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Envious - All Servers

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About us: We are a group of friends that would like to become an active guild on all asylum servers. Money making, federal events, Cartel fighting, and kavala trolling are just a few of the things we do in this guild. 


 500 Hours

An avid interest in the Asylum Cartel life

Financially Stable

Willing to help combat Drunk Squad and their rule over the server.


Application Format

IGN - 

Age - 

Arma 3 Hours - 

Why should you be accepted? -

Vouches -

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2 hours ago, reggin said:

Application Format

IGN - Beretta -911-

Age - 12

Arma 3 Hours - 3k

Why should you be accepted? - i am probably one of the best rebel campers

Vouches - yes

accepted for trial

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