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  1. you can
  2. You can get bounties in prison
  3. First! Bastard
  4. Uhm... your point?
  5. Yeah I'd like things like increase payouts too but I figure the devs might take a bit more notice if I just listed the things we need as opposed to things we want
  6. True... but you lose your loadout and will have to purchase another before attending the bank/prison/fed adding extra time and expenses to respawning
  7. The biggest reason this slot goes unused is that it's inconvenient and doesn't work as smoothly as the others. Suggested changes: - New Y inventory It's supposed to be a specialized slot yet it shares the same y inventory as the medic slot, this is annoying as when I use my blood bag, painkillers etc I run out as a medic only requires one, no point in buying more since I'll probably switch to medic soon and I'll have more than I need. - Redeploying Whenever you soft log to go to a bank, prison, fed you lose your bounty, meaning the last 20 mins of tracking them goes down the drain, to fix this if possible when in HQ replace the "respawn" button with a "Redeploy" button which just brings up the HQ spawn point instantly as if you died and allows you to pick one to spawn at - Dropping bounty's This one goes for bounty hunters too, when dropping a bounty sometimes you get the same one back making you wait another 5 mins to try and get a different bounty which is especially annoying when you can only have one at a time. Hopefully, changes like these would encourage people to actually use the slot. Thoughts? @bamf @Gnashes @Gen. Henry Arnold @Destrah
  8. ^^ This and I can't hold my axe anymore
  9. Nah mate its a feature
  10. Lads, I think we're all missing the point here, why can't I hold my axe anymore?
  11. *Cough Cough* Axe *Cough* @bamf
  12. When you added this you disabled the ability to use the axe and have it appear in your hand, why was this removed? and is there any chance of getting back? it's a great role play tool, I and my trusty baton (Axe) have handed out plenty of ghetto justice on the streets of Kavala @bamf @Gnashes @Gen. Henry Arnold
  13. That was due to the compact layout of the old prison though, The new one is far more open and could have guards spawn away from the Rebels defending. But I do see what you're saying Prison guards were way too overpowered in the old prison.
  14. Shaves what 15 secs off your journey? Plus the original reason for Prison Guards was to make the prison the one place that Cops Defended and rebels attacked.
  15. @bamf Not to sound ungrateful, but whats the point of prison guards that spawn at the HQ? I can do that just by soft logging.