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  1. I understand if you wouldnt want to disclose your name/surename. But im unsure what someone can dig up on your with your DOB, besides the fact you are probably under the age requirement
  2. Action taken Thank you for the player report.
  3. Cukofuko

    cop age

    I transitioned into a female so Edgee Gamer made me instant constable
  4. Ive been twice so nice try
  5. Roice went to Amsterdam once and thinks he can smoke it all
  6. Imagine not knowing how to abuse admin topkek
  7. Throne of lies is better imo
  8. I can teach you how to take care of Stevie
  9. You are complaining about the cop RP, but did you look at yourself ? ''You are fat irl'' ''Get clapped'' Continues to redown restrained players and t bags them Amazing RP from your end
  10. How about one month for free and you get a free unban ?
  11. Yea I cucked your pa into watching me drill your ma
  12. Last time I checked I am nor bald nor a skinhead bub
  13. I mean if you never gonna come on your pc again, why dont i just wait a month for the houses to get removed and then buy em stock price
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