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  1. Better than crate skins
  2. Lol
  3. 1k
  4. Same x'D I'm s1 hbu?
  5. What was the big deal? I play league and that's just yasuo getting a FB. Yeah yeah it was a good play but was it a game changer vayne solo Penta kill while the other team is doing a baren...I think not.
  6. Just let me have it
  7. 2k for both deal?
  8. when we kidnapped you, you went afk and before that you trashed talked a shit ton.
  9. I'll buy that kavala house for 750k
  10. @TheCrestedPenguin 950k for s1kavala house if not sold already
  11. #1 900k @Ben Flint ッ
  12. Have these sold @Ben Flint ッ