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  1. It is currently broken and resets any time you disconnect or the server restarts. Hopefully it gets fixed in the next patch but in the mean time I would try to make sure that the server isn't about to restart soon when you start to serve your time.
  2. Fucking devran. How have I never seen this video before?
  3. watch it guy the alumidutys are great
  4. that appears to be arma 3 @Chow Mein
  5. Left control R
  6. If you follow cars at all I'm not sure how you haven't seen anything about it.
  7. Yeah, r33 GTRs started in 95 so 2020 is when you can legally import one. You can get non GTR r33s starting this year though.
  8. r33s are going to drop a lot in value once they become legal to import in a few years. I saw a motorex one for sale a few weeks ago for 30 or 40k, I can't remember, but in 2020 when the first GTRs become legal they will for sure be a lot cheaper and you will loose a lot of money on it. I'm not a fan of r35s at all but if thats what you like, I would go for it. I'd also check out a c63 and m3/m4 and maybe even the m2 (my favorite of the M cars) depending on the size of car you like. If you really wanted an r33 GTR specifically and not a different r33 model (GTS or other) than I would talk to an importer about picking out one now and storing it in Japan until it becomes legal, than importing it and getting a cheaper car in the meantime.
  9. Confirmed true, @Mitch (IFRIT)enjoys killing cats.
  10. Server was great for a while, finally went down. Hopefully next patch it will stay for a bit longer.
  11. You're at least smart enough to not post a video of you doing it on the forums.
  12. this is real football
  13. How many different people you gonna label as bada?