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  1. If anyone is actually interested in playing im plat 5, hmu if you need a 5th
  3. This is the type of communication i want from the devs. Excellent work +1
  4. I'm not upset about losing my houses. Tanoa people were given plenty of warning before the server was shut down and compensated ((somewhat)) for their houses. Server went down without a word and switched to gang server, No one complained until after the gang wars was over and 2 didn't come back online. All i was looking for was communication or at least a heads up telling people this was going to happen in regards to the servers future, i would be more than happy to switch server's but im not going to begin the process of finding houses and grinding gang talent points if S2 is going to be back in full capacity. TLDR: Wanted to know the plan from Developers so i could plan for the future of my gang/apd precinct
  5. Someone has to sell money
  6. Now that RPG's one shot the strider.... Guess were back to swat sniper elite.
  7. If you knew anything about asylum you would know cops are meant to be at a disadvantage. Your forced to make a choice. Want smokes? Gotta give up a mag. Want FAKS? Hope you like having a few mags. I actually enjoy having to make hard decisions on my load-out on cop. I use fak's on UC and on civ.
  8. Get cpl > Grind medic > Heals in 2s and never buy a bloodbag again
  9. Get cpl > Grind medic slot > Faster than Faking > ???? > Profit
  10. @bamf ((Chill guys its a meme, put the pitchforks down))
  11. Exactly On a totally separate note, Olio can you confirm this completely legitimate screenshot i took.
  12. Didn't realize it was a three step program to get information on a server going offline. If only we had some place that was easily accessible to everyone where a message could be posted to update people on the state of a server. Guess im an ass for wanting clear communication with the community. But as @Oliosaid "You have high exceptions"
  13. Didn't realize azeh's gyazo account was a reliable source for information pertaining to server development. Guess ill follow more closely.