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  1. nice meme
  2. I haven't seen it myself. Just making fun of it because other people are.
  3. not saying Jaconite got banned btw, just saying the guy I linked earlier in this thread got banned
  4. how would he be too poor? he's a famous soundcloud rapper y'know
  5. banned for MemHack yesterday, n1 retard
  6. Are you upset or something?
  7. Can you now tell me how you know
  8. lmao why am I not surprised
  9. because it's not legit
  10. Then of course it's Asylum's issue, but it won't happen. If it was a simple fix then it would've been solved already. Communities (Asylum included) have tried countless of things to fix it to no avail, and it's ignorant to think otherwise. Despite Bohemia's meme-worthy bugs and so on, they're not incompetent either. It doesn't help that the issue is fairly limited to some servers, but from what I know it happens on Life servers, KotH and Wasteland. The fact that the kicks started happening at different times for each community doesn't help anyone pinpoint the issue. We can't claim Asylum's kicks are vastly worse than other servers when none of us play frequently on other affected servers. To quote from another Life server some months ago: "I got randomly kicked 4 times in under an hour today, which is significantly more than the normal once or twice every four hours." "But as a roleplay community how can we role play when there is an average of 1 kick every 30 minutes."
  11. then Bohemia's fix didn't work
  12. and you're a swede