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  1. /shrug
  2. Your not supposed to EVER pull out the prestige. Thats the design of it. Don't ask me why it just is.
  3. Slope = Rise over run
  4. I used to be a cop that was fairly easy to get gear from. Kidnap me and id drop you my MXM cus "Hey ya got me" and i didn't have a problem with it. Until i was literally being targeted for kidnapping multiple times within an hour. Guys of 7 would drive past me and see my name just to kidnap me. when i asked why they always went after me and not a SGT or something the response was "You actually drop your gear so were going to go for you". So now i have shifted my style: OK you have kidnapped me but instead of me dropping gear your going to have to get in touch with the highest ranking officer on the server i send the same officer a quick message saying something like "I have kidnapping insurance up to $10,000 that you can use to negotiate with the kidnapper after that its out of your own pocket" Additionally, 50% of kidnapping role-play is just bad. "Got you give me gear and you go free" I'm 100% more likely to drop my gear if my kidnappers actually have awareness and have been following me for some time. Once i was kidnapped and the guy literally listed off what i had been doing for the previous 30mins and he had watched me down people that he felt deserved a lethal so he took my downing rounds and left me the Lethals so i would be "Tough on crime" Another good example was that i landed a really distant shot on someone so a BH came up behind me kidnapped me and claimed that my scope had magical powers because no way that was a unaided shot and took my scope. TLDR Make the role-play pertain to the situation and just saying. If your the kind of guy to camp Air HQ and kidnap cops while we are trying to respawn and go to a fed. You aren't getting shit for gear.
  5. @Sandwich Same, i'm just jealous of your subs
  6. To be fair, Cringe is how you got 1mil subs
  8. That's a great suggestion, Perhaps with your far superior triple digit IQ you could put it in the right sub forum next time i know it gets confusing putting a suggestion in the place labeled suggestions and feedback or APD Suggestions. In-fact lets go one step further and have everyone do a IQ test before making a forum account it would bring far superior and more intellectual conversation to the forums such as your topic here.
  9. I cant spell for shit and i have potato aim. Thus the illiterate spud was born ((Yes Patato is intentional ;/))
  10. How many Hay-bales does he have to sell daily to keep the internet on?
  11. Allegedly fake likes* Glorious leader has cut our investigative journalism budget by 99% to give back to the people.
  12. In other news the like economy has crashed due to a artificial influx of likes. More investigation to follow on these allegations of false likes.