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  1. for anyone curious he has it one there for a mil
  2. you became the very thing you swore to destroy
  3. @Blake
  4. Not even that, its literally just a VDM slot
  5. coke pit is broken pyrgos side
  6. Dude, no one is getting sweaty from your posts, they just laugh at how r/iamverybadass you are.
  7. what the fuck did i just read?
  8. Well to be fair they wouldnt have had to hire poseidon if the servers didnt go to shit.
  9. hehe such a kickass job, shitty pay but free food every day lmao havent been to the store in 3 weeks
  10. Jut so yall know i work at little caesers and you can get a free $5 lunch combo thing if you have a military ID. Thanks for your service!
  11. You mean their sole purpose of mass vdm right?
  12. plz tell me this isnt a real thing
  13. guys, be careful, HES GONNA POST IT ON THE FORUMS
  14. @Poseidon you just gonna sit there and take this shit?
  15. I know, theres so much common shit in the aggressor pack i feel like it should be cheaper than the other ones