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Arma 3 Asylum Servers (PLZ SHARE)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43Fx4J-gaos SEE THE TRAILER HERE (MUST WATCH) #NOT CLICKBAIT!!


LIFE  The Asylum servers are one of the most fun and exciting life servers Arma 3 has

to offer. From Administrators, Developers, Community managers, support members, and a very toxic but funny player base you will have one of the most enjoyable yet odd experiences a gamer can have. From Desync Lag to RDM the land of Altis is yours to explore. There are many fun activities to do in the Asylum, such as, Becoming a Rebel and fighting the APD. Or becoming a Bounty hunter. Anything is possible here in the ArmA 3 Asylum servers and remember the choice is yours. But with actions come consequences, Server Rules play a HUGE part here on the Island. (www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10-server-rules)


Activities! Once again, the Asylum servers are full of some amazing things. From making millions to getting desync rammed by the APD when u have a truck full of @#$*! To sell. Here i will provide a link to one of many Asylum content creators. Mayhem has many guides for u to become rich here on the island. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZp2XR_sqT0   


Anyway, the community and things you will run into will lead to awesome and hilarious clips that u can share on the asylum forums with a HUGE community base. On the asylum website, http://www.gaming-asylum.com/ you can view your in game stats such as, cash. The Asylum servers provide Housing and perm gangs to be a part of. I hope you enjoy one of the most weird yet fun experiences of your gaming career. Remember have fun join the discord, teamspeak and the website. But most importantly have FUN!!!

I got permed. Nah jk now go play. AND READ THE RULES U KAVALA RATS!! xD.

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