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  1. o7 @BaDaBiNg_10-8. Had many great memories with you and the boys but there's many things that come first. Stay safe out there old man, we'll miss you.
  2. It didn't "ruin" anything, it was a slight nerf to scotch. From what I've seen, most people run scotch by themselves. Most of these people will probably not cap Wong's before they cook scotch and will just deal with the slight cut being taken away. It's not a beacon that somebody is cooking scotch like you're complaining about. Sure, some people will cap before they go to cook, like any other cartel, but they could also be selling it or capping it to make money. 90% of the people capping drug will run meth anyway, it's not like it's some huge gamble of what they will be doing.
  3. It was already a policy, the change was making it so if there are less than 5 officers on it doesn't apply.
  4. Good work brothers
  5. Scott


    It's not
  6. It was reduced so people couldn't do smash and grabs in them. They could increase the storage again but make it so gold bars can't be placed in then if that's still a worry.
  7. When the app works its great but for some reason it doesn't recognize that I have minecraft installed. Tried reinstalling app and MC and a bunch of other fixes and I can't get it to work.
  8. the twitch app sucks and I can't download the modpack or I'd be taking down a mountain as we speak.
  9. Posting from my phone because he's ddosing me. btw @ron the player there's a key on your keyboard called enter that you can press to go down a line instead of spamming space.
  10. He pulled his first hunter ever yesterday and his first orca a week ago. I'm finally getting to him.
  11. Still getting up immediately sometimes, downing script isn't fixed.
  12. Turning off the lighthouse is a scroll wheel animation on the box outside the door. Takes about 13 seconds.
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