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  1. @Luke SwagWalker its obviously a problem with a connection between the forums and the game get your shit together web developer thats what they pay you for
  2. Durga for captain. Honestly if they added more 5.56 guns for cops or even something like the car which i think is 5.8 to choose from i would be fine with this.
  3. Yeah liable for points unless a captain gives it to them.
  4. No ACTIVE Captains do this and lts are not allowed, That being said there is 1 retired captain that always gives his friends mks and its fucking annoying, retired captains should be LTs they shouldnt keep their rank when they retire. Just because "its something that has always been apart of asylum" doesnt meant it shouldnt change. eh LTs should keep em, they shouldnt be handed out though. Also, nerfing cop payouts will only make them robocop more. In my opinion, the cop payout should be completely changed so it doesnt even involve tickets and sending to jail, but no one ever wants to have that discussion. I think the real thing that needs to be happening is cracking down on robocopping. I could guarantee you if I were to give a verbal for it i would have a bunch of LTs yelling at me even though its something that can be reported for in IAs. Unfortunately most of the people that actually want to see change in the apd dont get promoted because the current people in charge want to remain essentially unchecked.
  5. did i hear you call me a ds... FAGGOT. take that back
  6. Server 1: House 1: 40k, kavala, between square and gun store. Offer Price House 2: 120k. 1.7km from meth lab. Offer Price Server 2: House 1: 220k, kavala, faces square. SOLD House 2: 40k, kavala, right by square. Offer price
  7. idk that could go to @Leroy Jenkins or @Hoodlum Priest
  8. i did too like 5 days ago too never got anything back
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