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  1. Sorry, was kind of responding to the natural selection argument as a whole, not just you.
  2. The problem is that much of depression, including who it effects and how badly, isn't caused by genetics. Current research says that there MAY be a genetic connection to depression, but also that a lot of the factors of depression have nothing to do with genetics. Gay kids are 5x more likely to try to kill themselves than straight kids. That's not because gay people are genetically weaker, that's because kids are dicks to gay kids. There is probably a genetic component to depression but it is not so significant that it is the only thing that affects it. Somebody can get severe depression without their parents having it, it is largely a symptom of circumstance.
  3. +1 give @Term a taco stand in Kavala square
  4. Oh Jesus don't give this man money
  5. How much do I have to pay to get it removed?
  6. Him talking at the end of the video is the quitest I've ever heard him
  7. They, as in these innocent people in new Zealand praying, have done worse than a man who walked into a room with 500 people on their knees praying and killed 49 of them. Right. You're an idiot. By your logic all white people (you included) deserve to be shot while completely defenseless because other white people have done bad things.
  8. Haha I noticed the guy with the suicide vest but didn't realize I got spiked and was going to drive away and try to shoot him. RIP.
  9. If you don't play for over a month you drop off the list. He's barely playing so keeps going on and off the list.
  10. Not in a wheelchair and I'm a great skier. Freak accident.
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