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  1. y i k e s Grats tho
  2. This isnt a patch! This is a hotfix
  3. First CSGO wouldn’t let me talk shit during half time, then asylum took away restarts. What’s next my all chat in league? currently on a 10 game mute D:
  4. Without a doubt the worst montage ive seen.
  5. Two Hurons three hummingbirds and countless lives were lost. But it was all worth it. It wasn't the cost, it was about making a statement.
  6. Dont. Touch. My. Strider Thanks to the boys who helped me get it back
  7. I didn’t say it was an effective method
  8. Smoke signals, 3 puffs followed by a long puff Is restart the server
  9. 1.) Warning shots are intended to be used in situations where a player is unable to contact a heli pilot (If they are in combat/pilot wearing a mask) 2.) It signify s you need to leave the area, if they fail to leave the area or attempt to land you may shoot them. 3.) Helicopters should fly away if they do not wish to be initiated. However after receiving warning shots should they choose to land they can immediately engage in combat without further initiation (Much like if someone shoots your car tires).
  10. Superman jumping is an exploit and is not allowed, if you gain an advantage from it you are going to be banned - that being said if you see a group of people doing it and its not harming anyone don't expect us to ban them Not sure what is meant by wall surfing.
  11. Not sure what knee-padding Devs would get me, BTW 315k payout 6 cops online.
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