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  1. That was due to the compact layout of the old prison though, The new one is far more open and could have guards spawn away from the Rebels defending. But I do see what you're saying Prison guards were way too overpowered in the old prison.
  2. Shaves what 15 secs off your journey? Plus the original reason for Prison Guards was to make the prison the one place that Cops Defended and rebels attacked.
  3. @bamf Not to sound ungrateful, but whats the point of prison guards that spawn at the HQ? I can do that just by soft logging.
  4. Will I be able to do this anytime I'm ready or do I need to setup a time with someone?

  5. Obviously, My statement wasn't that I wouldn't allow this to happen but that the devs probably wouldn't. I mean, Bh's were lucky enough to get the Mx in the first place and now you think they'll get the Mxm too?
  6. I recommend using this more secure trustworthy website
  7. Not happening, your asking for Bounty Hunters to become more equipped than the majority of the APD
  8. So much for being a "life" server
  9. Well how about you just leave people be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I agree it shouldn't be serious and some trainers do go too far but, if people Want to go to training because they find them fun then why care?
  10. @Gnashes It won't allow me to load drugs onto the plane at a drug runner because I "Can't afford the deposit" even though I already paid it to get the plane in the first place
  11. Gonna miss u ....... MEGA FAGGOT .... :FeelsBadMan:

    1. Bazzajack


      <3 You to Aden :P 

  12. I'm level 1 and I can buy them
  13. +1 I'd use it
  14. I play dispatch all of the time. Just press 1 while the interface is up and you won't be kicked.