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  1. I mean I already do this without the parachute so don't think not having one will save you from this
  2. Just tried it and it didn't work, though you needed the civ talent for it to work?
  3. Can this be added to a police talent too?
  4. Bazzajack


    You people make me sick
  5. I mean that had nothing to do with my point make em 50K for all I care
  6. When are they going to make hunters and striders out of materials stronger than Paper? our Armor is a joke in comparison to ifrits
  7. And I never said that cops don't get anything from these my point was clearly that these are features for rebels since people are crying that only cops are benefiting from this update
  8. First off cops don't benefit from Air drops nor Evidence lockup for that matter so don't see what you mean there. I wasn't complaining about anything just pointing out a change to someone who seems to think only cops have benefitted from this update Again I don't see how cops benefit from a policy update, there was policy banning cops from Theresa did I benefit? say hypothetically there was a cop policy outlawing civs from wearing a Guille suit, do I benefit from taking it from you, no.
  9. Yeah of course its cop sided its meant to be the rebel end game, unlike bank, prison and fed which are all heavily civ sided. - The light switch a cop buff? Rly? - Bank stairs was a much needed change or are you here to argue that only a ladder leading up was perfectly balanced? - Lethal's and vest are policies not server updates
  10. Rebels a new major crime event ( Evidence lock up ) New airdrop mission cheaper vehicles Cops Lts the 2nd highest rank get access to the same vest every single civilian has access to Constables got a fluorescent jacket that offers no protection Rebels "Cop Update"
  11. I mean I'm not sure how that would work unless it was made to be Master Combat Medic - Adrenaline shots are always available - Surpasses the 5 min revive cooldown (Sgt+) but short of adding a new benefit to the perk, nothing can be done, Cpls will never receive something even half as powerful as unlimited revives
  12. Or just click on them so it shows you where it is on the map
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