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  1. So about that Supervisor SUV............................?????????????
  2. With gang wars coming up guys..I will be selling 3 of these water cooled routers! Please message me if you are interested, these babies are unstoppable.
  3. Servers may be dead, but with this new tage from our guild master, Destiny Monkeys has never been more alive
  4. Take it back man....or else
  5. Hey Tom big fan here, been watching all your montages throughout the years!
  6. Imagine a diss war on Asylum.....
  7. Relax man that's probably just cooking up in the Oven. Hopefully it doesn't cook too long or it might be burnt.
  8. I got you homie
  9. Hard to turn on the oven when the power in the Kitchen is turned off.
  10. You're about 2.5 years late
  11. I have concerns because I don't want to pay 50 dollars to put a Siamese cat in my virtual apartment, but the teams are separate. Also there is a difference between harassment and someone trolling you in game. Admins can typically warn a player but it gets tough to outright ban for someone who likes to troll other players on the server.
  12. I can't believe I actually just watched that entire video