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  1. Id like it if other officers in the warrant slot could see my circle like BH's have.
  2. Well if it burns and fails, Probably nothing. If it is successful then i imagine they would end the arma server
  3. I recommend selling them on the Asylum Exchange. They don't sell immediately but if your willing to wait more profit is to be made depending on what other players need.
  4. Its not so much fucking with the crates. But theirs always one kid that takes out more than he puts in so i just want the ability to limit his access
  5. Have a rank where they can spawn at the gang house but not access any of the crates.
  6. You have them. Vans, Try it out pretty broken tbh
  7. You can actually customize your character before ever logging in from the arma launch screen ((Top right corner)) and it will spawn you in with that hat/glasses
  8. What is next on the Asylum Road map?
  9. How do i apply for cop?
  10. Theirs a reason i don't get in when Revise is driving/flying
  11. last week it was a half portion
  12. if i read it correct the first time ((Can't seem to find where it said it now)) i believe all perks wouldn't be given until the following month (February) unless we reached T4 in which case you would get it for the rest of Jan and the entirety of feb