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  1. ooff congrats, Welcome to the team
  2. Gaskal


    Stop insulting the fucking tea by adding ice to it please #stopinsultingthedaymtea
  3. @Reapered you are a [email protected]$#%$ joke i can't say it but for real its nice known you a lovely ""rat"" a good friend(more like brother) i know a goodbye here means nothing we will be always talking ill miss seen you around on asylum tho i wish all the best of luck on everything you do in your life <3
  4. i would say i miss everything/one on these videos
  5. ill RP as terrorist been doing it my whole life
  6. well you fucked it up again buddy i totally agree about fuck @Patato on your first thread
  7. Retro is a cunt i trusted him on my ifirit and he choped it
  8. Don't buy a house on that server @Diseased
  9. When you kill someone something will drop from him and you will be able turn that back to rebel
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