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    I love reading, writing, gaming and parkour. Pretty much anything medieval or fantasy is at the top of my list.
    Former U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant. Semper Fi
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  1. Enjoy the peace Rod. Gonna miss you amigo
  2. I agree. Everyone has what they need for their chosen profession. But like everyone, a little change is nice. But we did get a new ambulance recently so thats good
  3. This is what hurts me the most. Us lifesavers are the poor bastard children.
  4. haha, yess. That was my Triathlon. Man I haven't ran that in a while. Anyone have the rest of the video?
  5. Congrats amigos
  6. Happy birthday to all my fellow Marines. Let me know who has stood on those yellow footprints or who plans to in the future. Semper Fi. o7
  7. Did some updates and corrections. Rebel Lyfe is around the corner. woot woot
  8. Does this need a #Padlock
  9. Haha. Love this
  10. Oh yea. I'm gonna apply. Let me get my resume touched up
  11. Good call. I will knock that out. Thanks amigo
  12. haha, looks like riot control. Get on line and clear the streets.
  13. I love this by the way. Good luck on your business.
  14. Welcome and have fun. I'm on medic often as well so im sure to see ya on the job.