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  1. I recommend using this more secure trustworthy website
  2. Not happening, your asking for Bounty Hunters to become more equipped than the majority of the APD
  3. So much for being a "life" server
  4. @Paratus Whats the new patch?
  5. Well Bamf wasn't lying, never in a million years could I have guessed this
  6. Well how about you just leave people be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I agree it shouldn't be serious and some trainers do go too far but, if people Want to go to training because they find them fun then why care?
  7. @Gnashes It won't allow me to load drugs onto the plane at a drug runner because I "Can't afford the deposit" even though I already paid it to get the plane in the first place
  8. Gonna miss u ....... MEGA FAGGOT .... :FeelsBadMan:

    1. Bazzajack


      <3 You to Aden :P 

  9. I'm level 1 and I can buy them
  10. +1 I'd use it
  11. I play dispatch all of the time. Just press 1 while the interface is up and you won't be kicked.
  12. Just press 1 and it comes up
  13. Nice patch!