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  1. Should've included the part where you were crawling your way over to construction and BIG ASH put you to sleep.
  2. Gangs wouldn't "just be gangs" if they didn't disband every other week. While I can't speak for gangs other than Envy - I think any long-time gang feels the same way too. Gangs that have stuck together for years are more than just an Asylum gang. You said gangs used to be like a virtual family, but I think the vast majority of my gang if not everyone would agree when I say we are like a virtual family. We talk to each other about anything, both game related and non-game related. Even if we don't have a game to play, those who are around will usually just sit in TS and talk about anything. If I want to play something that isn't Asylum, my gang members are usually the first people I'll ask to play. LoL, CS:GO, DayZ, Exile, Siege, Rust, Golf With Your Friends, whatever the game or server may be. We'll play something for as long as it's fun, then stop playing and either come back to it at a later time or never play it again. However, Asylum is just one of those things you keep coming back to despite the many complaints that can be made about both ARMA and Asylum. The game might be terrible at times and Asylum definitely has its issues too, but the experience you have on Asylum can't be replicated on any other game. The community has certainly played a very major part in making Asylum what it is, but the gameplay it offers is what allowed the community to be molded into what we all think is so great. Not many games let you play with groups of 10, 20 or even 30+ people.
  3. Server 3 Taking offers. All locations: 220k Garage 150k 150k
  4. I don't know about this. I don't think house hunting should be completely effortless.
  5. Anything odd with your disk/CPU/GPU usage? Check Resource Monitor.
  6. What the fuck.
  7. It doesn't take ages. I'd say around 2 hours if you don't share your truck with anyone. 16 loadouts for that time is worth it if you ask me, and so is 13 loadouts. How often do you lose a loadout? I'm starting to think that's where your problem lies. In which case, the only advice I have is "get good".
  8. How come? You seem to be the only one making it out to be completely broken. Instead of complaining, go make some money Edit: If my math is correct... A HEMTT box has 1100 space currently (community goal rewards tier 2). The largest backpack has 96. That allows you to make 198 meth per run. 1501 (base price after last update's increase) * 1.10 (gang talent price increase) = 1651. The following infamy perks further increase the sell price: "Shakedown" - 7% more, "Coercion" - 15% more, "F*&@ You - Pay Me" - 25% more. They don't stack. 1651 * 1.07 = 1766 ///// 1651 * 1.15 = 1898 ///// 1651 * 1.25 = 2063. So if own the drug cartel, have the gang perk and have the "Shakedown" perk, you make 349k from a full HEMTT meth run. 375k with "Coercion", drug cartel and gang perk. 408k with "F*&@ You - Pay Me", drug cartel and gang perk. 326k with none of the infamy perks, but with the cartel and gang perk.
  9. You’re making this «broken economy» thing a way bigger deal than it is. The economy is for the most part fine, just needs some minor tweaks.
  10. It's because the two mission files share the same name. Server 3's mission file just needs a different name and people won't have to re-download it every time they switch between 1&2 and 3.