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  1. I guess that bcuz there 1 down
  2. with all respect Theres no point of these posts with all respect but no matter what you asked or what you says the devs answer will be no saying that to safe your time Good luck tho <3
  3. damn
  4. what a bad person gaskal is
  5. We played both already golf it has so much maps golf with your friends has like 5maps you get bored of it in notime
  6. If they land on the gruond they won't die but if they land on the water they will die nice game arma lol
  7. killing dat rabbit at da end monster
  8. all what i know that i have to wait 2 years fuck it i guess
  9. cuz if he did that he won't need the spawn anymore xD
  10. Why not just walk to the garage walking is healthy