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  1. This is the kind of shit that happens when you let a Canadian be the Chief of Police #WeWantClint #ClintforCOP2019 #BringBackCBW #LawandOrder #SWfor2ndLT #JetVDMisNotACrime #UnbanHellstormMissle
  2. @Gen. Henry Arnold If the utilization of drug runner is not that high from the player base, I think it would be cool to have plane based DP missions that are legal with stable aircraft. It would be fun just to relax and enjoy some quality flight time in Altis.
  3. I was permed off the discord for posting the following image @Patato @Gen. Henry Arnold
  4. Finally something for @Dally 's age Range!!
  5. Yeah last time I ran the PUBG event, it crashed the server for 40 minutes. Granted it was a Smirnoff event, those seem to be pretty tough to run.
  6. Don't worry man @ColtonB205 Can sort you out. He was a former CM
  7. Of course this comes out right after I'm told to turn in my badge and gun looks like it is back to Roblox police simulator for me................
  8. *Since the first discussion was locked. Lets keep the conversation going in a respectful and non-toxic manner* @Gaskal Respect the chain of command you stupid sand monkey
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