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  1. First *edit: Ughhh
  2. Hmmm... Maybe...
  3. hahaha this is great. Wrong hood
  4. Single player right here.
  5. You talking about my text based game or the ones I have on the workshop?
  6. If the initiation or hostile time is 5 minutes, maybe the cuffs breaking should be the same
  7. HEY welcome to Asylum. Enjoy your time and try to experience all aspects of the game and making money. It's a great way to meet new people and possibly kill them.
  8. Damn! I need to make one for new mustache trimmers. Gotta keep it looking scrumptious
  9. Makes sense. Why would he make a gofundme if he didn't want it
  10. Long and strong. Welcome back.
  11. I messaged the admin who said he does combat logging cases i made an effort just saying


    1. Padrinos


      Ok perfect. All admins do combat logging so ask that a note is put on your account next time to avoid a ban. Thanks again and have fun

  12. ok, we get it. As long as lessons were learned, we are progressing #Padlocked
  13. Lessons learned. Let's move on. #Padlock