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  1. “FIX THE SERVERS!” *leave for a year, come back to see the servers status* “FIX THE SERVERS!” Never change asylum
  2. Hey, what can I say, it's the middle of basketball season lmao
  3. I'm no where near professional, but maybe I can help ~Change gyms and go to golds ~Eat a lot of chicken. (I pretty much eat Mexican everyday, Chipotle, Moe's, etc.) ~Drink BCAAs (Drink with / after 2 major meals. I do breakfast and dinner.) ~Get Mass Gainer (Don't replace meals with this. Drink alongside meals. It's tuff but you'll get huge lmao.) ~Drink/eat 1G of protein Per/ 1 LBS of body weight. SO 133 grams a day. ~For in-gym I do 4 days a week: Chest / Tri Back / Bi Shoulders Legs (Do abs every gym day after workout. Only takes 5 minutes and core helps with everything.) (Never focus on other people's weight. Everyone starts somewhere, trust me no one cares if you're benching marshmellows.) ~DON'T hire a trainer.
  4. that was the joke
  5. I agree, I think we should have a modded server as well. I got this fresh new idea, I'm not sure if it's possible, but lets put it on an Australian map.
  6. This brought a single masculine tear to my eye.
  7. hot and moist
  8. Sever 4 has always been fucked lmao
  9. Numbers don't lie, the fuck you talking about
  10. ^Think this needs to be updated^
  11. They're working on game of thrones but can't give me skyrim co-op?
  12. Spent hours boarding up my house then the news says its not even hitting east coast
  13. Shit, hope John gets the help he needs but I'm about to be directly impacted by Irma
  14. Oml this is awful Mic is garbage Flow is garbage Beat is garbage Bars are garbage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Real underground rapper from my city
  15. JBL Flip 4