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  1. We used to be able to see house prices even when we had our slots full, now we have to sell our house first if we're looking for better houses because the menu wont pop up if house slots are full.
  2. uh what? house cap hasnt changed. You dont understand, we've already "invested" in house crates, now we have to again
  3. the server has been out for like 5 years, i dont think its "immediate"
  4. At least comp us for the 20k crates that we lost, really dont understand why i have to buy it all again.
  5. Btw by helping them he means telling DS their exact coordinates so we can drop on them and steal their weed
  6. Can you be a little patient? Jesus. They have a public test server running it will be out soon
  7. Application IRL name: DS Randy APD Rank: Junior Sgt Bank: $2,107 Why do you want to join?: I have always advocated for a clean altis. A clean altis is a better altis. Did you know the trees in altis convert Carbon dioxide into breathable air? By joining the Ranger squad i hope to issue full tickets on people who litter and destroy nature, i am done wasting my time on pointless cases like murders and drug trafficking, I want to be the change altis needs. Vouches: @Blake.
  8. DOG (pronounced Dee-o-geee)
  9. The fact that theyre testing it means it close, chill out
  10. It has nothing to do with robocopping. How is putting someone in restraints robocopping?
  11. "im gonna kidnap them both" "you want an sdar? i have an sdar in here" And you say you wanted to RP?
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