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  1. Didn't you just leave?
  2. Take @Deazy Johnson with you ;3
  3. yup

    Im hardstuck plat 5
  4. yup

    The weight of @Gen. Henry Arnold was too great
  5. yup

    You will never see a goodbye post from me, I will always be in team-speak playing league.
  6. yup

    How many times have you left now?
  7. Wait are the APD not getting downing RPGs then?
  8. Luckily I have systematically placed hits on most of the higher ranking APD members. I highly encourage you kill them multiple times for their bounties, especially @Gaskal.
  9. #BringbackDamCartel
  10. @Poseidon I have rocket league keys for you


    1. Poseidon


      hit me up bruh, i'll love you long time

  11. What about p3? @bamf
  12. I dont think so, more likely a bug when things were patched for performance. Im sure @Poseidon is aware and will fix it when he has time
  13. Doubtful @Gnashes Loves shooting my helis out of the sky