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  1. Die you fat little immigrant
  2. Oh no you exposed me! Dont ban me @Mitch (IFRIT)
  3. Sure dude, you wanna fight me so get your bone ass to sweden and ill send you home to whatever third world country you live in quicker then your reaction in arma
  4. Dont make them lock it, kid looks like a fool so let it stay here so everyone can see how retarded this kid is lmao
  5. Thanks for making my night dude! As i said, im older than you, i workout everyday and work everyday so every bullshit you come up with is based of your own fact and you making yourself look like a retard now but hey thats up to you buddy Have a great night!
  6. Payed xehons to get me some high tier kills dude!
  7. DAMN YOU GOT ME THERE BUDDY! just wait until my last montage then you and requiem will be on the left side mister! btw haven't played this shit game in 2 months so have to be some fanboy using my name
  8. You are in every fucking argue i read on this forum jeezz man
  9. Well i dident tell them about the Mail because i never got into it so neck!
  10. Only thing i did was logging into his forum account and yes stop lie it was the same password as your steam, idk a shit about doxing and hacking peoples account, i tried to log in to your gmail aswell because i thought i needed a code for loggin i here and YES you had the same password to your gmail(but never got into his Mail because of phone number) Haha retard stop saying that you dident have the same password. postgame was your password for forum, gmail and steam not a bunch of numbers. And i dont even know this kid, played with him once and that was csgo. If people think i doxed him you are more retarded then him. And postgame i dont know why you would lie about this, this is not a good way to get more rep in this community, probably ending up like xehons tbh
  11. Haha you were moving when he killed you on castle dont make a excuse that you was taking you dog on a walk hahaha
  12. Whats so funny you fucking wanker
  13. 2 montages drops in the time of 24 hours just killing requiem yikes! Nice montage
  14. 1:35 nice 7 piece fam
  15. Dont talk you fat mexican you are awful at every game you play bot