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  1. This happened to me too awhile ago, only developer placed buildings are gone. Enjoy it while you can
  2. The missile is the difference between 10k and 50k, that’s asking for a lot
  3. No it’s definitely not closer to pyrgos than Sofia
  4. Shane McCoy


    How do I dislike a post?
  5. Shane McCoy


    Sweet tea is more versatile, you can drink it with almost anything. Hot tea though? You can't drink that with anything
  6. How about no prison, only lethals
  7. You from Vero beach? that's crazy I'm from Palm Beach
  8. Shane McCoy

    world war z

    I thought you meant “WarZ” and I had PTSD flashbacks.
  9. Somehow don’t think anyone cares if they do.
  10. Shane McCoy


    Welcome back man
  11. I don’t know if this will fix it, but fighting at turfs is pretty much non existent right now
  12. Going to paint your nails aswell while you’re at it?
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