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  1. Easy fix you guys just need to remove custom characters from names that should fix the issue
  2. •ÐŠ• Randy

    New dlc

    or you know, you can just download free mods that has the exact same shit in it
  3. i mean this has always been a thing in star wars its nothing new. I think people watch it because its entertaining not because they want to watch a space documentary
  4. No, keep coke and meth on separate sides of the map, keep players and police spread out. When all the drugs are on one side cops just zerg it. Who cares about house values. I literally have a house 10m from coke processor in dp 21 and would rather have coke not rotate to there.
  5. is it handicap accessible?
  6. no yes as far as i know, the guns we have now is basically a test to see if it works, and how balanced it is. Theyre adding drugs in the future, though i kind of wish they were manually loaded from a selection or something.
  7. if you want money why not do a bank or fed
  8. honestly i wish cpls could get UC hunters, make em like 150-200k or something crazy so they dont get used often, its kind of impossible to push prisons without armor and if no higherups are on its really annoying.
  9. Infamy: My personal opinion is the drug gathering speed talents are too bad, either 1) make it so gathering speed is increased like the fuck you pay me one so maybe 5%-15%-25% and thats for all drugs, or 2) remove it and make processing speed infamy talents. Also irl some criminals have informants just like cops. Why not add "cop" pings when a cop enters an illegal area or something of that nature. Regular talents: Add more legal talents. Add mining speed talents, processing speed talents ect.
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