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  1. You could do that with any gun...
  2. Looks good. As long as the 2 are different it doesn't really matter. The only issue I see is the old meth icon being changed to the meth cocktail icon might confuse people.
  3. Can we please get a different icon for meth cocktail and epehdra? Also UC vans.
  4. You actually think that people DDOS each other to make it easier to get montage clips?
  5. Congrats cock
  6. what the fuck is this video...
  7. Not skate or loot box. An armored helmet that shouldn’t be in the game.
  8. That's not what that means.
  9. Restart your game
  10. Where are my undercover vans? @bamf
  11. weee
  12. Everyone loves lakka? Why?
  13. You're extremely difficult.