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  1. Noice. Glad you're back. Let me know if I can help with anything to get you going again.
  2. Awesome. Good to see you around. Have fun and let me know if you need anything
  3. Bush pilot game might be fun.
  4. As a professional civ I RP with everyone, even the NPC's when I'm grabbing that burger and a pint. Sure i still get killed, but most of time if I have a good story and have fun with it, cops pardon me and rebels let me walk. If you get downed and the first thing you do is start shit talking then nobody is going to want to deal with you and either kill you or ship you off to prison. We could all do a little better at RPing and see where that takes you. You might be surprised at the outcome. And yes servers have been frustrating lately but I am hopeful they will be fixed. I've played here for years and been admin since 2015, I'm going to stick it out and see where this ship takes me. Like Mitch said before, the lights are still on. Hang in there my amigos. See you on Altis.
  5. Welcome buddy, hope you're having fun and let me know if you need anything.
  6. Woohoo. Now let's smooth this baby out. Good work @bamf and welcome @Poseidon.
  7. ^ This
  8. Welcome amigo. I think I have talked with you in game while you were on medic. Let me know if you need anything. Semper FI
  9. No medics
  10. hahaha that was awesome. Now that is a proper VDM.
  11. That guy needs to ease back on the Redgulls. Or smoke more weed.
  12. Wow, that took a spin. #Padlocked
  13. How many of us are left that still have a Cement Mixing License?
  14. So back on topic, that video was awesome. I love all the laughing at the end. What it's all about.
  15. I love hunting. I'm so down for this. Already rubbing scat on my body to blend in.