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  1. honestly who gives a shit if the cops like it, i dont like cops instant lethaling all the time, but thats not gonna change any time soon.
  2. 500k for shed
  3. Yes let's cap gangs at 5 so apd can have 30 on at a time
  4. its wade wilson
  5. ya orcas are way too op
  6. Getting into house flipping i see?
  7. +1 actually a really good idea
  8. @bamf coke pit is broken on pyrgos side, can only scroll wheel gather
  9. 10 min? Lol wat
  10. especially when youve been governor for 6 months
  11. Probably because he doesnt know how. I guarantee you the rebel tree will come out and be working fine, and he'll start fucking with it after release and Poseidon leaves and break it.
  12. they only have 2 servers and combined they still have less players than olympus, its just sad.
  13. Im pretty sure satellite internet is a thing, not sure how good it is for gaming though.
  14. No i dont think thats what he meant, i think he meant he wanted actual rebels to test it because most admins are career cops whos only interest in the rebel tree is to make sure its not too good so cops can remain overpowered.