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  1. I'm told @Gen. Henry Arnold has an excellent guide to skinning.
  2. Can't be disappointed in a game i had no expectations for
  3. @Gen. Henry Arnold Id like to report an ESPer
  4. I got a two week chat ban - asked my jungler how many of his baby mom's he walked out on. Because he seemed pretty fucking experienced walking out on every team fight
  5. @Azeh Meet me in the town square. We will settle this over a game of chess this game wont get a dime from me.
  6. @Gen. Henry Arnold
  7. Who are you?
  8. The vast majority of people were trying to jury duty gang/group members so hard to pin point when it broke exactly but your probably right.
  9. Pretty sure @Gnashes talked about commenting the whole thing out at one point. Not sure if he did or not. Been broken since temp dev.
  10. @Roice
  11. Ya but ive seen how our cop force operates. They will be seizeing every noobs potato hatch
  12. @TryHardSqueaker #2 They dont even let admins in on those ;3 #3 Payout on Illegal vehicles only. Im really against cops seizing vehicles every single time just because they had more than 5k worth of drugs.
  13. Didn't you just leave?
  14. Take @Deazy Johnson with you ;3