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  1. Quite a hard decision.
  2. Had an fk2 since it came out, love it. Super simple, no software or BS lights, just a good mouse.
  3. :)

    I like dogs
  4. It was removed because it wasn't working and will supposedly be back if its fixed so its a valid question.
  5. Fed just went to elevated as I drove out and the gate closed on our truck. Can we get a delay on the gates closing or something? @bamf
  6. I was talking about something completely different, not to you. Did the house you lost your crate in cost $40k?
  7. No more armor stacking!
  8. I’m pretty sure there has been an APD team in every gang wars.
  9. Do you mean group cap? @bamf
  10. neat
  11. Looks like rebels attacking a boat from land while cops shoot them in the back? I'm confused.
  12. I believe there is only 1 shed in that green area.
  13. 3 months and armor stacking is still a “reward”
  14. ask your mom to buy it for you
  15. Started seablock, got overwhelmed, gave up. Will probably try with just bobs soon.