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Various Cop Implements?

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1) The ability to, when deploying for SWAT, be able to pick the HQ or Mobile to deploy to. 

2) Only blue lights for supervisor vehicles / Asylum+ option in the TAB menu.

3) Ability to pay house tax on Cop ( @Djmon )

4) Remove the ability to sling load the Mobile HQ

5) Allow mobile HQ's to be rebuilt when a new event pops up, or for when a bigger event pops.

6) Make it so if a Mobile HQ is not able to be deployed, it doesnt allow you to buy it.

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12 minutes ago, Chris Peacock said:

Then put some money aside for crates instead of buying as much food as u do bud

I've spent over $200 on crates poorcock, and not unlocked them if you think spending more money on them is a good idea its no wonder you live in a trailer

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