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  1. @Tony.
  2. @Poseidon
  3. oy
  4. o7 brother i hope you have a good luck with what you doing who iam going to fight with now
  5. i crash into bigger buildings this one not my level
  6. apparently i need 5 minutes of footage before i get killed when it was 20 seconds off, what a joke.

    1. hermangoring


      Got banned for a week for calling him power hungry and my friends got banned for 1 day

    2. Patato


      Gaskal is a mean man

    3. MoralityVII
  7. welcome @Pizza Man
  8. banned me for combat logging even tho i never left the game while being spoken to by nightmare the police officer i say ur a bad moderator and i request u unban me from asylum cause i never combat logged u should be banning actual loggers or u should freaking get evidence of it happening instead of just listening to what people say 

  9. Welcome back @Leonheartzed its nice to see you again !
  10. Welcome @Kevin Miller @Jake @Patato
  11. A good man.