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  1. Also their servers will hold 48k people thats amazing
  2. this game coming from the same company as ARK thats why iam givin it a shot
  3. looks amazing game iam waiting for it
  4. k bitch you done
  5. can't wait for identity BR
  6. I don't understand why people are upset the game coming out soon
  7. its ron the best kelb in the world <3
  8. Well this is the internet and i have no idea who he is
  9. haha sorry @HotWings but that was funny
  10. @babs i guess
  11. ''Gnashes is upset'' ''Gnashes rage quit '' Like wtf people, The man just retired because he's done with arma 3, Just like so many other people. Instead of all the nonsense talk why don't you all just say thank you @Gnashes for the hard work. When I became an admin I realized how much work that man put into the servers and i bet nobody will do that for money but he still did it for free. I guess people just love the drama and I don't mind that,But at least remember to say thank you. YOU WANKERS
  12. whats 12 hours combat store banned