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  1. If the initiation or hostile time is 5 minutes, maybe the cuffs breaking should be the same
  2. HEY welcome to Asylum. Enjoy your time and try to experience all aspects of the game and making money. It's a great way to meet new people and possibly kill them.
  3. Damn! I need to make one for new mustache trimmers. Gotta keep it looking scrumptious
  4. Makes sense. Why would he make a gofundme if he didn't want it
  5. Long and strong. Welcome back.
  6. I messaged the admin who said he does combat logging cases i made an effort just saying


    1. Padrinos


      Ok perfect. All admins do combat logging so ask that a note is put on your account next time to avoid a ban. Thanks again and have fun

  7. ok, we get it. As long as lessons were learned, we are progressing #Padlocked
  8. Lessons learned. Let's move on. #Padlock
  9. Good work amigo
  10. Nothing beats the Rap Cab
  11. Noice. Glad you're back. Let me know if I can help with anything to get you going again.
  12. Awesome. Good to see you around. Have fun and let me know if you need anything
  13. Bush pilot game might be fun.
  14. As a professional civ I RP with everyone, even the NPC's when I'm grabbing that burger and a pint. Sure i still get killed, but most of time if I have a good story and have fun with it, cops pardon me and rebels let me walk. If you get downed and the first thing you do is start shit talking then nobody is going to want to deal with you and either kill you or ship you off to prison. We could all do a little better at RPing and see where that takes you. You might be surprised at the outcome. And yes servers have been frustrating lately but I am hopeful they will be fixed. I've played here for years and been admin since 2015, I'm going to stick it out and see where this ship takes me. Like Mitch said before, the lights are still on. Hang in there my amigos. See you on Altis.
  15. Welcome buddy, hope you're having fun and let me know if you need anything.