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  1. So... how much does this cost?
  2. Oh, your brother was it? @Wang Liqin
  3. you should download it and play it with the bois fantastic game
  4. What servers do you play on?
  5. I don't think "dying" was appropriately used - declining is probably a more fitting word. Obviously people come and go, but I think we all know how Asylum itself has contributed to players leaving. Suggestions have for the most part been ignored or shut down because "We don't like it - devs" or because they require too much effort. I remember when Bamf said no amount of kicks were acceptable, yet here we are.
  7. None of this shit matters when you can hardly fight a cartel without the server going full spastic mode.
  8. Bohemia.
  9. Only 56 tasks remaining! I can't wait!
  10. You're legitimately one of the most autistic retards on here. Do us all a favor and stop typing with your 3rd world keyboard you smelly disgusting degenerate.
  11. @bamf Any comment?
  12. she a goner
  13. #13

    Incredible. You are out of this world. Keep it up!
  14. this video
  15. widsyy the yasuo main got slapped by someone with 120 ping