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  1. good times
  2. Numbers don't lie, the fuck you talking about
  3. ^Think this needs to be updated^
  4. They're working on game of thrones but can't give me skyrim co-op?
  5. Spent hours boarding up my house then the news says its not even hitting east coast
  6. Shit, hope John gets the help he needs but I'm about to be directly impacted by Irma
  7. Oml this is awful Mic is garbage Flow is garbage Beat is garbage Bars are garbage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Real underground rapper from my city
  8. JBL Flip 4
  9. Damn, Moses slip your teeth like the red sea
  10. wow that's amazing man, keep up the good work
  11. Identity is coming out Soon™
  12. Maybe those street lights will stop asylum from dying? Take notes @Paratus
  13. Shhh It's a gift not a curse
  14. Just don't get ran over, easy fix. Next
  15. Camera angles could use some work, but looks good