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  1. Medics will never get save inventory, Imagine a group doing a bank. Just hand him the money. Shoot him in the face. He will respawn and still have the money from the bank. Same idea with drugs/fed gold bars. Pretty OP if you ask me
  2. I would prefer more things feeding into oil cartel. IE A cut of all vehicle crafting, Cut of all gas station sales (Gas station not Gas market)
  3. Did @OperationSB Just threaten to DDos Mitchel with a 5 dollar wipe? @Mitch (IFRIT) Looks like your going to be reading books kid
  4. @Reapered Cpl cant start Section F Votes ;3 ;3 ;3
  5. Then it would just be removed from the Guidebook. Captains are not bound by the Rules of The APD
  6. These are rules already. Anyone Raiding without these are instant demotion as per Clint
  7. Cartel*
  8. I think Cartel Raiding As An idea is good. However i think it should be more of an *Event*. Make it LT+ All Officers Partaking get One life All Officers must arrive in Armor (No Air Units) It should be a rare and special occasion
  9. The struggle is real... On a Tuesday... Its almost as if Arma has aged and its player-base is changing. The biggest threat to Arma is Arma itself. The game base price is insanely high. The people who have been here since the start of Arma have aged on and as we get older we have less time for video games. This shows as less players and arma has made no attempt to attract new players. This can be seen in the high price and competitive market that is video games people simply do not want to drop $60+ on a old game (Plus all the DLC) when they can load up a free and NEW game such as Fortnite. A total noob walks into fortnite and is on equal footing with everyone else. They walk into our arma server and its daunting to have to catch up on people with Literally years worth of experience and time ahead of them. Combine that with the fact it is very hard to join a decent civilian gang without either A. Having a friend or B. Going through a shittier low tier gang to gain experiance and instead you improperly learn the game/get banned. We have where we are at today. Arma is very clearly fucking itself. If anyone at Bohemia see's this post. Reduce the fucking game price to something reasonable and don't ransomware anyone who doesn't buy the newest shiny (Also contentless) DLC as soon as it comes out.
  10. The rats are forced to actually fight cartels, What a shame. I cant sit on arms island ratting it
  11. Mitch is the adorable redneck.