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  1. Ok sick. Photoshop is a little to advanced for me.....but I have been testing out Microsoft Word Art for some sick logos for the Police car.....anyway gtg.... in a queue for fortnite right now
  2. bro this is actually so good looking POGGERS!!!!!!! Did you add that paint in Powerpoint or something???
  3. Nice work man I really love it. Looking forward to more work in the future!! Maybe you can be a contributor some day...never say never
  4. Grats on Contributor, I look forward to seeing your work implemented on the servers!
  5. @HotWings **....this is my opinion after being an Admin on these servers for 4+ I don't cum in my sock and no I don't circle jerk with my friends. So before you quote me and hit me with some stupid shit like that take a deep breath and relax**. The 2014-2015 Asylum that I came into was created by an actual programmer who could quickly release new patches and fixes when he wanted to. It was ran differently when the people that founded the server were running it, and the early admins were new and less entrenched in Asylum. At that time Asylum was innovating in it's development, it was just an expectation that players could play on a stable server, but the excitement came from new additional innovations. Anytime there has ever been issues in this community was when the Dev's were detached from the issues that players cared about. Dev's were busy with IRL stuff (60+ hour weeks, six-figure jobs, tax season, family, etc.) which is of course understandable and more important, but it left a void between their understanding of the current server state. The community manager's job description may seem to fill this void, but at the end of the day unless the community manager is the developer very little will actually be done, since all they do is nag at the Dev's. The community manager was solely created to police admins after some incidents involving abuse. While some admins flex their E peen to new lengths, admins by nature are just button pushers, and really can't fix someone's anger with the development of the server. While they can improve the experience through events and quick response times, this eventually wore off as stability got worse it was nearly impossible to run the same kind of events we had been running throughout the past year and a half. The lack of stability on the servers is the final diagnosis for the current state of Asylum. The toxicity of the community is a symptom not the cause. If all asylum lacked was no new content, people would bitch but nothing was worse then spending 10 minutes gearing up and getting to bank to yellow chain and run in place for 10 minutes. Those issues and the mass kicks went on for far too long, while other servers had no major game-breaking issues and began to thrive off the pissed players from Asylum. There is a LOT more to be said, but it is sad that most of you never got to experience the old thriving Asylum and have taken this state as the status quo.
  6. The comment from Steve that you quoted was literally facts about the release of this MODULE. No need to get all angry or lambaste the community over it.
  7. YIKES. I think people were just pointing out that some Identity staff members have been saying since May of this year that the release is any day now. Also the comparison to Rockstar and the "Town Square"........little stretch. The trailer says a "limitless experience" yet you are literally trapped in a town square and you can choose to decorate an apartment with Paid Content ($40 cat btw), sing karaoke, play chess, or draw swastikas in an art gallery (come on we know how the internet is).
  8. People have been saying it since 2016 tbh, but now it seems to actually be true
  9. + =
  10. Yeah a war game mode with 10 players would be really fun
  11. You pathetic scumbag weasel. 2nd LT Bridgewater in this bitch
  12. Thats kinda how tournaments work when someone has a first round bye. Since you guys won last gang wars and there is no group stage, you would be the number 1 seed and have a first round bye.
  13. I hope you choke to death on a Tim Hortons pathetic inbred