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  1. I'm hearing a fast travel "Feature"
  2. @Marzoh All im asking for here
  3. Thats because you wouldn't even attempt it. You just have quick peak battles from the deer-stands. That can be said for Pyrgos prison and when it was near Air HQ. Plus previous versions had cops report and be TP'd in the prison. So we didnt ever have to get to the island by hatchback. We just hit a button and were magically TP'd ((I dont want that back by the way it was stupid))
  4. Off to the sides? So you have the option to stop halfway and repair a hunter or rev someone? Currently you have to just hatchback rush straight across into a hellfire of bullets.
  5. This is better than our current prison and i would much rather this over the current one, but some feedback points that i have. The average constable will never get across the bridge meaning they are pretty much forced to have quick peak battles in deer-stands (I'm assuming that is the intended purpose) No additional cover on the shore so police can't even swim to a safe place in lieu of hatchback rushing. Heli pad is fully covered (Deer stands don't have a shot on the helipad) and rebels never have to expose themselves so they can load/take off without any risk. I would suggest adding a small construction/small lighthouse to the south side of the island, Give it a line of sight on the helipad so officers are rewarded for making it to the island instead of just being funneled into the gate for a certain death. Don't give it a height advantage on the deer-stands in prison Consider throwing a few containers/car wrecks on the main bridge. Again overall this is much better than our current prison so +1
  6. One day ill figure out how to make patch notes automatically update the wiki. Then again i would be out of a job.
  7. Pass on the knowledge
  8. Use Action 10 - Use Earbuds (Volume change can be controlled within the Phone Menu Setting App).
  9. @Poseidon Rough day at the coding chair?
  10. Were not allowed to say what other things you did. Too Vulgar
  11. The script just looks for the building type and assigns a buy price. Admins/Devs didn't go around inspecting every random garage seeing if you could pull from it.