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  1. @bamf Nice update so far and it will be more better if the drugs price increased so people start doin it as i heared you dislike the idea of increasing the price of anything but you can increase the procc time on drugs also that will make people start doing activitys on the server and rebels will fight over cartels
  2. lolololol now we will start this over the forums LUL
  3. after all these years the community still want the same thing i don't see why not if the medic role only use by that troll in kavala who plays medic just cuz the car cost him nothing and he want to vdm people with it
  4. what the !!
  5. the timing lol
  6. 10/10 lets hope this move make the server better
  7. They just add them
  8. Community Goals Each month, the community can work together to activate tiers of rewards. Everybody who plays on Asylum Altis Life servers will receive the bonuses! one of the bonuses will be no lag ? @bamf thats something people will donate for
  9. iam thinkin about refunding the money i donate to your shitty twitch channel
  10. 10$ was 1% damn we will need so many 10$
  11. hi can someone ddose @Reapered
  12. @HapHazard lockhazard you are not welcome here i swear to god