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  1. @Steve
  2. you can tag on your phone you buffoon
  3. Haven't played too much since the patch but its nice to see updates when things are happening. Thanks biggity bamf.
  4. This isn't the arma 3 forums... and you clearly can swear because you just said fuck.
  5. I mean the current side ladder having more cover vs putting stairs up to the roof. Somewhere in between a ladder out in the open and a staircase straight to the roof.
  6. holy shit
  7. I'd say nay. I'm for replacing side ladder with something less... in the open, but this is a little too easy/quick. It should be something comparable to the inside ladder, IMO.
  8. Why are you still talking? Go disappear into the hole you go into between non contested servers.
  9. @Reapered is a bad dev
  10. I’m on my phone, because I leave the house. Sorry buddy.
  11. Someone get this man a desk and some popcorn. Also, this rp slayer kid rides a short bus to middle school 100%. And luude is basically a yellow toothed Tom, chubby, socially awkward and retarded. Good shit Alec.
  12. Quite likely
  13. Oh my god the water lord is back
  14. Fuck you too