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  1. Patato


    Please direct all wiki related query's to @Leady
  2. Patato


    Not shown are the 8 times before /w people are asking for lethals & Dredd saying no. Then them waiting 15 seconds and asking again. But hey out of context clips are fine right. When i was a SGT and he was an LT he was asked no less than 14 times during the span of of a bank for lethals. Keep in mind we had 24 cops to a group of 12 FSA. Sometimes it takes a harsher tone to get the message across.
  3. Patato

    Change Log 8.3.1

    A good change
  4. Watched @Deazy Johnson Crash the servers with 5 .50cals
  5. Patato

    Chess Tournament 2/9/19 8PM EST 1Mil in Prizes

    Can't we just play on Chess.com or lichess.org. Bit more accessible
  6. Please direct your question towards an LT, Admins do not create or enforce APD policys.
  7. Patato

    Bounty hunter shop for Therisa

    We just get new captains
  8. You can patrol Fed all you like as a UC or marked officer you won't catch a ban for it. However I think your question would probably be better suited on the APD gray area as I'm assuming you're more worried about points on your app rather than a ban.
  9. Patato

    Cocaine Field

    I complete agree. I just wanted to put down a history of what's happened so that we don't repeat it.
  10. Patato

    Cocaine Field

    Community suggests new drug fields because drug fields never moved and was "stale gameplay" bamf makes drug fields at community suggested locations (or so I'm told) that rotate to bring "fresh" gameplay playerbase suggests not rotateing drug fields because they can't use their meth houses and they didn't like the other meth location (it was pretty bad) bamf locks meth to a single location. And now when the new team locks pyrgos cocaine to OG am I going to be reading posts on the forums in two months about how its stale and the drug fields should rotate im not saying this is anyone's fault but I'd personally rather not waste the devs time going in a massive circle because that's what I see happening IMO i would like to see a new cocaine position that isn't OG but is locked to a single location (I've always felt it was too close to Air HQ) But I'd like to see community suggestions as to where you guys would like it. @Google™
  11. Patato

    Fix Panagia Helicopter Spawn

    Hello! I have reviewed your compensation requests unfortunately I am unable to find one relating to a taru being pulled at a turf. If this is an error please send me a message
  12. Patato

    Change Log 8.3.0

    When collecting outside the cocaine pit was added (AFK Gathering) the benefit was not correctly applied
  13. Patato

    Bounty hunter shop for Therisa

    APD Policy/Server rule In an admins eyes you can go to Theresa all you want. It's the LT that is going to smack you