they could easily make bank with enough exposure
  6. dunno if this is the right message but
  7. Playerbase is too small and there's not enough content for it to be worth imo.
  8. good lad @ChildSoldier
  9. oh yeah, after a chase from DP14 to the salt flats we obtained his box truck and found a nice looking shed for it
  10. im glad my orca contributed to the interview
  11. don't think that vest achieved you anything other than sending yourself back to the weed field