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To Miss Evo

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At this moment, I can not use words to express my feelings.

I'm really happy that I found Miss Evo here.

I was so afraid that u will disappear like the server 5.

In those days I lost the server 5, I tried to find u in each server, and promised to people who can help me will get 100k as a reward.

Like a word in China, 众里寻他千百度。蓦然回首,那人却在,灯火阑珊处。

Originally u have been around me, but I do not know.

If I weeped for the missing sunset,I would miss all the shining stars.

I've missed u once, and I can't miss u again.

If I know what love is,it is bacouse of u.

Look into my black eyes,u will see what u mean to me.

I love u and my heart is with u,@Miss Evo.:)

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Just now, Jaylen Sarrett said:

if he's a lady,

then i'm an attack helicopter

we played together,and i know she is a real lady coming from UK.there is no what can hesitate.i trust her.:wub:

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1 hour ago, L1on said:

Someone whose really into anime/japan culture, body pillows etc

In fact, I don't know Japanese culture at all, nor love it. However, I thank you for your explanation.:)

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