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  1. running yourself over with your hunter
  2. no. Cheesecake is nasty but people keep saying its not.
  3. oh, neither.
  4. Can you read?
  5. Well cheesecake is nasty and I don’t eat it so it’s not that.
  6. The great comp heist of 2017
  7. Ak74u cause I’m a jew
  8. Not pictured - Papa duck in front (Gnashes)
  9. Not men yet. They just went from infants to boys.
  10. Congrats boys. Fuck you @Norwegianviking @Reapered
  11. Probably the most pathetic thing I’ve seen on the internet. And that’s saying something.
  12. what the fuck is making that noise
  13. Still don't understand what people find fun about gang wars.
  14. Was gonna be a firefighter until I fucked up my back. As much as we like to trash you, thanks for doing what you do.